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RV Excerpts from Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Wed. 10 Feb. 2021

Compiled by Judy Byington

Judy Note: According to our Military Intel Contact exchanges could start globally for us in Tier 4B at any time between the end of this week and early next week, although on Wed. 10 Feb the new Banking System Platform for Middle East countries, Buna, would activate; Iraq was expected to publish their new Dinar in-country rate, plus the Chinese Elders wanted Tier 4 A,B to start prior to the Chinese New Year – which meant that we would have to start Wed. 10 Feb. or Thurs. 11 Feb.

On Tues. 9 Feb. at 2 am EST a green light was given to start release of upper level liquidity across the 27 categories of payouts, which would begin a Shotgun Start by the end of this week.

The 900 active military personnel in Reno working with just under 300 staff, seemed to be on schedule and still on track to get the Shotgun Start out the door for the Chinese New Year beginning Fri 12 Feb.

Since the start was imminent Paymasters, attorneys and group leaders were gagged and asked to remain in place at their banking centers around the world.

On Wed 10 Feb Iraq was expected to publish their new budget with a Dinar in-country RV rate of about $16.40. (Our Contract Rates would be higher).

Tues. 9 Feb. Anon: “They activate Buna on Feb. 10th – the new banking system between Arab countries.”

B. Tues. 9 Feb. 2021 The Big Call, Bruce: Thebigcall.net 712-770-4016 pin123456#

Intel sources were drying up because we were so close.

The Iraqi budget was passed and could be published on Wed. 10 Feb.

The Middle East nations have come together on a digital platform – that needs the Iraqi Dinar in order to trade the currency digitally. That platform was supposed to start trading at 9:30 am Bagdad time on Wed. 10 Feb.

Our notifications could come within the next couple of days.

The Chinese New Year started on Fri. 12 Feb. The Chinese want Tier 4 A,B to start prior to the Chinese New Year – which means Wed. 10 Feb. or Thurs. 11 Feb.

Sun. night 7 Feb. a digital currency was ready to go in the QFS system.

NESARA and notification was imminent.


History of Restored Republic via a Global Currency Reset:

Since the 1800’s what was later known as US Inc, had been collecting US Taxpayer dollars through their privately owned IRS and Federal Reserve. Private individuals and bankers owned US Inc. and used the monies to gain personal wealth under the auspices of the City States of London, Vatican and their Central Banks across the globe. About a month later the money was returned to New York and corporations on Wall Street, where the US government was charged interest to use their own monies.

By Tues. 9 Feb. 2021 it was no surprise to anyone in the financial world that the Stock Market was about to collapse, some experts said within the next 45 days. That was because the US Inc. had taken out bankruptcy in 2008 and the US Inc.’s privately owned Federal Reserve which had held the Stock Market up for so many years by printing fiat US dollars, had been functioning on an expired license since way last Dec. 12 2012.

That 2008 bankruptcy was the same year the Alliance nations of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa (BRICS – which included hundreds of powerful people and eventually 209 nations across the globe) formed to take care of the problem by implementing a Global Currency Reset. They would set up currencies of their 209 nations in a gold/ asset-backed standard and away from the fiat US Dollar.

Meanwhile the Alliance’s global military action would be installing NESARA / GESARA in 209 nations. NESARA would begin to be revealed this February while GESARA would begin to be revealed as early as March 2021.

On Nov. 3 2020 Trump signed an Executive Order that verified NESARA. The US was now in a 120 day transitioning period from a bankrupt US Inc. corporation to implementing basic principles of the 1776 Constitution on 4 March 2021.