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RV Excerpts from the Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Mon. 29 March 2021

Compiled Mon. 29 March 2021 12:01 am EDT by Judy Byington

Judy Note: On Sat. 27 March Iraq RV’d it’s Dinar. Confirmation came from Wes Bastie’s source in the Pentagon, along with a good friend in the CBI Bagdad, Iraq. The confirmation was three smiling faces. Another source promised it would be “a big week.”

The World Court has ruled on a Chinese Elders’ lawsuit (against the Cabal’s US Inc.) and ordered that Tier 4A/B (Us, the Internet Group) have access to their exchange/ redemption funds no later than Thurs. 1 April.

Tier 4B would receive notification to set exchange/ redemption appointments sometime between now and Wed. 31 March according to our Military Intel Contact.

Security concerns of Deep State resistance and retaliation have been resolved. Officially the redemption has begun and cannot be stopped.

Paymasters were at their desks at Redemption Centers this weekend (Sat-Sun 27-28 March).

On Thurs. 1 April onward the General Public Tier 5 could exchange gold/ asset-backed foreign currency at the new international rates.

Thurs. 1 April to Tues. 6 April was also the beginning of NESARA/ GESARA Debt Jubilee debt forgiveness for those holding federally backed loan debt. NESARA Restored Republic public debt relief kick-off would be Easter Sunday 4 April.

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Where Are The Supply Shortages? Majority Of Manufacturers Warn About Supply Shortages

Silver Report Uncut:  Mar 29, 2021

Where are the supply shortages? well, one look at the recent ISM print we see. “Things are now out of control. Everything is a mess, and we are seeing wide-scale shortages.” (Electrical Equipment, Appliances & Components) “Supply chains are depleted; inventories up and down the supply chain are empty.

Lead times increasing, prices increasing, [and] demand increasing. Deep freeze in the Gulf Coast expected to extend the duration of shortages.” (Chemical Products) “The *********** is affecting us in terms of getting material to build from local and our overseas third- and fourth-tier suppliers.

Suppliers are complaining of [a lack of] available resources [people] for manufacturing, creating major delivery issues.” (Computer & Electronic Products) “Steel prices have increased significantly in recent months, driving costs up from our suppliers and on proposals for new work that we are bidding.

In addition, the tariffs and anti-dumping fees/penalties incurred by international mills/suppliers are being passed on to us.” (Transportation Equipment)



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