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RV Excerpts from the Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Wed. 16 June 2021

Compiled Wed. 16 June 2021 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington

Judy Note: On Tues. evening 15 June our Military Intel Contact reported that the release was expected any time in approximately the next 48 hours. Thurs. 17 June was expected to be a day of reckoning.

That confirmed Intel from all sources, who reported that the Global Currency Reset would happen this week and Thurs. 17 June appeared to be a big day.

At any time there could be a lockdown of rates and notification for Tier 4B (us, the Internet Group) to set redemption/ exchange appointments.

There would be ten or so days of Zim redemption and currency exchanges at the special rates, though appointments could be set up to 30 days away.

After the ten or so days, Zim redemption and the special rates would end, unless you had made an appointment at a Redemption Center within that 30 day window.

On Tues. 22 June the global Tier 5 General Public would be able to exchange currencies at the new international rates.  

Tier 4B notification emails would come primarily from Wells Fargo, though also would be sent by Chase and HSBC.

The Secured Website to obtain 800#s and make appointments would be part of that notification email and published on most Dinar Websites, plus I will announce it in my twice daily Update as soon as received.

You could send the Secured Website link to whomever you wished, though you would be assigned a specific 800# that could only be used once to set your own appointment. If you gave your assigned 800# to someone else, or used it more than once, your appointment would be made null and void.

Three Day Blackout and shut down of the worldwide Internet would occur as Main Stream Media satellites were wiped out. That would mean a possible loss of phone, text, Internet and electricity for around 24-48 hours while the world switched over to Tesla Free Energy – all of which would activate the Emergency Broadcast System using the new Star Link Satellite System – that would then disclose worldwide events through three eight hour documentaries playing in many languages over the TV 24/7 during Ten Days of Darkness.

Be prepared to lose electricity for 24-48 hours and have extra non-perishable food storage for at least 15 to 30 days in case of grocery store closures, and/ or interference in the supply chain, plus have a plan to refrigerate and cook food in case of electrical power loss.


Tues. 15 June 2021 The Big Call, Bruce: Thebigcall.net 712-770-4016 pin123456#

We have 30 min. for our appointment and 5-8 min. to present our project.

Rates were very high.

A banker said it would happen this week.

On July 4 our old tax system would be defunct and the new tax plan put in place, NESARA.

They arrested 70 more Paymasters.

Tues. 15 June The Real News, Telegram:

United States Capitol https://www.visitthecapitol.gov/ and House and Senate Office Buildings https://www.uscp.gov/ All Buildings CLOSED to public and tours SUSPENDED until further notice

Library of Congress https://www.loc.gov/about/pandemic-information/for-public/ All buildings CLOSED to public and tours SUSPENDED until further notice

White House https://www.whitehouse.gov/about-the-white-house/tours-events/ Call 202-456-7041 for updates.

FBI Building https://www.fbi.gov/contact-us/fbi-headquarters/the-fbi-experience Building CLOSED to public and all tours SUSPENDED until further notice

Bureau of Engraving and Printing https://www.moneyfactory.gov/washingtondctours.html Building CLOSED to public and all tours SUSPENDED until further notice

Department of State https://diplomaticrooms.state.gov/tours/ Building CLOSED to public and all tours SUSPENDED until further notice

Pentagon https://pentagontours.osd.mil/Tours/ Building CLOSED to public and all tours SUSPENDED until further notice

Smithsonian Musuems https://www.si.edu/newsdesk/releases/smithsonian-museums-and-national-zoo-close-march-14 list here https://www.si.edu/museums All buildings CLOSED to public and all tours SUSPENDED until further notice

National Zoo https://www.si.edu/newsdesk/releases/smithsonian-museums-and-national-zoo-close-march-14 CLOSED until further notice

Holocaust Museum https://www.ushmm.org/ Building CLOSED to public and all tours SUSPENDED until further notice

National Archives https://www.archives.gov/coronavirus Building CLOSED to public and all tours SUSPENDED until further notice

John F. Kennedy Center for Performing Arts https://www.kennedy-center.org/press-releases/covid-19/ season info https://www.kennedy-center.org/whats-on/subscriptions/subscriptions-announcement-2020/ Building CLOSED to public and all performances SUSPENDED until further notice

National Cherry Blossom Festival https://nationalcherryblossomfestival.org/national-cherry-blossom-festival-announces-more-cancellations-to-festival-events-due-to-coronavirus-covid-19/ All events CANCELLED

Arlington National Cemetery https://www.arlingtoncemetery.mil/Media/News/Post/10717/Arlington-National-Cemetery-Closes-to-Visitors-Funerals-Continue-as-Scheduled CLOSED to public; OPEN to families for visitation; scheduled funerals will CONTINUE as planned

Museum of the Bible https://www.museumofthebible.org/ CLOSED (through January 28)

International Spy Museum https://www.spymuseum.org/visit/spy-updates/ OPEN

National Arboretum https://www.usna.usda.gov/ Grounds only OPEN The National Bonsai & Penjing Museum and Administration Building are still CLOSED to the public

Nesara take-over via the military means that the old cabal-system is taken over by the new system. The court system is taken over, the banking system, the school system etc.

We are going back to the Constitutional / Common law. The curriculum in schools is changing, the debts are frozen and the banking system has switched to the new system-The Federal reserve has been abolished. T

here have been false flag events, bombs going off as the Deep state retaliates, and explosions at power plants. The power will be switched to free power. All these are signs that things are happening.

We will switch to a Tesla type internet and free Tesla energy. No more power plants!

The EBS is imminent! Out there is a movie. Look at the fake G7 event. It was a virtual event. Game over!

The energy right now might be unpleasant, in order to divert the deep state from what is really happening…enjoy the show!!

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