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Millie: Good day Frank, I was wondering if you would clarify something that has me confused, please.

It was said, and in the notes from last nights cc that “The reforms are done”, but then said “Dr S got the message from the Holy man and he will finish the monetary reforms”.

If they are done, then what needs to be finished?    Thank you kindly.

Iggy:  only one thing i can think of…lol

Frank26:  IMO ……… Many Reforms are in LL.(Long Line)

IMO……… MR (Monetary Reform) is the last …. Is the Fuel.  KTFA   Frank
Terry43:  On 9/28/15 Delta said: “I believe that we will see the monetary reform before the end of this year. My team … 99.99% something will happen before the end of the year. 92 days left in this year. I was told that they really have to get moving very fast. They are standing behind the target date before the end of the year.”


Blinkster: Amen! And if I recall correctly, the original 80/20 projection was iTeam leaning towards an early 2016 possibility for the RI, that had then changed radically in a just a few hours to 50/50 (2015 or 2016)…whatever the case, Delta gave his projection as Terry43 noted above.

This forward movement of the MR has not only increased in speed, but has continued to do so, so much so that it’s difficult to monitor, anticipate or keep up with.

With each day, and perhaps even a few hours of each day, there is an exponential increase in speed. And it’s all good. Imagine, if you will, if you and I were standing next to each other….you turn your back for a second and then turn back, and now i”m standing 8 feet away….you turn your back one more second and now I’m 100 feet away, the next, 300 ft, and so on.

Seems like everytime Frank gets a report, within hours that is old news and they have taken a big leap fwd again…the velocity keeps increasing!


Frank26:   This post ….. I just stood up ………. To Applaud !!


Aggiedaad77:  Well said Blinky….well said….and highly accurate I happen to believe as well. Week by week, day by day, hour by hour things are heating up, and as things heat up they tend to move faster, continuing in motion….this is what we are seeing of the MR at this point in time…..HEAT and MOVEMENT…..like MOLTEN ROCK…..ie the LAVA FLOW brother….it can’t be stopped.   Aloha    Randy


Walkingstick:  Council of Ministers approved the 2016 budget next week and sent to Parliament

2015/10/13 21:16 •  [Baghdad-where]

the Council of Ministers on Tuesday decided to hold an extraordinary meeting next week to approve the 2016 budget.

A government statement received by the agency all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, that “the Council of Ministers reviewed in its meeting today the draft federal budget for the 2016 law, and made ​​the observations needed it, and decided to hold an extraordinary meeting next week for the purpose of approving the budget once and for all and submit them to the House of Representatives.”

The Ministry of Finance has announced that in 16 of last September it had delivered the draft 2016 budget to the cabinet for approval as published in its official website a copy of the draft, but the Council of Ministers decided in its meeting last Tuesday to form a committee to investigate how the leak of this draft to the media.

and calculated this draft – also published by the Ministry of Finance – Revenue from export of crude oil on the basis of the average price of $ 45 per barrel and the rate of export of 3.6 million barrels per day, including 250 000 barrels per day of product quantities of crude oil in the Kurdistan region and 300 000 barrels of oil amounts raw product by the province of Kirkuk, and that all revenue actually income once the public treasury of the state to account.

She draft budget that speculative revenue for Iraq from sales of oil for the next 2016 an estimated $ 59 billion is equivalent to 83% of federal budget revenues.

According to figures contained in the draft that the oil revenues and mineral wealth is estimated at 69 Trliuna and 773 billion and 400 million Iraqi dinars, equivalent to about 83% of the total revenue conjecture 84 trillion dinars and add to it the amounts Estimated obtained from the loans and the other to cover the deficit in the budget.

This is equivalent to oil revenues worth USD 59 billion and 130 million Dolar.anthy