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RV Excerpts from the Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Thurs. 17 June 2021

Compiled Thurs. 17 June 2021 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington

On Wed. 16 June our Military Intel Contact confirmed that the global release of Tier 4B and Shotgun Start was still coming at any moment.

Several sources including Paymasters, reported that all adjudicated funds and F&P recipients would be notified this week.

At any time there could be a lockdown of rates and notification for Tier 4B (us, the Internet Group) to set redemption/ exchange appointments.

Iraq had a sovereign right to establish their new in-country rate, and they had.

All countries have coordinated their new rates with the IMF and UST in order to peg it for trade.

Now we just waited for the global announcement.

There would be ten or so days of Zim redemption and currency exchanges at the special rates, though appointments could be set up to 30 days away.

After the ten or so days, Zim redemption and the special rates would end, unless you had made an appointment at a Redemption Center within that 30 day window.

On Tues. 22 June the global Tier 5 General Public would be able to exchange currencies at the new international rates.  

Tier 4B notification emails would come primarily from Wells Fargo, though also would be sent by Chase and HSBC.

The Secured Website to obtain 800#s and make appointments would be part of that notification email and published on most Dinar Websites, plus I will announce it in my twice daily Update as soon as received.

You could send the Secured Website link to whomever you wished, though you would be assigned a specific 800# that could only be used once to set your own appointment. If you gave your assigned 800# to someone else, or used it more than once, your appointment would be made null and void.

Our Military Intel Contact stated that a Shotgun Start was a private deal, meaning that people would be able to exchange in the banks at the teller window at the International Rates at the same time as those of us in Tier 4B would be able to exchange/redeem at Redemption Centers at the Contract Rates.


Do not fear anything. Panic in DC: All US Government buildings were closed, tours cancelled, with a Blackout imminent including fake Nuclear Cyber Attacks, a major worldwide Internet outage, Stock Market collapse and Global Financial System implosion. The Storm is coming! Watch the water!”

What’s Going on? On Tues. 15 June at 10 am Southwest cancelled all 500 flights and it appeared they would be doing the same on Wed. Trains were stopping all over the country.

Almost 1000 Military planes were flying over the USA. Washington DC that had been surrounded by a ten foot high barbed wire fence and guarded on the inside by 30,000 troops since 20 Jan, was now completely closed to the public, with all tours suspended.

That included the United States Capitol, House and Senate Office Buildings, Library of Congress, White House, FBI Building, Bureau of Engraving and Printing, Department of State, Pentagon, Smithsonian Museums, National Zoo, Holocaust Museum, National Archives, John F. Kennedy Center for Performing Arts, Arlington National Cemetery (only open for funerals and to families for visitation), Museum of the Bible, National Bonsai, Penjing Museum and Administration Building, plus the National Cherry Blossom Festival has been cancelled.

Tues. morning 15 June the world financial system began to collapse in Asia and continued with the New York Stock Market opening in, staying in and closing in the red, activating the Global Currency Reset. The National Weather Service was down, some flights grounded, while an unusual amount of Military Aircraft were in the air. Amtrak services have been disrupted, while earthquakes in China have resumed.

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