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Special Restored Republic via a GCR Report as of Sat. 23 May 2020

Compiled by Judy Byington EXCERPT:

Judy Note: (Rumors)By contractual agreement with the Chinese, POTUS, the Department of Defense, Head of the RV Process Judy Shelton and the RV teams were pushing hard to get the release sequence done, including the Tier 4b start.

On Mon. 25 May liquidity was expected in Zurich. Rumor was that sources in Europe, US Banks and Reno felt that we could receive 800#s over this long Memorial Day weekend and set appointments beginning Tues. 26 May.

As of noon EDT last Thurs. 21 May Exchange Personnel went on lockdown in order to process Tiers 3,4a, Groups and SKRs, which were being paid out through Memorial Day weekend ending Mon. 25 May. There were reports that some in Tier 4a now had funds in their accounts, but would not be liquid until Tier 4b started their appointments – expected to begin Tues. 26 May.

Judy Shelton said that she and POTUS intended to complete exchanges/redemption before the end of May. The new general public Tier 5 start date was Mon. 15 June.

A. Schedule of RV Events: Rumors

The special Dragon Bond funds had been allocated by the Elders for liquidity release through use of funds in Dubai 1 & Dubai 2 (that has now converted to US Notes). Tiers 1-4 were about to be finally and fully paid out in gold/ asset-backed US Notes.

On Thurs. 21 May the Admiral and his team had finished their paperwork and Heritage Funds 100s of 1000s of accounts had been converted over to the gold-backed, asset-backed USN.

Redemption Center Exchange Personnel were placed on lockdown high alert, told to be quiet and ready for the imminent start of all pre-Tier 4b processing. Tiers 1-2, military, infrastructure to rebuild roads and bridges, debt relief and Universal Basic Income to citizen accounts were done so that RV release disbursements could move forward under the Restored Republic.

Also as of Thurs. 21 May behind the scenes, there were 26,882 arrests of Deep State criminals. Over the past weeks they had interfered with the RV release. They were in government, agency and bank positions, many of which were part of human/child trafficking, drug running, gun running, porn production networks and other Deep State criminal cartels.

All were immediately replaced. The Department of Defense security teams would continue to arrest and immediately replace anyone in the release process who did Deep State bidding to interfere with the RV release sequence.

Fri. 22 May started disbursals for down line liquidity from the Elders’ funds through exotic bonds (Yellow Dragon bonds that have been transacting all this past week and other Dragon Bonds). Monies were also coming from the Heritage Funds, which represented hundreds of thousands of accounts providing the greatest amount of liquidity from the Chinese Elders to pay out all tiers globally. Disbursements in USN could start going out to Tiers 2-3 Intermediates (CMKX, F&P, Farm Claims, adjudicated settlement) accounts and Tiers 3-4a Admirals accounts.

As of 3 pm EDT Fri. 22 May the Admiral’s work was complete. Forward to Tues. 26 May all priority Paymasters and disbursement recipients (Tiers 2,3 intermediates and Tier 3, 4a accounts) would receive notifications of payouts. If the pre-Tier 4b release sequence disbursements / payouts were not done by next Tues. 26 May, the Department of Defense would step in, arrest those holding it up and complete the sequence.

By Mon. 1 June the SWIFT system would be disconnected from the banking system and the gold/asset-backed US Note would be converted to the Quantum Financial System.

In order to give Tier 4b at least a minimum of 10 days of 800#s and exchange/redemption appointments, POTUS requested the IMF to move the general public (Tier 5) start date forward to Mon 15 June.

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