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Debt Jubilee & RESET Almost Here – Part 3 – Coup De Gras

William Mount2:  May 27, 2020

About minute 3:45:  JM: I have a colleage from my days at xyz bank….. and he is one of 100 invited financial officers that attends the weekly Euro transition meetings….….they have plans to separate the southern countries from the Euro and force them to go back to their own currencies. And the northern countries will go alone in a group.

There is a plan they are pursuing for the currency system in Europe…..the officials are running this at the Euro Central bank…and meetings are going on every week because it is so complex. Included in these meetings are CEO’s , VP’s of Banks, Financial firms and hedge funds…..they are all getting the lowdown of whats about to happen. .

They need to do this transition from old to new….and I promise…gold will like it. We will see new energy, new technologies where the silver market will be at the center of these new technologies.

I asked at a $400 silver price……he said yes…but they start at a $200 silver price first.

Gold will be the monetary standard and silver will be the technology standard.

We will see a managed, fair market .  Back in 2014 there was a Global Reset conference and the US signed it.  Within 2 months they broke it by invading Ukraine. This has been on the books for 5 years. The plans are now being implemented and its extremely complex.

You have derivatives that need to be covered…you need (fiat)  funny money to cover them so the banks are not imploded by what we have long been calling the financial nuclear event.

I believe there are two completely diametrically opposed groups working the same events with a different goal for the outcome.

The White Hats needed a Force Majeure ..they needs a widespread bankruptcy. They needed access to trillions in funny money (fiat) . And the only way it would work is that the big Western banks were beneficiaries and cover up all their fraud and all their debt. Make them first in line to handle the payroll payment program. There were a lot of deals cut by the good guys, the white hats, the patriots. …..

They are arresting some of the elites….the people that were getting some of the benefits from the same paths and same programs.

We will see a big fork in the road in the near future…..where the Rockefeller banking mafia/medical cabal, including the big pharma and medical association WHO, CDC  ect….also the telcom major carriers with 5G…..This fork in the road is the bad guys …and it will be nasty for everyone if they win…

The other fork is the good guys who want prosperity funds the day after the bankruptcy. With new digital  currency…lots of new businesses, new technologies, a good world with more liberty.

There are a lot of morgages now in default. 1.6 million new mortgages that are late…..when the dust clears maybe 50% mortgages will be late. Many people will just not pay them.

We are leading toward a Force Majeure. There may be a people occupying their homes and it will be a big dispute who is the title holder. We may see a Force Majeure with big bank bailout money where the US Government might require the banks to hand over the mortgage/property title over to the individuals who are occupying those homes.

This is often called a “Jubilee” …I think we are going to see this . It won’t be called a Jubilee but called the “Debt Forgiveness Act” I think this will be legislation that will give a free ride to the banks so they will wipe out car loans, home loans, student loans and home remodeling loans

I think we will see this Jubilee and it will be unbelievable….a new adventure…and I am hearing about prosperity funds for a restart and a fair market for gold and silver.

That is what I expect to Happen.

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