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Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of June 23 2018

Compiled 23 June 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret. CEO, Child Abuse Recovery, Author, “Twenty Two Faces,” Byington’s Before It’s News articles on an international Vatican-Cabal Child Exploitation Ring: http://beforeitsnews.com/contributor/pages/243/590/stories.html

The below is a summary of information from the Internet. It would be up to the individual reader to decide whether or not it was valid.

A. June 22 2018 10:19 pm EST TNT, KittynDog: “Released” – Fri. PM TNT Intel/News
Rumor: The RV was released for tier 4 in Reno for paymasters at 1 pm EST today June 22. Let’s keep watching and see if we find any truth to this.

B. June 22 2018 12:58 pm EST Intel Alert: Operation Disclosure: GCR/RV Intel Alert for June 22, 2018 Operation Disclosure (Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation based on rumors/leaks from several sources which may or may not be truthful or accurate.)

1. A vast amount of funds required for the RV exchanges/redemptions have been deposited into accounts under the new quantum financial system.

2. Various Cabal attempts to steal the funds have been thwarted.

3. The deposited RV funds are now in the process of being cleared.

4. The exchange/redemption process was being prepared for optimal efficiency.

5. Private security hired by the Alliance to protect banks and redemption locations were briefed and were now ready to be deployed.

6. Back screen rates were reset and tested showing the new currency rates under the new quantum financial system.

7. Redemption centers will be located across the U.S. due to the high concentration of currency holders within the country.

8. Banks must be open in order for the rest of the world to exchange/redeem currency and historical bonds (ZIM).

9. The toll-free 800 numbers and/or instructional website will be released once the deposited funds have cleared.

C. June 22 2018 12:31 am EST The Big Call, Bruce notes by PinkRoses: The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by PinkRoses 6-21-18

Bruce: I have heard of a specific time frame that we are looking at right now. There is more tranches to come than just those (8) we received today, June 21. The fact that we got those eight in a timely fashion is very positive for us to get a release to get started.

D. June 21 2018 Update, Delta: DELTA UPDATE, 21 JUNE

1.The CBI has had been 100% compliant within the 2% range for 90 days.

2. Dr. Shabibi said in 2014 the dinar could go at $1.19, while the CBI needs over $3.+ 20%.

3. It looks like we are very, very close!! Banks were now linked with merchants through the POS (point of sale). Next is the release of the lower denominations.

4. They are 100% ready to pull the trigger. June looks very solid.

5. In Iraq, Dinar will be 1 to 1 with USA dollar.

E. June 22 2018 TNT: News, Rumors and Opinions Friday Morning 6-22-18

I look at whats happening around the world for clues on the RV – who is lending to who and for how much. There definitely is a reset in the making, it just all depends when the central bankers want to throw the switch. I’m still looking for the lower Denoms to be posted and shown.

F. June 22 2018 10:03 am EST, Lynette Zang, Anon: “Re: How the Financial Reset will Impact you” by (Anonymous) – 6.22.18 Lynette Zang: How the Financial Reset will Impact you

1. Everyday financial people are ill equipped to give any advice. None are oriented to NESARA law.

2. I know for a fact that a major block of lawyers attended formal classes on NESARA law. Lawyers have to resign from the bar or admiralty law.

3. President Trump is getting ready to rebalance the Supreme Court this summer. Hopefully judges that are voted in will be replaced and since no more bankruptcy or foreclosures, these courts and their Judges will cease to exist.

4. Remember 120 days to the new election (from July 4 when NESARA was expected to be announced).

G. June 22 2018 10:40 am EST, Pope Francis Avoids Arrest as Child Sacrifice is Cancelled, Byington: Pope Francis Avoids Arrest as Child Sacrifice is Cancelled


H. June 22 2018 12:15 pm EST: Ninth Circle Catholic Black Mass Halted in Geneva

I. June 22 2018 1:58 pm EST: Chilean Police Raids Catholic Church in Sex Abuse Scandal Starship Earth: The Big Picture

J. June 14 2018: Chilean Police Raid Offices Of Catholic Church In Sex Abuse Scandal

1.Police in Chile raided the offices of the Catholic church in two cities Wednesday, seizing documents related to a sex abuse scandal that has led to the resignation of three bishops and bruised the Vatican’s reputation in South America.

2. Police targeted the Santiago Ecclesiastical Court and the bishop’s office in Rancagua in the O’Higgins region in central Chile. 14 priests in the region are accused of performing sexual acts on minors, the Associated Press reported. Prosecutor Emiliano Arias led the raid in Santiago.

3. For years, Chilean Bishop Juan Barros was accused of not reporting a pedophile priest, his mentor Rev. Fernando Karadima. Catholic leaders including Pope Francis defended the bishop. As recently as January 2018, the Pope visited Chile and said there was “not a shred of evidence,” against Barros, NPR’s Sylvia Poggioli reported.

4. The Vatican sent its top sex crimes investigator to Chile to look into claims of abuse. Archbishop Charles Scicluna and Spanish Monsignor Jordi Bertomeu produced a 2,300-page report on allegations that bishops in Chile were silent as priests raped and molested children.

5. In April, the Pope acknowledged he had made “serious mistakes” in his handling of the sex abuse scandal in Chile and summoned the country’s bishops to Rome to discuss it, Sylvia reported.

K. June 22 2018 9:11 am EST FBI Coup Against Trump, Goudy (video): (Video) Congress Exposes FBI Coup Against Trump

L. June 22 2018 8:46 am EST, Hodges: Dave Hodges — 80 Percent of Illegal Children Entering the US Arrive without Parents

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