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RV Excerpts from the Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Wed. 2 June 2021

Compiled Wed. 2 June 2021 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington

Judy Note: All Intel sources were under strict gag orders, though those same sources have reported that we would see a lot of things happening during this first week of June.

Tues. 1 June Fleming: Our Military Intel Contact has been ordered to be quiet, though he was able to report that global transfer and exchange tests were going well.

Bruce reported that Tues. June 1 was a day for test exchanges in 300 redemption centers across the country.

On Tues. 1 June Banks around the world were now officially on the Quantum Financial System; Bond funds were being released and the new rates were live on bank screens.

Tues. 1 June was the date set to implement NESARA/GESARA.

At any time Wed. 2 June to Thurs. 3 June Tier 4B could receive the Secured Website and 800#s to set foreign currency exchange and Zim Bond redemption appointments.

Dubai 1 & 2 funds have been paid into government, humanitarian, the General’s and Redemption Center Group accounts. Funds were completing allocation to Tier 1-4, while deliveries of CMKX, Farm Claims and Native American settlements has hit well over 30%, allowing the Shotgun RV release for Tier 4B.

There would be fourteen days of Zim redemption and currency exchanges at the special rates, though appointments could be set up to 30 days away.

After the fourteen days, Zim redemption and the special rates would end (unless you had made an appointment at a Redemption Center within that 30 day window) and then the general public would begin exchanging at the new international rates.


Tues. 1 June The Big Call, Bruce: Thebigcall.net 712-770-4016 pin123456#

They want Tier 4B in and out of appointments in 30 min.

They will scan our currency/Zim with Del la Rue machines.

Have 5-8 min. presentation of your project.

They will set up one Skeleton Trust.

You will have access to funds at your appointment.

They will ask how much you will need for your project in the first six months (until the interest kicks in).

You will not have time to do money transfers in that first appointment.

In 24-48 hours later you can go back and meet with your wealth manager/family office.

When you set your appointment you will be given a personal identification number that will identify you when you enter your Mother Lode account.

No one but you will see the balance in your personal account.

You will be able to use your phone or computer to access your account.

Zim holders will redeem at a Wells Fargo center, but you can move your funds to another bank.

Tues. June 1 was a day for test exchanges in 300 redemption centers across the country. They went very well.

Tier 4B should be ready for any moment Wed. 2 June -Thurs. 3 June to receive the Secured Website and 800#s to make your appointment.

Bonds have started to go out internationally.

There was a good chance we could get notification for appointments tomorrow Wed. 2 June.

Blocks of emails will go out every hour (it would take around 40 min each) in each time zones.

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