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RV Excerpts from the Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Thurs. 11 March 2021

Compiled Thurs. 11 March 2021 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington

Judy Note: On Tues. 9 March our Military Intel Contact said that although for security reasons he could not be specific, he felt that Tier 4B notification was this week.

Bond payouts began on Mon. 8 March, while on Tues. 9 March all liquidity was released. From Wed. 10 March onward ZIM bond redemptions were being paid out and that would continue through Sun. 14 March.

On Wed. 10 March the Stimulus Bill was passed, which our Military Intel Contact said would provide cover for the Tiers exchanges/redemption.

The Tier 5 general public exchanges of gold/asset-backed foreign currencies at the new international rates were scheduled to start on Mon-Tues 15-16 March.

Also on Mon-Tues 15-16 March the debt jubilee NESARA / GESARA debt repayment packages would begin paying off all past federal debt classes in the US and internationally in multiple countries.

What We Think We Know on Exchanges/ Redemption as of Thurs. 11 March:

Final rates were not yet locked in. The below were estimated amounts and could easily change:

Those who do not exchange/ redeem at official Redemption Centers would be awarded the lower default rates.

Zim default rate: $ .11 to $.33

Zim rates were negotiable if you had a humanitarian project (30 hundred Zim T Notes have been redeemed at $.94).

Dinar International rate: $3.71, Contract rate if you had no Zim and dedicated 30% to humanitarian: (114 million Dinar have been exchanged at $16)

Dong International rate: $0.47, Contract rate if you had no Zim and dedicated 30% to humanitarian: (1 billion Dong have been exchanged at $15)

International rates: Afghani $2.39, Rupiah $1.08, Rial $3.22

There were no holds or caps, no matter the amount exchanged.

Within 15 days the party exchanging must return with bank account information on their corporations/ trust vehicles they would use to manage these amounts, after which all monies would be transferred into that account.

There were three Disclosure forms to sign that established KYC (Know Your Client).

Nothing over ten million $ could be spent in the first 15 days, though recipients could make any purchase they wished, place a deposit and provide the seller with a guarantee of payment.

A tax free, clear, clean funds letter would be provided.

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