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Special Restored Republic via a GCR Report as of Fri. 5 June 2020

Compiled by Judy Byington

“People who say it cannot be done should not interrupt those who are doing it.”

Divide They Try, Fail They Will, WWG1WGA to Support POTUS, Follow Q & Trust Plan

(Excerpt) Judy Note: On Tues. night 2 June President Trump signed an agreement with Chairman Xi and President Putin that committed the RV teams to get the release and all payouts out from Mon. 8 June on next week.

According to multiple sources our start in Tier 4b would be on Tues. 9 June. We in Tier 4b would only have six days to exchange / redeem so it was advised to make your appointment quickly and stay ready to go in next week.

On Sat. 6 June an announcement was expected about Mass Arrests including 3,000 of those believed connected to terrorists groups. The announcement could contain a possible nationwide shutdown stay-at-home order for two weeks.

We would have until Mon. 15 June to exchange/redeem at the Contract Rates. On Tues. 16 June the general public would be able to exchange at the new international rates.

GESARA/ NESARA and the gold/asset-backed US Note and Chinese Yuan announcements were also expected on that same Mon. 15 June.

A. Fri. 5 June 8:04 am EDT Fleming’s Military Intel Contact:

1. Multiple sources were now saying that release has been kicked to Sun. 7 June, including the Admiral going in some time Sun-Mon 7-8 June.

2. What has delayed us this past week was (1) quelling the riots and arresting instigators, (2) getting the last nine countries off of SWIFT and onto the Quantum Financial System, which will take until Sat. 6 June.

3. As much as we hate Tier 4b being pushed out, Trump, Xi and Putin have finally come to an agreement. Trump has signed the agreement committing the RV teams to get the release and all payouts released from Mon. 8 June on next week.

4. This was reported by Robert David Steele (CIA Whistleblower), whose White House Source said that Trump, Xi and Putin have just agreed on the GCR / RV release. It’s a done deal and a go for next Mon. 8 June to release all (google “#robertdavidsteele #NESARA Benjamin Fulford Unleashed! Gold Standard Currency Reset, Trump Announcement). See 1:44 min. and 3:45 min. marks.

5. Quelling the riots and arresting Antifa and Anti Christ criminal organizers has delayed our Tier 4b start several days over this past week. (Peaceful protests against white racism in this country was a just cause because of our country’s poor record on how African Americans have been discriminated against, but was completely different than the violence of Antifa thugs who have killed not only police officers, but also peaceful Black protestors over the past week).

6. The now 200 FBI Joint Terrorism Task Forces in the cities of this nation have been joining ATF and DEA agents finding and arresting over 3,000 Antifa criminal organizers for whom there was proof that AG Barr and DOJ have demonstrating that Deep State Democrats like Pelosi, Schumer, Maxine Waters, Kamala Harris and Deep State Republicans like Romney, etc have actually directed and coordinated these criminal Antifa organizers to spread violence and looting in multiple cities and states.

7. Mr. Fleming’s source said, “I heard Trump signed off on some high level arrests Tues. night 2 June to make the Chinese happy. All seems to be pushing forward now.”

8. There were nine countries which were still disconnected from the Deep State SWIFT system and would be transitioned by Sat. 6 June to the QFS digital ledgering system. These countries included North Korea, Iran, Cuba, Venezuela, Argentina, Ecuador and three other countries. This too, has delayed our start this past week.

9. The good news was that the Deep State’s last stand to stop the RV through the Covid-19 Pandemic fears and through the riots has failed and the Global Currency Reset was now being released to start paying out on Mon. 8 June with our start in Tier 4b on Tues. 9 June according to multiple sources.

10. Contrary to some concerns that globalist NWO Deep State leaders like Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum, Prince Charles and the IMF were controlling the GCR / RV release, this was not true. Trump, Xi and Putin were controlling the GCR release happening NOW and not in 2021.

11. Trump was not a NWO globalist and that the WEF was only riding the coat-tails of the Alliance, Trump, Putin and the Chinese pushing out the RV right now. The Deep State would never be in control of the GCR release, but only Trump, DoD and the Alliance.

12. Trump, DOJ and DoD would make public the arrest of the Obamagate Deep State criminals in due time when the DoD and Trump agreed it was the right time and the right way to do so in a way that avoided repeat of the Deep State directed Antifa riots that devastated our cities over the past two weeks.

13. There was a Military Plan being followed. QAnon, who represented the Military behind Trump, has been hinting at that Plan all along to bring down the Deep State Swamp.

14. The final ending was through the agreement of Trump, Xi and Putin. This was the last weekend. Keep prayers going up and prepare for our start next Tues. 9 June.

15. The tight window of our Tier 4b exchanges was pushing up against the IMF’s continuing deadline of Mon. 15 June. We in Tier 4b would only have six days to exchange / redeem. So, make your appointment quickly and stay ready to go in next week.

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