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Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Value Day Mon. 11 May 2020

Compiled Mon. 11 May 2020 12:01 am EDT by Judy Byington

Divide They Try, Fail They Will, WWG1WGA to Support POTUS, Follow Q & Trust Plan

Judy Note: Fleming Military Intel Contact Report Sun. 10 May:

Our military Intel Contact said that the release sequence was going through as planned beginning at 6:15 pm EDT Sun 10 May.

The goal was to start Tier 4a,b on Mon. or Tues. 11, 12 May.

Mon. 11 May was Value Day where all 27 categories of payouts would be liquid, while on Tues. 12 May Judy Shelton would take over certain procedures of the Federal Reserve to publically bring in the new asset-backed US Note.

Between Sun. evening May 10 and Wed. morning May 13 530,000+ email notifications would be sent out for Tier 4b appointments.

Factoring in any unexpected interference or delays, they had to get the release out by the Department of Defense Back Wall of Wed. 13 May.

He asked for prayers that the release sequence would go forward without a hitch as planned Mon. to Wed. 11-13 May.

Details and final procedures would be explained by the exchange bankers at the first apt. If someone got $500 million in their first apt. without pursuing the higher contract rates they would be given access to a cap of $250 million of it on the debit card, and be able to access the balance in 24-48 hours.

Over this last weekend President Trump met with the Department of Justice Security Staff at Camp David discussing security, administrative, legal, military and political ramifications of the GCR. Security teams have been holding back information on a series of arrests including those on high profile people over last few days. The DoD was watching potential Deep State operatives for False Flags etc.

A. May 9 2020 Trump Forcing Deep State to Surface, Huckabee: https://youtu.be/owtSI3wYCdU


B. NESARA: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XaLVsfLUyRI

NESARA Part one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CfHwcF79QpQ

NESARA Part Two https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I0pZ0HfyZa8

NESARA Part Three https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yw8ndr6y8oQ


NESARA/GESARA Part 15, Santa Surfing: Everything is going to be OK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F5wc3ZvykiI President Trump: The best is yet to come. There will be an incredible transition to greatness. It is already happening. NESARA has been in the works since 2,000 when it was signed into law, but never implemented. It was the farmers who found the loophole. 5:5 means loud and clear: Big things are happening. Other countries view us as the world leader. They are following us. Congress is blaming Covid-19 as the reason not to return. The Third Quarter will be the transition. The Fourth Quarter will be good. Next year will be phenomenal. Trump met with the President of Zimbabwe at Camp David. It was golden. Mike Pence is on a plane going far away.


C. Tweets By President Trump: Obama’s Documented Coup Against Trump

https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/1259328451456258051 – Flynn FBI Fallout

https://t.co/26WfywGv9l – Documented Coup Against Trump by Left


https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/1259328777877889025 – Coup, Hannity Fox News

https://t.co/mjBMIphWZi – ObamaGate Watters, Fox News

https://t.co/iIaEP3Kxek – Silent Coup, The Blaze


D. The Act of 1871: The “United States” Is a Corporation – There are Two Constitutions https://www.federaljack.com/slavery-by-consent-the-united-states-corporation/

E. International Child Sex Trafficking:

Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau’s Pedophile Connections


May 10 2020, Timothy Holmseth: The men who are saving the world from pedophiles

May 9 2020, Timothy Holmseth: Those with the most to lose are the loudest – Q 2576 – CPS KIDNAPPERS and MURDERERS

May 9 2020 Goodbye Mr. Pence Timothy Charles Holmseth: Child Sex Trafficking, Corona Virus, Crimes Against Children, Pentagon Pedophile Task Force, Satanic Ritual Abuse, Treason https://timothycharlesholmseth.com/goodbye-mr-pence/

Gen. Flynn Exoneration Sparks Documents Release Leading to FBI/CIA International Child Sex Trafficking Operation, Holmseth: https://timothycharlesholmseth.com/gen-flynn-exoneration-sparks-release-of-ig-document-child-rape-porn/

The exoneration of President Trump’s former national security advisor General Michael Flynn has sparked the Fri. 8 May 2020 release by the Pentagon Pedophile Task Force (PPTF) of shocking IG documents that appeared to lead to a FBI/CIA international child sex trafficking operation.


F. A look back at the last couple of weeks: (Rumors)

1. On Mon. April 20 the Chinese Elders released the Global Currency Reset funds.

2. By Wed. 22 April Iraq, Zimbabwe, China and Vietnam were using their own asset/gold backed currencies and no longer accepting the fiat US dollar. The Iraqi Dinar revalued and for a short while, their new in-country rate was on the CBI website. Since then that in-country rate has gone up to just under $10.00. The International and Contract Rates for the Iraqi Dinar would be much higher.

3. Iran RV’d, dropped 4 zeros and changed it’s currency name from the Rial to the Toman. Iranian citizens would start exchanging in Iran within the next 10 days to the new Toman currency. This also showed that we were right there at the starting line. Redemption Center Staff would show Rial holders how to exchange them at the first appointment.

4. Globally GESARA was established and started legally & financially through debt forgiveness to African nations and other countries. GESARA / NESARA would be fully implemented over the next 3-6 months, through about Nov 2020.

5. On Thurs. 30 April President Trump signed an Executive order instigating Martial Law.

6. On that same Thurs. 30 April Trump entered authorization codes for the RV/GCR release, which gave the Admiral a green light to process the new asset-backed US Note – now accepted for exchange internationally. Paymasters became liquid.

7. On Fri. 1 May 2020 President Trump activated the International Emergency Economic Powers Act and the National Emergencies Act as the US returned to Constitutional Law.

8. On that same Fri. 1 May 2020 the US Note of the new sovereign US Republic became asset/gold backed as the Cabal’s Petrodollar went down the tubes. The gold-backed Yaun (and gold/asset-backed currencies of many other now-sovereign nations) had already replaced the fiat Petrodollar as a basis for international trade.

9. Two days later overnight Sun. night 3 May the new RV rates were locked-in. On Mon. night 4 May Reno started the first payment in the world of Yellow Dragon bonds. On Tues. 5 May Paymasters were liquid and could pay out Tier 2-3 Intermediate Groups.

10. By Wed. 6 May Exotic Bonds started trading, while the US (POTUS, DoD and Alliance) released Iraq to vote and seat a new Prime Minister (Al-Kadhimi) with over 50% of his cabinet already seated and in place. This was a huge sign that the shotgun release was about to initiate.

11. On Thurs. 7 May General Flynn, who “knows where all the bodies were buried” was exonerated. President Trump announced, “He was an innocent man. He is a great gentleman. He was targeted by the Obama administration…in order to take down a President. They are dishonest, crooked people. They are scum…they are human scum…The Obama administration, Justice Department was a disgrace. They got caught. Very dishonest people. It’s treason. It’s treason…” https://hannity.com/media-room/trump-on-flynn-freedom-he-was-an-innocent-man-hes-an-even-greater-warrior/?utm_source=socialflow

12. Those treasonous people have been under investigation since Trump took office back in 2016, with US Attorney General from Utah John Huber and his team of 174 investigators filing over 170,000 sealed indictments against them in federal courts across the nation. Some have been unsealed with arrests made, though not made public.

13. By far the majority of those sealed indictments included charges of pedophilia – that resulted in uncovering an international child trafficking ring. The US Military was pulling thousands of malnourished, tortured and caged children, many deceased, from an extensive network of underground tunnels beneath major cities across the US. The UN was directing another series of arrests on their pedophile perpetrators across the globe.

The tunnels were funded by US Taxpayer dollars and run by the Cabal using a CIA Mind Control program on the children extracted out of Nazi Germany after World War II. The rescue operation under the direction of the Pentagon Pedophile Task Force, was believed to have begun at the California China Lake Military facility on July 4 2019. Those military operations used around 10,000 Navy Seals and US Marines troops who continued to risk their lives saving the children even today.





14. By Thurs. 7 May the Elders, POTUS, DoD Security, UST and State Department teams all confirmed that a green light for 800#s release of over 52,700 emails had been turned on with a shotgun start initiated behind the scenes. Multiple levels of codes were being entered in the midst of a global underground war with Deep State operatives.

15. The 800#s release window was approximate and dependent on many factors, though began when Exotic Bonds were handled on Wed. 6 May.

16. Some groups have been paid and the Prosperity Packages and CMKX were complete, with reports of some delivered.

17. On Wed. 6 May a delay of a couple of days occurred in the release of 800#s when Pelosi and the House Ways & Means Committee pushed through a 14% tax on ZIM redemptions late Wed. 6 May. The White House team, POTUS and DoD security teams had to remove the legislation and then rewrite ZIM redemption procedures with UST leadership team so they could get it to banks and redemption centers.

18. Notification emails and 800#s were pending historic bonds and Intermediate accounts being paid out that would include 2,000 Prosperity Package account recipients vetted to weed out Deep State operatives.

19. Mon. 11 May was Value Day when monies would be available for all, when Judy Shelton took over the new US Treasury and everything had to be complete.

20. Tier 4b redemption-exchanges for Contract Rates had a goal to be completed by Fri. 15 May and all finished by the end of the month so that the General Public could begin exchanging foreign currencies in local banks at the new international rates on Mon. 1 June.

G. Currency Exchange/Bond Redemption: Please treat the below as my guess. Official instructions would be available upon RV liquidity and 800# release.

WARNING: DO NOT give your foreign currency or Zim Bonds to anyone else to exchange or redeem for you. If a Group Leader was telling you that they could obtain better rates for you, or saying not to go to your appointment at an Exchange Center, they were not telling the truth.

Anyone could exchange and redeem their own currencies and would have the same ability to obtain the higher Contract Rates as anyone else, as long as they did it at a licensed Exchange Center as per appointment through the 800#s.

I am not aware of how someone outside the US could redeem Zim Bonds. That question should be asked to the person who set your appointment.

An hour or so prior to 800# release, Wells Fargo and HSBC Banks would send out over 530,000+ email notifications for appointments to currency and Zim Bond holders worldwide, along with instructions on how to exchange and redeem within your own country. Those emails would include links to a secured website. Clicking on that website with your computer or phone would automatically generate a code that identified your individual exchange/redemption as you set your appointment.

Exchange information would also be available on certain websites as below:

Dinar Chronicles: http://www.dinarchronicles.com/tetelestai.html
Dinar Recaps: https://www.dinarrecaps.com/our-blog
MarkZ: https://www.twitch.tv/theoriginalmarkz

MarkZ Twitter: m.twitter.com/originalmarkz
Bruce: http://bigcalluniverse.com/callarchive/
TNT Tony: https://twitter.com/the_tnt_team
Dinar Detectives: https://dinardetectives.com/

H. Currency and Zim Bond Redemption: This information applied to redeemers in the US. Different countries would have their own regulations and rules. Please treat as my opinion only:

Fleming: They wanted currency holders, especially ZIM holders, to go in as quickly as possible to the first appointment that would last 20-25 minutes.

The Elders wanted currency and Zim holders to get the highest rates for doing humanitarian projects. Every currency holder would get an equal chance at the highest Contract Rates for their project presentations. It would be a level playing field.

First Appointment: On your first appointment at a Redemption Center you would exchange currencies at Contract Rates and redeem Zim at the default rate. Those monies would be put in your account. If you wanted higher rates than offered on your currency and/or Zim, you could ask for such at your second appointment with your Wealth Manager and banking team.

We have been told that the default ZIM rate of $11 million per 100 T Zim Note would be offered at that first appointment.

You would receive a debit/credit card with millions on it to draw on between the first and second appointments. Over the first ten days after your first appointment your assigned Wealth Manager would help you choose one of the six vetted US Treasury-sanctioned trust companies (Abbott Downing & equivalent trust companies).

Second Appointment: The Wealth Manager and private banking team you choose would assist you going forward with your humanitarian and job creation project outlines. They would be happy to take your project presentation to the US Treasury to get the higher rates for your ZIM and/or the highest Contract Rates for your currencies. They would have six months (180 days) after redeeming / exchanging to seek the higher rates for your project outlines from the US Treasury.

President Trump has given US banks a list of 250 humanitarian and job creation projects to invest in. Your Wealth Manager and banking team could explain the details at your second appointment. They would explain the international humanitarian projects you could invest in and you could present a Humanitarian Project. It was recommended that you go for those higher rates at your second appointment so you could help those in need.

If you had any amount of Zim Bonds up to 9 100T Notes, didn’t have a Humanitarian Project and wanted a higher than default rate, then at your second appointment, your Wealth Manager and team would be happy to show you the list of 250 humanitarian and job creation projects to invest in for higher-than-default rates on the ZIM.

If you had any amount of Zim Bonds up to 9 100T Notes and had a humanitarian project, and/or if you wanted to invest in the sanctioned international projects, then at your second appointment, your Wealth Manager and team would help you obtain a higher Zim rate.

Many ZIM holders had 10 or more 100T ZIM Notes, so the default rate would be considered adequate without being awarded higher Contract or Zim rates.

US Taxes: The IRS was being severely downsized as it folded into the new US Treasury. We would only have 4-6 IRS agents per state to collect a flat tax of 15-17%. There would be no capital gains tax on the exchange or ZIM redemption, just a tax on interest earned from exchange/redemption proceeds (that was paid out over time).

Judy Note: I do not now, nor have I ever, received monies for writing my Updates and articles. The compensation has been in having outlets to help Save the Children by exposing truths about the very secretive Satanic Ritual Abuse, Pedophilia and Child Sacrifice that was rampant in our international society.

To inquire about our International Child Abuse Recovery, Trauma Survivors (CARTS) Humanitarian Program, email: [email protected]

If you wish to help save children from international sex trafficking, contact Tim Ballard at Operation Underground Railroad: https://ourrescue.org/about/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FT4tmI8YxCU&feature=emb_rel_end

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) investigates more than 400 violations of criminal law, ranging from child exploitation to transnational gangs inside and outside the US. This would include the rape, torture and murder of children by Satanic worshippers. Use this form to report suspected criminal activity: https://www.ice.gov/webform/hsi-tip-form

The above was a summary of information from the Internet. It would be up to the reader to do their own research and decide whether or not it was valid. A Thank You to those dedicated and brave intel providers who wished to remain unknown; to humble Wildfirelady who is adept at exposing the truth; to Martha who works around the clock to discern what is real in the fake news; to Brad who does great research and Ken who uncovers almost unlimited intel on pedophilia to help us Save the Children.

Divide They Try, Fail They Will, WWG1WGA to Support POTUS, Follow Q & Trust Plan

Let us Thank Q that the reset has finally come to be. I wish you well in your humanitarian efforts and look forward to seeing you on the other side where together, we will make life better for all.

Patience is a Virtue. Having Virtue is a sign of a good moral being. Good moral beings have the power to overcome evil and change the world. Judy

Courtesy of Dinar Chronicles