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Special Restored Republic via a GCR as of Sun. 28 June 2020

Compiled by Judy Byington

(Excerpt) Judy Note: This week’s signs of a Global Currency Reset:

Wed. 24 June: Trump tweeted “Gold is the Standard,” which was a soft announcement of the new Gold Standard (Google “Twitter @Trump Las Vegas June 24 Gold is the standard, but silver linings are pretty great too”).

Thurs. 25 June: Trump signed an Executive Order authorizing rioter arrests. With murders, destruction of private and government property and rapes going unchecked inside protestor zones, Deep State Rioter Ring Leaders also had plans to deploy Antifa foot soldiers to disrupt and attack certain Redemption Centers in major cities when Tier 4b started.

On Fri. 26 June afternoon a DoD Update confirmed that a new RV rollout schedule had been finalized and set in stone: Fri. evening 26 June through Tues. 30 June.

On Fri. 26 June Department of Defense security teams started arrests and would continue through their deadline of Mon. 29 June.

There were numerous reports of Historic Bonds being positioned for payout; Dong and Dinar were no longer available for sale; banks were restricting circulation of US dollars and coins of the old fiat system; the Mexican and Canadian borders were tightly sealed and members of higher Tiers including Tier 4a SKRs, were given exchange appointments for Fri. 26 June that were changed to Mon. 29 June.

Over this weekend groups were scrambling to update information on their members.

Over this weekend Zimbabwe closed it’s banks (Fri, Sat, Sun), and were reopening them on Mon. 29 June according to Pentagon sources, who also confirmed that Kuwait did the same thing in 1992 before they re-evaluated. The value of Zim floated up last week.

The 800#s release for Tier 4b was slated for Tues. 30 June.

In Canada financial agents were told and confidentiality forms were signed to prepare for a “financial blackout” July 2 through July 9.

Sat. 4 July President Trump was expected to make some “Big Announcements” at the nation’s Fourth of July celebration at Mount Rushmore – perhaps on the Gold Standard and NESARA/ GESARA.

Sun. 5 July was the end date to exchange currencies and redeem bonds at the Contract Rates.

Mon. 6 July was the General Public Tier 5 start for exchanging foreign currency at the new international rates. This was exactly 120 days before the Tues. 3 Nov. Presidential Election. By GESARA rules, the RV/GCR had to be out by then – 120 days before the elections.

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