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RV Excerpts from Special Restored Republic via a GCR Report as of Sat. 30 2021

Compiled by Judy Byington

Judy Note: According to a top Banker in Zurich, a green signal was given to start all Global Currency Reset operations on Tues. 26 Jan. 2021. The official start of GCR/ RV liquidity was scheduled for Mon. Feb. 1 2021.

Thurs. 1 April was known as the Great Event – the start of the financial year in the new world financial system after the Global Currency Reset.

A Top Banker in Zurich Switzerland: A green signal was given to start all operations on Tues. 26 Jan. 2021. The official start would be Mon. Feb. 1 2021. It will be started with German Bonuses, Zimbabwe, IQD-Dinar sequentially Exotic Assets (there may be some change).

Sat. 30 Jan. Rinus Verhagen:

Official Announcement from a top Banker in Zurich Switzerland:

Dear owners of assets, a green signal was given to start all operations on 26 Jan. 2021. We are in the process of financial and operational logistics for all operations to go well. Additional payments of 1%, 9% after 9 days and 10% after 5 days may be suffered with any change in the Operating Tables.

The official start is scheduled for Feb. 1 2021. It will be started with German Bonuses, Zimbabwe, IQD-Dinar sequentially Exotic Assets (there may be some change).

We ask everyone for a little more patience. After so many years we have arrived. It has been a giant logistic process with astronomic financial codes and necessary to reduce the rhythm due to viral pandemic. Thank you to all owners and people involved. Don’t give up. The final moment has arrived. Instructions for scheduling TTMs will be sent via Email.

The CCP has realized that their policies can no longer be maintained at home and abroad.

The whole world has abused the Chinese people to use them as system slaves to produce goods.

We are now near the end of the 10 days of darkness, where we can now count on good news.

The Bankrupt US Inc, is further into debt that is now uncollectible.

The whole derivatives trade of empty promises is about to collapse, but the Great Reset has no Gold to cover all the money.

Since now the FED and ECB can no longer produce money out of thin air the whole Great Reset house of cards is falling apart.

The Euro cannot be a world trade currency, as it has no counter value, this means that the Fascist EU has no right to exist anymore.

All member countries of the Nazi EU are now sovereign again.

The GESARA world funds can never be controlled by the existing Cabal or Bilderberg governments.

Now that the mass arrests in the US are taking out the D*eep State members, and remember America first, the rest of the world will follow.

We see that several governments have already stepped down in Europe.

Own armies in Europe are now being ordered by the US to start arresting their own D*eep State governments.

It is now important to watch out that the EBS comes into force and the revelations are made public.

Then D*eep State politicians will gladly let themselves be taken to safety by the Army, to be tried for their crimes, in order to avoid the retaliation against them from their own population.

Now that the story is becoming so clear, one no longer has any valid arguments for doing a Central Banks Great Reset without value, based on Debt Slavery.

I think we are now going to see a safe period of transition, where the GESARA funds are going to be released under the supervision of the US military.

After all, NESARA and GESARA is a global operation to free the world’s population from the Central Banks.

Now that the republic is being restored there should be new safe elections.

The D*eep State figures have lost reality and their own narrative out of delusions of grandeur.

Companies are reopening, HCQ is suddenly good again, so people have completely undercut their own narrative.

We await further developments in good spirits, because NESARA / GESARA is much more than just MONEY or GOLD it is about getting our sovereignty back.

Gold is the new means of payment, whereby the revaluation of currencies will determine the value of each currency as a trading transaction.

The curse called EURO will no longer be able to hold.

This will undo the whole NWO plan to hold the world population hostage by the Elite, the control system set up will have to be dismantled.

Back to simplicity and the natural laws universe laws we are about to experience.

Then the US army and patriots will restore the constitution to 1776, giving everyone back their basic rights to establish a fair rule of law.

There will be a transition, we will be able to decide what a government should look like, where the people have the power and no corrupt government can impose laws that go against the interests of the people.

The best is yet to come. Rinus

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