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Special Restored Republic via a GCR as of Wed. 5 Aug. 2020

Compiled by Judy Byington

Judy Note: (Rumors) On Wed. 5 Aug. the USTN and Dragon Bond trading would continue processing to allow for Tier 4B notifications by Thurs.- Fri. 6,7 Aug, but only if the Deep State Democrat Pelosi blocks were stopped (the White Hats and President Trump were working on it right now).

Tues. into Wed. 4, 5 Aug. was the expected release timing told to Paymasters, Bankers, and Group Leaders who were into position in spite of Covid-19 “threats.”

Sun. night about 11 pm EDT and because of the complications of China being a communist party, it was the last country to go off the Cabal’s SWIFT Global Monetary System and onto the new and totally transparent CIPS Global Monetary System.

The US Treasury team has been celebrating since that Sun. 2 Aug. when it was declared that Deep State threats had been contained, security issues resolved and all was ready for a Shotgun Release.

At 12 noon EDT Mon. 3 Aug. steps were taken so that Tier 4b (us, the Internet Group) could obtain a Secured Website that contained instructions on how to obtain an individual 800# to call and receive a redemption/ exchange appointment. That evening of Mon. 3 Aug. at 11:15 pm EDT all currencies came up on bank screens with live new rates. The Zim dollar was the only one that didn’t make it, but was supposed to be live at around 9 pm EDT Tues. 4 Aug.

For several days after the Secured Website came out you could exchange/ redeem at Contract Rates. Because Zim was backing the entire Global Currency Reset, Zim holders were asked to redeem in the first four days.

Sat. 15 Aug. forward the General Public was still set to begin exchanging at the new International Rates of 209 nations.

Fri. Sept. 4-Mon. Sept. 7 Labor Day Weekend was expected to see release of the Durham Report and unmasking of treasonous acts by the Obama Administration: “Obamagate isn’t a conspiracy theory, it’s the biggest political scandal of our time”@realDonaldTrump

Over last weekend Q warned us that something BIG was about to drop. The Alliance was cracking down on the Cabal’s Deep State human trafficking operations, with celebrities, Mainstream Media, Bankers, Lawyers, Judges, plus prominent Democrat and Republican elites being exposed for stealing US Taxpayer monies, perpetrating child sex and other horrid abuses of children.

SCOTUS John Roberts has been caught in Epstein Scandal. This head Justice of the Supreme Court was said to be making a deal and has told on “a former POTUS and his wife” that would see Roberts resign in 2-3 weeks.

After their involvement in human trafficking was made public, assets of big e-commerce companies such as Amazon, eBay, Wayfair and more would be seized by the US Government.

Meanwhile our economy was recovering at lightning speed, even though the Cabal was trying to stop it. They couldn’t. Patriots were in control. The old SWIFT global monetary system had been replaced with a gold-asset/backed completely transparent Cross-border International Payment System (CIPS). All banks have pinged back, done. The Dinar has revalued and the Chinese Yuan, Zimbabwe Zim and USTN were now gold/asset-backed and trading internationally at their new rates.

On Tues. 4 Aug. gold was at $2000 and Silver over $26/oz and rising. This was part of the plan to break up the big banks as they now had to come up with gold assets – that they no longer possessed.

Wed. 5 Aug. 2020 7:28 am EDT Fleming’s Military Intel Contact:

1. Tues. into Wed. 4, 5 Aug. was the expected release timing told to paymasters, bankers, and group leaders who have all gotten into position in spite of Covid-19 “threats.”

2. Redemption Center staff were on call and high alert.

3. Yellow, Red, Black and Blue Dragon Bonds were being made liquid right now (accessible only when Tier 4B started). Isaac’s private bond liquidity put into his Zurich account (not yet spendable till after Tier 4B started) was an example of this.

4. On Wed. 5 Aug. there would be more processing on the USTN and Dragon Bond trading to allow for Tier 4B notifications by Thurs.- Fri. 6, 7 Aug. if the Deep State Democrat Pelosi blocks were stopped (the White Hats and President Trump were working on it right now).

5. Security was still a key concern of the Department of Defense. House Democrats and Pelosi have held up RV release and Tier 4B start through ordering daily investigations that tied up key parts of the US release process.

6. It has NOT been DoD or Trump, but Pelosi and Deep State Democrats in coordination with Chinese Deep State Communist operatives who were fighting Xi and the RV/GCR because the Chinese Deep State Communists did not want GESARA to end Communist control of their people.

7. President Trump and the White Hats were forcing things around the Pelosi-Deep State-Chinese blocks right now.

8. Deep State Democrat politicians, governors, mayors, etc, have been working hard to fight the RV release and to keep the economy crushed under the Covid-19 scam propaganda to keep Trump from being re-elected.

9. QAnons: The Deep State Cabal have been working long and hard on the current plan (google “Threadreader prayingmedic Q thread July 30 Democrat leaders collaborated with the Chinese government to take back control of the US government from President Trump” and google “twitter White House rioter says in Chinese ‘Go’ June 1 2020“).

10. Since the Mueller Russia hoax investigation failed, the Impeachment failed, the Covid-19 plandemic was failing, the Antifa paid rioter violence was being contained through arrests, now the Deep State politicians were desperate to stop the RV & the Trump re-election.

11. Deep State Democrats in the House, Pelosi and others have been working with Deep State Chinese Communists (the same ones fighting Xi and bribing Biden & the Clintons) to interfere with the American RV release process. It was these Deep State Communist Chinese who delayed till this last weekend China from getting completely off the old Cabal SWIFT system and onto the QFS.

12. The USA and IMF were paying ICC (World Court) fines for every late day Tier 4B was not started.

13. Prayers would be appreciated for this has to end. Deep State Democrat ties to Communist Chinese Deep State operatives and their RV-blocks needed to be removed by Trump, DoD, White Hats and Chairman Xi effective right now in order to get Tier 4B started.

B. SpaceShot76 — Beirut Boom, SCOTUS Leaving Soon? TikTok Bad https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cMHDA1G5tEY SCOTUS John Roberts caught in Epstein Scandal, told on “former POTUS and his wife” to make a deal that would see him resign in 2-3 weeks.

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