Judy Byington

Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of Sept. 30 2017

Compiled 12:06 am EDT 30 Sept. 2017 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, CEO, Child Abuse Recovery www.ChildAbuseRecovery.com; Author, “Twenty Two Faces,” www.22faces.com

A. Sept. 29 Intel Bruce:

1. I was told that Iraq would put out their new Dinar rate sometime on Sun. Oct. 1.

2. On their first business day of the week – Sun. – Iraq was scheduled to make announcements on their Jumbotron TV monitors in at least nine providences.

3. Those announcements were about the new Dinar rate, along with a second announcement.

4. We now have the UN operational rates, new Forex rates and rates for the public. All rates were high.

B. Sept. 29 8:28 pm EDT, Dr. Clarke: “October without a Doubt” – Dr. Clarke Update 9-29-17 Oct. is your month. For sure. For sure. For sure. You will see during the first three weeks. The move begins on Sat. Sept. 30 (key word “begins”).

C. Sept. 29 2017 RV Intelligence News Alert: http://www.dinarchronicles.com/intel.html

1. Tomorrow Sept. 30 the US Fiscal year would end.

2. Tomorrow Sept. 30 the USD supposedly defaulted, to be replaced by the USN.

3. Tomorrow Sept. 30 we would have an Emergency Broadcast with disclosure.

4. Tomorrow Sept. 30 would be a military takeover, along with mass arrests.

5. Tomorrow Sept. 30 the RV would begin.

6. Would it happen tomorrow Sept. 30?

D. Sept. 29 2017 11:11 am GCR Situation Report “Past, Present & Future”: “Past, Present & Future” – GCR/RV Intel SITREP – Friday – September 29, 2017

1. Chinese Sovereign Elders bought and still own the vast majority of the Republic of the United States of America sovereign debt circa 1776.

2. The fake Cabal US government, USA, Inc., formed in 1861.

3. When their US bonds defaulted in 1933, instead of turning over the country’s assets to their creditors, the Cabal gave us WW2.

4. At present there was no more USA, Inc and there hasn’t been since Aug. 2012 when Obama surrendered the Cabal’s illegal government in exchange for keeping the American economic afloat until Sept. 30, 2017.

4. It was a five year work out plan that included two years for the Russian, Turkey, Iran clean up of ISIS in Syria and Northern Iraq, which not so ironically began on – wait for it – Sept. 30, 2015.

5. Again after multiple wars across South East Asia that Republic of the United States was to be returned to the Chinese Elders on 9/11/2001 at 10am. Instead, the Cabal gave us 9/11 at 8am that same day.

6. Donald Trump participated in the cover up of 9/11, doing interviews about the planes hitting the World Trade Centers and the jet fuel heat melting steel. Jet fuel didn’t bring down the towers and neither did planes. It was a controlled demotion using cold fusion which disintegrated the steel and concrete on the way down.

7. Trump was then and still is being instructed by clandestine Israeli Mossad units, who are opening him up like a puppet and using his presidency to buy time and create chaos to stay in power as long as possible. Meaning control of the world’s financial system, which includes all military spending and money printing by 208 other nations.

8. Now all will be controlled by the Chinese under the request of the same Chinese Elders who control the vast majority of raw asset resources globally (aka the valuable rocks).

9. The Cabal have been desperately trying to start WW3 via North Korea and cannot. The six hurricanes they started back to back, to back, to back, to back, to back suddenly stopped. Why? Was this not strange? Did they magically turn off the hurricane making machine?

10. Now the Cabal was trying to start a race riot with African American NFL players against their Anglo owners, plus starve out an entire country in poor ravaged Puerto Rico. Also the US Senate was blocking all GESARA reforms in an attempt to stop the financial transition. Millions were dependent on Mediciade and Medicare. Nothing and I mean nothing, was working.

11. Just after midnight on Sat. night Sept. 30-Sun. morning Oct.1 the grenade goes off.

12. Everything would return to how it should have always worked, including our new American USN currency release, several international currencies revaluing and the removal of the Donald J. Trump as American President.

13. Revaluations included Zimbabwe currency being restored internationally as the most valuable in the world.

14. The Cabal lies would stop with no more oxygen left to sustain the Cabal Balloon. Simultaneously we would witness the end of something very old and beginning of something very new – as past, present and future united for a split second.

E. Sept. 28 2017 8:34 pm EDT A Brief Report, Anna Von Reitz: Anna Von Reitz — A Brief Report for those Trying to Understand the New World
Reitz’s ten page report 21 August 2017: http://annavonreitz.com/briefreportenglish.pdf

1. We have partnered with the American Native Nations to fulfill the responsibilities owed by the federal government until such time as the millions of Americans who have slept through this entire debacle can be brought up to speed, be made whole and enabled to convene a competent land jurisdiction (Continental Congress).

2. The Debt: There is no unmet national debt. There is only national credit that has not been applied to the ledger by those seeking to abscond with the payments made by millions of innocent people via bogus claims of abandonment and embezzlement.

3. We have authorized the application of the national credit to the national debt and as the Priority Creditors of (almost) the entire world. We do not need, nor do we seek bankruptcy protection.

4. The Foreclosures: There are no valid foreclosures because these transactions have been voided by fraud and nondisclosure.

5. All “mortgages” resulting from so-called “home loans” are debts owed by the territorial and municipal corporations, not the people, and are in fact lease repurchase agreements, neither mortgages nor loans.

6. These governmental services corporations “borrowed” our assets without our knowledge or consent – hypothecated debt based on our assets.

7. (USA Inc.) has now gone bankrupt – leaving the world to suppose that we agreed to all this and that we are avoiding payment, when in fact we are objecting to claims of Odious Debt and taking practical action to end this fiasco.

8. To protect the pension funds and investors while holding the people harmless, we have developed a means to hold all foreclosures in abeyance and translate this odious debt into credit for the actual homeowners.

9. Securities (Funny Money): The various fiat currencies and bonds and securities related to them have to be restructured.

10. It is a given that securities will continue to exist and be used in some forms in the future, but it is also a given that the securities now in existence have been compromised by counterfeiting and other issues.

11. We will be wrapping old US Treasury Bonds and creating new hybrid high security bonds backed by gold, oil, or other actual commodity assets.

12. Final Word: The Earth, our labor and derivatives of our labor (copyrights, trademarks, patents, and so on) are the only sources of value on this planet.

13. There was no exhaustion or limit of the riches and assets we all possess. This is true for all people of every nation.

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