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Special Restored Republic via a GCR as of Sat. 20 June 2020

Compiled by Judy Byington.

(Excerpt) Judy Note: What we think we know as of Sat. Morning 20 June:

The hurry up and wait ‘next week I promise’ dynamic from the intentional slow controlled roll out was the Department of Defense’s strategy to counter every Deep State threat and interference step-by-step.

The Deep State has been working for centuries toward their New World Order Globalist One World Goverment. Potus has been working with other world leaders to defeat them. The Cabal Deep State was absolutely intent on you not having this money and stealing it from you, your children, and grandchildren, so they could establish their Luciferian One World Government to oppress you and your children and grandchildren.

There were 3,300+ 800# notification emails sent out Wed.-Thurs. 17, 18 June to those who the Department of Defense Security Teams knew were Deep State connected. The Sting Operation netted 3,100+ higher level Deep State operative arrests after they called the 800# and tried to make appointments to exchange / redeem.

Because of that successful and we have been told very last Sting Operation on Deep State members, before or by Tues. 23 June we in Tier 4b (the Internet Group) would receive 800# notifications to start our exchanges/ redemptions on that same Tues. 23 June.

For security reasons they wished all to exchange/redeemed as soon as possible and hoped to get Zim redemption completed by Fri. 25 June.

The IMF has scheduled the general public Tier 5 to start on Mon. 6 July, giving Tier 4b two weeks to complete exchanges/ redemption at the Contract Rates.

Reports were that Dinar and Dong were no longer available to buy until after Mon. 6 July when Contract Rates would no longer be available.

Contract Rates: You would be offered the Default Rates at your appointment. If you wished the higher Contract Rates you needed to request them, along with being able to justify the higher amounts through your humanitarian program and/or by participating in the national and international humanitarian projects (which would be explained at your first appointment). It was advised to practice your project presentation this weekend so you could obtain the higher rates at that first appointment.

On Thurs. evening 18 June the global launch of funds took place worldwide. On Thurs. 18 June at 11 am EDT final payouts to the higher level tiers were being released in current USN rates and equivalent current locked-in RV rates of countries worldwide. The official start of the final RV release for Tier 4b was on that Thurs. 18 June at 5 pm EDT.

Fri. 19 June was Juneteenth – which celebrated liberation of the black slaves. It was also a Debt Jubilee for all of us as NESARA and GESARA began.

The RV rates for the 22 currencies in the first basket were locked-in on that Fri. 19 June from UST averaging RV currency rates based on the Forex close and the release algorithms over the three prior days Tues, Wed, Thurs. 16-18 June. For security reasons these rates would not be made public until your appointment.

They were executing Level 1 (Tier 1 govt) payouts to the accounts of the 11 adjudicated programs, involving historic bonds and the global collateral accounts. Funds were moving out of the priority accounts starting Fri. 19 June.

All RV teams were working aggressively for completion. Funds have been moving to execute these payouts from about 11 am EDT Fri 19 June and would continue through the weekend. They were starting Tier 3-4a payouts now through the weekend including Tier 4a SKRs being made liquid.

The UST leadership team was focused on keeping everything on schedule because (1) Trump told them Thurs. 18 June to get the money out now and (2) because Tier 4a appts on Tues. 23 June were already set.

There were 12 Call Centers in the US (about 1 for every 4 states) and over the weekend 120-130 Tier 4a currency holders would be testing the appointment setting process for the rest of us in Tier 4b who would be following right on their heels.

On Sat-Sun 20, 21 June there would be payouts at the current USN rate to the few thousand inner and outer core group accounts, who then pay out the lower level beneficiary accounts, including payouts to the rest of the Tier 4a SKR accounts to be made accessible when Tier 4b started.

The main release globally would commence on Sun. night 21 June when Hong Kong opened at 8 pm EDT (8 am Hong Kong time Mon. 22 June).

The UST, IMF, Department of Defense and the Chinese were still on the same RV release schedule for the Tier 4b 800# notifications to come out so that next Tues. 23 June redemption appointments could start – dependent upon higher levels were completed by Sun. 21 June.

Our Tier 4b start would follow directly next Tues. 23 June right after the Tier 4a people have made their appointments.

The general public Tier 5 was scheduled by the IMF to start on Mon. 6 July, giving Tier 4b two weeks to complete our exchanges/redemption.

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