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Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Tues. 12 Jan. 2021

Compiled by Judy Byington

Judy Note: Ten Days of Darkness have begun – and would end Inauguration Day 20 Jan.

Since Wed. 6 Jan. Washington DC has been under lockdown.

On Mon. Jan. 11 all Chinese companies were taken off the New York Stock Market and the market then crashed.

On Mon. Jan. 11 the U.S. State Department announced that it was designating Cuba a state sponsor of terror, accusing it of providing safe harbor to malicious actors and engaging in “malign behavior” in the region.

On Mon. Jan. 11 at the last minute Fox News cancelled coverage of President Trump’s speech on our Right to Freedom of Speech that was being infringed on by Big Tech. Trump and many other conservatives have had their Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and social media accounts permanently cancelled. https://www.theepochtimes.com/facebook-removing-all-content-that-mentions-stop-the-steal-ahead-of-inauguration-day_3651523.html

On Mon. 11 Jan. Intel person for the Alliance Simon Parkes reported that a countdown to Alliance Mass Arrests began during Mike Pompeo’s speech at the Voice of America on Mon. afternoon. During the speech Military teams, embedded all over the globe, received their marching orders.

On Mon. 11 Jan. former intelligence agent, author and whistleblower Robert David Steele said Tues. 12 Jan. could be explosive.

By Tues. 12 Jan. the Main Stream Media could go down.

On Tues. 12 Jan at 3 pm EST President Trump would speak in Alamo, TX, at which time we should learn more. Live Speech: https://youtu.be/c_WNI43s3ds

We were in a battle for our Republic against our own [D]eep State political elites, Vatican, CIA, British MI6, the Chinese Communist Party and Mass Media

Do not to be scared of what’s coming as it is for the safety of our nation for this to unfold. ATMs, Internet and credit card processing could go down at any time. If you’re instructed to stay indoors it’s for your own safety. Do not engage the military. They are part of a global op to take down the [d]eep state cabal and are not threatening to The People. There will be two phases of arrests: from now to 19 Jan, and from 19 Jan. for the next 90 days.

The FBI tweeted “Armed protests are being planned at all 50 state capitols from Jan. 16 through at least Jan. 20http://Disclose.tv@FBI

Everyone will be getting emergency alerts on their phones, tv’s, radios and internet. It would override all other broadcasts and could last for several hours at a time.

Be ready to have five days of no cash, no credit card and no internet. Make sure you’re stocked up on food, water, meds, fuel, candles/batteries, pet supplies, and cash. We expect periodic POSSIBLE power outages, telephone or cell phone outages, or Internet… be prepared for anything. They’re suggesting perhaps 10 days worth.

The arrests were potential cover for the RV Tier 4B and Shotgun Liquidity release as part of the war to bring down the [D]eep State globally.

Mon. 11 Jan. Simon Parkes Third Update: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6X4wX_4qOiY&feature=youtu.be

Everyone went over to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo who spoke on Voice of America: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pG5yeKCsFYI

During that Pompeo speech today there was a countdown of Tweets to the start time, which meant that embedded teams all over the planet were in position for a go. Sealed envelopes were opened and there were instructions for each team.

The beginning will be very covert, and toward the end it will be very public.

Trump has the backing of the US Military.

The Cabal know that if they don’t prevent Trump from going into office for the next four years, they are finished.

We have to go on the Gold Standard in order to survive.

The worse was yet to come, but it would get better.


Mon. 11 Jan. Danielle, Charlie Ward and Simon Parkes Update: https://youtu.be/q5q73_Wbz9Y

Mon. 11 Jan. General Mcinerney Drops MOABs: https://rumble.com/vcktlx-lt.-general-thomas-mcinerney-drops-moabs.html

Devin Nunes Calls For Racketeering Probe Into Big Tech After Parler Ban: https://trendingpolitics.com/devin-nunes-calls-for-racketeering-probe-into-big-tech-after-coordinated-parler-ban/

Second American Revolution Underway: Benjamin Fulford https://benjaminfulford.net/2021/01/11/khazarian-mafia-seeks-to-surrender-as-second-american-revolution-underway/

The events of the past week, and the coming weeks, will go down in history as one of the biggest, if not THE biggest, revolutions in history. We are not talking just about the fall of the United States of America Corporation. We are talking about the end to a system of slavery that has continued for thousands of years.

The U.S. military is now officially on the warpath. Multiple U.S. warriors like Generals Michael Flynn and Thomas McInerney are among the many who have gone on the record to say a Second American Revolution is underway.

We can also report from both the P3 Freemasons and Russian FSB sources that the Mafia (specifically the Davos people and the European dark nobility) has reached out to the White Dragon Society and its allies to negotiate a surrender.

As the P3 put it: “The [D]eep State is in panic, they want to negotiate…they understand at the highest level what really happened and are afraid.”

This is going to take time because it will involve complex exchanges of documents and actual face-to-face meetings (not via computer networks). Remember these are the hidden families who privately own such institutions as the UN, the IMF, the BIS, and the World Bank. That is why arranging an orderly transition cannot be expected to take place overnight. Anything that replaces it must be democratic, meritocratic, and visible to all.

However, the longer they delay their surrender, the more likely it is they will be hung from lamp-posts instead of just being forced to speak to a truth and reconciliation committee.

Mon. 11 Jan. Mel K, Tiana with Charlie Ward Update – What is on those laptops? Dont Miss!! Weekly Catch Up With Mel K & Tiana Islam With Charlie Ward. What Is On Those Laptops?

This was the time we have been waiting for.

Today Mon. 11 Jan. 200 Chinese companies were removed from the NY Stock Exchange. This would start a digital war.

There are two sides everywhere. China, Sudan, Palestine, Russia, other countries all had the bad side, the communists, and the good side. It’s between the US and the Chinese Communist Party.

It’s going to come out that not only was the C19 not real, but the vaccine was the regular flu vaccine. Trump would never let people have the bad vaccine full of the same ingredients used to execute prisoners.

Charlie believes Prince Phillip died at the beginning of the year and the Queen disappeared mid-year.

The Chi*ld Traffic*king would soon come out and that’s what the public will be furious about.

Trump was in a very secure location.

The 16 laptops were gold (that Trump’s security forces took out of [P]elosi’s and other Democrat’s offices during the DC riots).

Putin was trying to rid Russia of the Communists. Putin and Trump were friends.

United Nations Aide supposed to go to Somalia from South Sudan $3-400 million in cash million boxes


Mon. 11 Jan. “Amerika” On The Brink After Trump Invokes “GIANT VOICE” Insurrection Act Threat, Sorcha Faal: https://www.whatdoesitmean.com/index3448.htm

Mon. 11 Jan. Danielle, Charlie Ward and Simon Parkes: https://youtu.be/q5q73_Wbz9Y

In less than 5 hours Executive Order 13959 will go into effect that prohibits investments in Chinese Communist Military companies: it was a declaration of war.

On Wikipedia there is a list of all the big media channels that would be taken down.

It will take down all the Chinese markets.

There will be a collapse in the Stock Market.

North Korea was on board with Trump.

They will be finishing clearing out the underground tunnels.

China still has an underground city where people were being experimented on and Wuhan laboratory that is producing viruses.


Important Links:

Sun. 10 Jan. Air Traffic Across US: https://youtu.be/Yk0OGDKniaI

Sun. 10 Jan. Lt. General Thomas McInerney: Special Forces Took Nancy Pelosi Laptop Wednesday, Says “She’s Frantic” https://youtu.be/n2Ady3z-Xy8

Link to live Newsmax News: https://www.newsmaxtv.com/

Executive Order on Addressing the Threat from Securities Investments that Finance Communist Chinese Military Companies

Sun. 10 Jan. Juan O’Savin 1-10-21 to VGuerrilla @Rogue News: https://inteldinarchronicles.blogspot.com/2021/01/crucial-juan-osavin-message-about.html?m=1 https://twitter.com/KatbySea3/status/1348330461215395842

“Before it’s all over and we’ve got a long road ahead of us, I don’t think you can actually clean up Washington D.C. I don’t think you can fix it!!! It’s already fixed. President Trump’s gonna hafta invite all of his contractor buddies they’re gonna have to put a fence around D.C. 3 layers deep. They’re gonna have to pamphlet the city. Anybody that wants out we got metal detectors and you’re gonna get stripped-searched. You’re not gettin’ out with any of the evidence. Anybody that wants to stay? You’re an enemy combatant. We’re gonna flood the city and wash it out. We’re gonna divert the Potomac and we’re gonna watch where the water comes out of those slimy holes. I don’t care if they’re 200 miles away.

And then—after we’ve flushed it clean about 3 times cuz we’re not taking any chances with any of our guys, THEN we’re going in and we’re going door to door and we’re gonna clean that place out.

And we’re not gonna occupy it again just gonna leave it fenced up as a spectacle to the world
of the INSANITY of these groups that have tried to manipulate us.

And we’re going back to right thinking. Godly thinking. Sound thinking Humans. Not these monsters that have taken over our country and our way of life.

I hope all of your listeners decide to be counted. I hope that they’ll find a way to close ranks
recognize each other in the Spirit of that kid we all are. We all choose to remember him, V,
standing on the side of the street as our father, President figure, Friend, Fellow American, rolled by” ~ Juan O’Savin

Sun. 10 Jan. 10 Days of Darkness, Steele: https://operationdisclosure.blogspot.com/2021/01/robert-david-steele-10-days-of-darkness.html#more The Ten Days of Darkness are about to begin.

The ATMs, internet, and credit card processing could go down by Mon. 11 Jan.

The President of Italy was arrested with [Sec. of State] Mike Pompeo and Italian Police. President of Italy was apparently an agent of MI6 and he put the full services of the Italian government in support of a covert MI6 operation against the 2020 Election, Trump and the US.

Italy was the final piece needed to counterattack against the NATO war on the United States of America led by the United Kingdom.

Kat note: Juan O’Savin has repeatedly explained that MI5&6 are de*ep state agencies run by the City of London/Roths/childs.

California has already begun to restrict people to a 120 mile radius. They’re thinking about the rage for being able to get back and forth with gas and not having to buy it.

The Governors are NOT under control and not reading from a Wrestlemania script. They really thought they could get away with this [the Co/vd scamdemic and bankrupting their states.]

The Military was mobilized yesterday.

We are going to see some arrests.

From the 19th for another 90 days there’s another entire phase of clean-up.

President Trump is backed up by the U.S. Military, by Law Enforcement, by Pastors, by of course the Trump movement, 80% of America, and I think this is going to have a happy ending.

Be ready to have 5 days of no cash, no credit card and no internet.


Mon. 11 Jan. Simon Parkes Update (authorized to release Intel): https://www.simonparkes.org/

Sun. 10 Jan. Time Sensitive Updates for Patriots, Rumormill News, Lymerick:

Twitter is ousting people like crazy; Parler will be shut down in less than 8 hours, Gab has 10,000 people an hour and isn’t functioning well due to traffic. Keep a watch on Sec. Pompeo’s Twitter account. The closer together his posts are, the closer we are to “go time”. Currently they are 30 minutes apart.

ANTIFA is marching in the streets of New York City, an Emergency Alert was issued for Quebec province in Canada with curfews. There have been power outages in Rome, Berlin, and Pakistan, and a subway fire/shutdown in Mexico.

We’re just waiting for an Emergency Broadcast alert.

Please make sure you’re stocked up on food, water, meds, fuel, candles/batteries, pet supplies, and cash. We expect periodic POSSIBLE power outages, telephone or cell phone outages, or Internet… be prepared for anything. They’re suggesting perhaps 10 days worth.

If you’re instructed to stay indoors it’s for your own safety. Do not engage the military. They are part of a global op to take down the [d]eep state cabal and are not threatening to The People.

American White Hats cleared Simon Parkes to release Intel: https://www.simonparkes.org/

Scott Mowry’s Miracles Intel Conference Call: (712) 770-4598 Access code: 767664# International dial-in numbers: https://fccdl.in/i/scottm6975

Online meeting ID: scottm6975 Online meeting: https://join.freeconferencecall.com/scottm6975 Replay Number: 712-770-5402Access code: 767664# # Backup Number: 425-535-9162


Mon. 11 Jan. AndWeKnow Intel Update: https://youtu.be/1j7-y7TWFxA

Monkey Works shows tremendous air activity, especially around Washington DC

Activation of plan put ahead 3 days due to Intel on [P]elosi’s laptop

Rome responsible for rigged election, Vatican now dark

Pakistan in 40% power outage – China offered 5 billion to buy GE found on Pelosi’s laptop – US interfered with deal that was to take place in Pakistan – reason for outage

More troops in Washington DC

Developing lawsuit against Social Media for taking down accounts

Social Network being formed by Trump – open to all free speech

Evidence to come out this week

Apple to do update so you can’t hear Emergency Broadcast System, turn your Apple updates off


Sun. 10 Jan. Troops in Washington DC: https://youtu.be/mbY-tH6KI-s

Sun. 10 Jan. Outrage over Social Media Censorship Grows: https://www.newsmax.com/t/newsmax/article/1004994?dkt_nbr=6F1212if5qxl&section=newsfront&keywords=cruz-twitter-trump-election&year=2021&month=01&date=10&id=1004994

Sun. 10 Jan. The Ingram Angle, Fox: https://youtu.be/1uJw4MzhKHk

International Chi*ld Se*x Traffic*king Ring:

PedoEmpire 5 Books, 42 chapters Free Online: https://pedoempire.org

Please report suspected Sat*anic activities to your local law enforcement. Since Sat*anists were known to infiltrate police departments, cover your tracks by also contacting U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE): https://www.ice.gov/webform/hsi-tip-form, call the National Human Traffic*king Hotline at 1-888-373-7888 and contact the Federal Human Traffic*king Website: https://www.state.gov/humantrafficking/

If you wished to join the effort in saving children from international se*x traffic*king, contact Tim Ballard at Operation Underground Railroad and/ or the non-profit Saving Innocence. https://ourrescue.org/ https://savinginnocence.org https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FT4tmI8YxCU&feature=emb_rel_end

The Global Currency Reset and NESARA/GESARA Is All About the Children

It’s not about the money. It’s about the children – the thousands of malnourished and traumatized chi*ldren who, in honor of Sat*an, were being ra*ped and mur*dered so their Elite Perpetrators could supposedly gain power and rule the world. The first official act President Trump made the morning before he was sworn into office, was to pay a visit to CIA Headquarters and declare a war on an international Chi*ld Se*x Traffic*king Ring run by global elites. Let us fast and pray for these little ones who were now being rescued from Cabal underground tunnels across the globe, and tor*tured and ki*lled by Sat*anic Covens right next door. Let us also pray for those Military Troops worldwide who were risking their own lives to save them. The ancient doctrine of Fasting and Prayer was explained here at the 10:30:32 mark: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Mb9gU6DmKs


Judy Note: I do not now, nor have I ever, received monies for writing my Updates and articles. The compensation has been in having outlets to help Save the Children by exposing truths about the very secretive [S]atanic [R]itual [A]buse, Pedo*philia and Chi*ld Sac*rifice that was rampant in our international society.

The above was a summary of information from the Internet. It would be up to the reader to do their own research and decide whether or not it was valid. A huge Thank You to those dedicated and brave Intel providers who wished to remain unknown; to humble Wildfire Lady who was adept at exposing the truth; to Martha who worked around the clock to discern what was real in the fake news; to Brad who did great research; to Ken who uncovered almost unlimited Intel on pedo*philia to help us Save the Children and to Bonni B who exposes the underlying causes of what is really happening.

Divide They Try, Fail They Will; WWG1WGA to Support POTUS, Follow Q & Trust Plan

I will send the Safe Link Website out when I find out what it is, plus it will be posted on several Dinar Websites. It is my understanding that by linking into the Safe Link Website it would generate a Non Disclosure Agreement to agree to in order to get appointments.

After signing that Non Disclosure I will be unable to email, post or talk to anyone about the exchange process for 90 days, so I will be going silent and taking those 90 days to get my humanitarian project organized and going. This was not a goodbye. I expected to be working with many of you in the near future. I can’t tell you how much I have enjoyed getting to know all of you. You will remain in my heart forever.

Let us Thank Q that the reset has finally come to be. I wish you well in your humanitarian efforts and look forward to seeing you on the other side where together, we will make life better for all.

Patience is a Virtue. Having Virtue is a sign of a good moral being. Good moral beings have the power to overcome evil and change the world. Judy

Courtesy of Dinar Chronicles

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