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RV Excerpts from the Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Sat. 8 May 2021

Compiled Sat. 8 May 2021 12:01 am EDT by Judy Byington

Judy Note: Tier 4B notification expected at any time.

On Sat. 1 May the Green Light was given for notification of Tier 4B any time from now through Sat 15 May.

As of last Tues. 4 May the QFS was the sole financial system globally as SWIFT had been completely retired. On Tues. 4 May at 9 am PST, 12 noon EST (6 pm Zurich time) bond sellers in Zurich, Hong Kong and Europe were paid their initial 1%.The liquidity process began that Tues. 4 May and would finish 12-20 hours from now.

On Wed. 5 May bonds to support release of funds globally started paying out and would be done processing by Fri. evening 7 May.

Some Tier 4B folks were getting notifications to exchange – part of UST & DoD tests to make ready for the Shotgun Start.

Overnight Wed. night to Thurs. 5, 6 May the USN was made live, placed on the Forex and began trading. A trusted source received a call from the Pentagon stating that the new Rainbow Currency became gold backed. The new TRN’s were in bank vaults and your local Wells Fargo manager could confirm.

On Thurs. 6 May at 6:25 pm the UST, DoD and Homeland Security to released Tier 4B notification after the bonds were paid out, which would complete over the next 24 hours.

On Thurs. 6 May the UST, DoD & Homeland Security told the banks to bring in all their people to the Redemption Centers next Mon 10 May.

US Treasury sources said that Tier 4B (us, the Internet Group) would be notified by email or publication of the Secured Website any time through the weekend and may start exchanges as early as next Mon-Tues. 10-11 May.

Mon. 10 May would be Value Day where the new currency rates would be locked in.

Starting Mon. 10 May or Tues. 11 May friends and family were to be paid.

Tier 4B would receive special currency rates on their exchanges and Zim Bond redemption could be done until Sat. 15 May.

On Sun 16 May the General Public Tier 5 would be able to exchange foreign currencies at the new but lower international rates.

Restored Republic:

The Ten Days of Darkness could start any time between now and Thurs. 13 May. The 123 satellites of the Emergency Broadcast System were in good condition, working and was expected to activate around the same time as the GCR Shotgun Start.

Fri. 7 May Fleming’s Military Intel Contact Update:

On Thurs. 6 May at 2:35 pm PST the UST, DoD & Homeland Security gave the go for Tier 4B to start after the main upper level bonds (German Bonds and Yellow Dragon Bonds) were processed with funds released into accounts.

Those funds would only be released when Tier 4B notifications came out.

That upper level bond processing would be in progress over the next 24 hours.

On Thurs. 6 May the UST, DoD & Homeland Security told the banks to bring in all their people to the Redemption Centers next Mon 10 May.

Tier 4B notification could come out at any minute over the weekend.

Stay prepared to access the Safe Link website, get and use the 800# generated there, and call and get into our appointments ASAP when T4B notifications came out.

Iraqi sources were told to expect the public rate change by CBI during their EID holiday Thurs. 13 May to Sat 15 May.

Tier 4B may be started as early as next Mon-Tues. 10-11 May.

The UST have told all bankers and Redemption Centers that the exchanges were finally going to start.

This past Mon 3 May the RV teams planned the basic schedule for the first 2 weeks of May–this past week and this coming week of Mon 10 May forward– in terms of getting the RV release shotgun start going, getting lower level payouts started and T4B exchanges started.

The liquidity process began Tues. 4 May and would finish 12-20 hours from now.

Tier 4B was planned to be started any time this week after bond processing finished.

The last four days in the upper level Tier 3-4A accounts they were validating funds to make sure no Deep State connections were among them.

They have been making arrests to make sure Deep State bankers and Deep State connected currency holders and bond holders could not get funds, nor steal from your account when the Shotgun Start initiated.

On Mon. and Tues. 3-4 May delays were caused when troubles came about by moving funds through the QFS. The problems of which were resolved as of Thurs. 6 May.

The Starlink quantum communication system comprised of 123 satellites, was in good working order and ready to be deployed for the Shotgun Start and Emergency Broadcast System operation whenever the military decide to deploy it.

The reported high contract rates for Dinar, Dong and ZIM has been a Sting Operation run by the DoD and UST in coordination with Homeland Security that led to 4000+ arrests the first week of May.

As of last Tues. 4 May the QFS was the sole financial system globally and SWIFT had been completely retired.

By the first week of May there were only two countries still using SWIFT for specific activities. DoD, and the Alliance told them they needed to get completely off the SWIFT and become compliant with the QFS system, or there would be arrests and/or worse for them and their countries. The countries quickly complied.

The first week of May and with pending Military Tribunals, the 4000+ Cabal arrestees were taken to military detention centers around the globe. GITMO was full and the Antartica detention center was nearly full. The military detention centers were in various global locations (Puerto Rico, Greenland, San Juan Islands, El Salvador, etc.

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