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Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Oct. 19, 2018

Compiled 19 Oct. 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret. CEO, Child Abuse Recovery, Author, “Twenty Two Faces,” Byington’s Before It’s News articles on a Satanic Cabal CIA & Vatican-sponsored international Pedophile Child Trafficking Ring: http://beforeitsnews.com/contributor/pages/243/590/stories.html

The below is a summary of information from the Internet. It would be up to the individual reader to do their own research and decide whether or not it is valid. Patience is a Virtue. Having Virtue is a sign of a good moral being. Good moral beings have the power to overcome evil and change the world.

Judy Note: Under ongoing sting operations the 800#s were expected to be released some time between Friday Oct. 19 (BOOM Surrender Day) and Mon. Oct. 22 (deadline for all RV funds to be transferred into the banks).

Sources reported that the Quantum Financial System, banking codes and security were authorized on Friday Oct. 12. In order to fund our exchanges on Sun. Oct. 14 the US Treasury was authorized to wire 250 Quadrillion dollars per hour to Tier 1 banks (Wells Fargo, Chase, Citibank, Bank of America). Tier 2 Banks started receiving the funds Mon. night Oct. 15. Three sources reported that the entire RV process officially started the next morning on Tues. Oct. 16. An unverified report stated that the USN was gold backed as of Wed. midnight Oct. 17, while Tier 3 Banks began receiving their large wire transfers of monies that same Wed. night Oct. 17. The banks would continue to receive these digital transfers of Quadrillion monies on the hour until Mon. Oct 22. The 22nd of October may be a significant date as an ultimate master Chinese number.

On Thurs. Oct. 11 a Stock Market Crash began. Each day since the market has opened at over 100 points down; this month the Dow and S&P 500 fell more than 4 percent each; the Nasdaq was down nearly 7 percent in October, while again the market opened and closed in the red on Thurs. Oct. 18. Public chaos was expected with the financial meltdown and mass arrests. It was planned to reduce the chaos via release of funds to currency holders, along with activation of the Emergency Broadcast System and temporary Martial Law.

Pedophile elites named in over 57,000 indictments may soon be served arrest warrants. Some time back Q (who hasn’t posted since Oct. 9) said that start of the mass arrests would be Oct. 19 BOOM Surrender Day, or perhaps wouldn’t happen until Nov. 3 or 4. More recently sources claimed that the mass arrests may wait until after midterm elections on Nov. 11. Other valid sources claimed that the mass arrests were already ongoing; there was a soon-expected implementation of GESARA Law; there would be no midterm elections and new elections under the Restored Republic would take place 120 days after the GESARA announcement.

A. Summary as of Early Morning Oct. 19 2018:

1. Intel Alert: As planned, the Stock Market was on course to implode, with timing unknown because of an in-progress purge operation on the Cabal. To minimize the impact of public chaos during the transition once the Stock Market imploded and the old fiat financial system was broken, a private worldwide redemption event (RV) would take place, Trump’s presidential alert system would be utilized, the QFS brought in and GESARA announced. The 22nd of Octobermay be a significant date as an ultimate master Chinese number.

2. Dan: The last sting operations were being fielded and the GCR/RV was likely to occur tonight Oct. 18, or tomorrow Oct. 19.

3. Bruce: On Tues. Oct. 16 Trump gave Iraq a 48 hour window to get things done. They met that deadline by Thurs. Oct. 18. Today Oct. 18 the new Rates went back up on the bank screens, and then went to flashing as they adjusted to the QFS system. Bruce was told this would be a morning daytime event. They may wait until all banks across the nation were open before releasing.

4. Tony: People in Washington DC stopped the transfer of RV monies on Monday Oct. 15 for reasons unknown. While one bank said that the RV had been put off, another said they were still expecting to exchange later this week. Iraq has done all it needed to do, claiming the Mon. delay was caused by the US. They still planned to complete their RV within Oct.

5. Philip Tilton: POTUS announced that the UST/N was gold backed as of midnight Oct. 17. I received word from the Elder and Signatory that the entire RV process started Oct. 16. In order for this to happen, the Quantum Financial System and major banking codes had to be fully implemented.

6. Artmeister: Friday Oct. 12 the release of codes w/in parameters was done; then authorization of security was done. A green light was given for Tues. Oct. 16 USA time.

7. Ron Giles: The Zim rates we received would not be published and would be personalized in order to accomplish our individual humanitarian projects.

8. Yosef: The RV would begin this week. Zimbabwe was finalizing preparations for in-taking bond notes, globally. A 1:1 conversion rate at face value was what HSBC would offer, guaranteed by 54 African counties via Afrexim Bank headquarters in Egypt. They would also offer structured investments ranging from 7-10% annually, depending on term length. Zimbabwe’s Central Bank would give a guarantee of 1:1 convertibility to the US Dollar.

9. QAnon: On Nov. 3-4 expect arrests, temporary Martial Law and activation of the Emergency Broadcast System. (These dates may be changed to after the elections on Nov. 11. They would include the unsealing of now over 57,000 indictments filed in federal courts across the nation this year, many of which involved prominent people including US government officials and Hollywood elites who were part of Clinton’s Satanic international Pedogate/ Pizzagate/ Comet Ping Pong/ Hollywoodgate Pedophile Child Trafficking Network said run by the Vatican, organized by George Soros, supported by Queen Elizabeth and funded by US taxpayers through a Black Budget of the CIA Mind Control Program).



10. Wikileaks Assange: “Hillary Clinton has committed High Treason and if not formally charged by Oct. 21 for mishandling sensitive material, we will release proof that she is guilty of high treason against the US for selling patented military secrets to Saudi Arabia, with crimes against Russia, Uzbekistan, Lithuania, Caledonia, and Brazil.”

11. Rumor Only:

Release of 800#s would include links to websites detailing instructions on the exchange.

The 800#s may only be available for 8 days.

After 800#s release you would have 10 days to make an appointment.

All appointments must be completed within 30 days of 800#s release.

Zim holders doing humanitarian projects would need an appointment within 8 days.

Zim rates would be personalized to accomplish specific humanitarian projects.

Zim holders would be invited to invest in approved humanitarian projects in Zimbabwe, with structured payouts of 7% to 10% (depending on your contract’s length of time) of tax free interest on your principal.

B. Oct. 18 2018 The Big Call, Bruce: Thebigcall.net: 712-770-4016 pin123456#

1. On Tues. Oct. 16 Trump gave Iraq a 48 hour window to get things done. They met that deadline by Thurs. Oct. 18.

2. A super rich person in Jordan was using his office in Iraq to funnel money to terrorists. They handled this by freezing accounts in order to meet the deadline and be RV ready.

3. Today Oct. 18 the new Rates went back up on the bank screens, and then went to flashing as they adjusted to the QFS system.

4. Bruce was told this would be a morning daytime event. They may wait until all banks across the nation were open before releasing.

5. You could negotiate your rates, although the screen rates were so good that you may not want to.

6. It was suggested that you do not tie a debit card to your mother lode account.

7. Have bank wire and cashier check information typed out.

8. Have letters on bank letterhead that states your funds were Free and Clear and of non criminal origin. Have Proof of Funds letters for real estate purchases.

9. Find out if the bank perks offered were taxable.

10. There was a ½% exchange fee that would be paid to the bank by the Chinese Elders.

11. You are going to be tracked to and from your appointment to assure a safe transaction.

C. Oct. 18 2018 3:29 pm EST Intel Alert: Operation Disclosure: GCR/RV Intel Alert for October 18. 2018 Operation Disclosure (Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation based on intelligence leaks received from several sources which may or may not accurate. Other confirmed sources may also be included in this overview.)

1. The stock market was on course to implode as planned. The timing of the stock market implosion was currently unknown as there was an on-going purge operation on the Cabal that currently was in progress. https://inteldinarchronicles.blogspot.com/2018/10/dow-drops-more-than-250-points-in.html

2. The 22nd of October may be a significant date. The number 22 was an ultimate master Chinese number.

3. Trump’s presidential alert system was ready to be used once the stock market imploded. Once the stock market imploded and the old fiat financial system was broken, the QFS would be brought in and GESARA announced to minimize the impact of public chaos during the transition.

4. During the transition phase, a private worldwide redemption event (RV) will take place. This redemption event will allow the opportunity for individuals holding exotic currencies to privately redeem for revalued rates under the QFS.

5. The redemption event will cause an influx of humanitarians essential to aiding humanity during the transition to implementation of the QFS and GESARA.

6. Zimbabwe will be the main benefactor of the redemption event and ultimately humanity as the country holds the raw assets required for the QFS to function for future generations.

7. The US Federal Reserve and Saudi Arabia were currently in the spotlight for purging and were beginning to feel the heat. Rumors suggested that there was also remaining Cabal influence in Russia that needed to be purged by the Putin administration.




D. Oct. 18 2018 12:46 am EST GCR/RV Highlights, Dan: Dan’s GCR/RV Highlights for October 17, 2018

1. Sources say that it was time to switch to the next phase of the GCR, which was the exchange itself. We expect funding this week, still.

2. The GCR/RV was likely to occur tonight Oct. 18, or tomorrow Oct. 19.

3. The last few series of sting operations were being fielded.

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Wednesday Evening 17 October 2018.pdf

E. Feb. 3 2018 Zim Intel Notes, Oootah Call: Oootah’s Call Zimbabwe Info/Intel Notes 2-3-18

1. Zimbabwe has the Earth’s largest gold and diamond mines and enormous deposits of rare earth elements, easily accessible minerals and massive precious metals deposits, largest lithium deposits on earth, plus plenty of water (not typical for most African nations) which creates an unusually fertile agriculture industry.

2. The ZIM currency has been out-of-print until just recently, and now they’ve resorted to printing sovereign bonds that act like currencies to gain trust once again with locals.

3. The IMF declared Zimbabwe free of Chapter 7 and literally debt free earlier last year!

4. Without telling anyone the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe sure printed ZIM Bonds back in 2008-2009 with unprecedented volume.

5. The 2008-2009 ZIM currency was secretly printed on special sovereign bond paper in Germany, using legal, lawful, genuine bond ink–at the same bond printing company that printed China’s sovereign bonds–and together, they colluded and engaged in a clandestine printing without the awareness of top white cabal European leaders.

6. This means that each of you were bearer bond holders with legitimate title to the land and assets of the Sovereign Nation of Zimbabwe. Look at the front of your bills and see what it says in the far left quadrant: the words “I promise to pay the bearer on demand.” That means it’s a bond, printed on sovereign bond paper, using certified bond ink and you’re the final bearer of said bond.

7. In the Middle Ages the Vatican attempted to seize the entire world–for God–through self-imposed laws and doctrines and the military arm of the Vatican (The Jesuits), has long attempted to infiltrate and overtake both the African and Asian continents to absorb their vast wealth.

8. Several hundred years ago the African and Chinese Royal Families hatched a plan to defeat the young white European invaders. It’s even rumored they set a clever economic trap using the in-ground raw assets of Africa as bait, allowing resource hungry European bankers to issue as much institutional debt as they could bear in order to default all the European banks at once.

9. The African and Chinese Royal Families knew the fractional reserve Central Banking network fiat money would one day collapse under its own deceptive weight, exposing the Roman, European and American Dark Nobility until it ultimately burned out from lack of financial oxygen–raw assets and which as of July 2017, it had.

10. Ancient African and Chinese Royal Families used Roman and European aggression to their advantage, and began slowly accumulating the world’s remaining raw assets while also depleting their cash and buying up their bogus government treasuries. When they needed some military muscle, they recruited the Russians. When they needed to ensure oil supply, they recruited the Persians – first Iran, then Iraq. Both were more than willing to team up with the BRICS Alliance.

11. With Russia agreeing to provide military cover it meant that the Romans and Europeans could be kept in check, and along as the Iranians (and later the Iraqis), could supply future oil reserves to fuel this alliance. Together they had a winning combination that could both stop and defeat the Great Satan (i.e. The Money Changers) – which was what we were seeing play out on a global stage daily.

12. All of this was planned long before the United States of America was even founded back in 1776 (which ironically the American Revolution was funded by the Chinese Royals, and why Americans pay tribute by shooting off Chinese fireworks every 4th of July). The world was a very old place, and America was a very young country.

13. The African/Asian/Russian/Persian Save the World Saga: it’s very important to understand this pre-forged alliance in respect to modern day events because all defaulted on historic sovereign assets (bonds, currencies, bank instruments, loans, trades, ETF’s, etc..) must now be reconciled by the new Global Monetary Authority–who’s raw assets were used as tangible collateral collectively known as the Global Collateral Accounts.

14. Zimbabwe did its part by appearing to be economically destitute when in truth they were fabulously wealthy, as was the plan per the Chinese, Russian and Persian Royal Families. Zimbabwe over printed their ZIM bond/currency knowing full well that one day all debts would be reconciled as part of a worldwide Golden Jubilee Year of Debt Foreignness.

15. Even the Vatican was made to release all corporate claims on its foreign assets / nations / populations, as per Pope Francis’s 2016 Debt Forgiveness Jubilee, including assets they acquired several centuries prior in Africa.

16. Where the European Banking Families faltered was that instead of folding for a few centuries, they doubled down and manufactured a terrorist false flag (9/11), which lead to war everywhere on the planet. This really pissed off the world community, which lead to the overt dismantling of their fractional reserve Central Banking system, as well as many of their private banks, which have all been drained down to the point of complete insolvency – see Deutsche Bank, Barclays, Royal Bank of Scotland.

17. This meant that not only has Zimbabwe’s national debt been covered in full, but the bond/currency you hold was being allowed to be redeemed at modern values based on Zimbabwe’s audited in-ground and above ground natural asset reserves.

18. The entire world can abundantly benefit, and you personally can enrich yourself, home, community, country and continent. You and some of your closest friends will all be depositing an incredibly high volume of these digital ZIM credits onto a Chinese global financial system right here in the new Republic of the United States this coming year, (2018), which not only resurrects our own Republic of the United States economy, but thrusts Africa into the most valuable continent status overnight!!!!!

19. Talk about win-win-win-win-win-win for Africa, China, Russia, Iran/Iraq, North America, and an insurmountable defeat for Rome and the Anglo-Saxon European Union. What an awesome strategy to ponder, let alone participate in and profit from.

F. Oct. 18 2018 12:46 am EST Fall of the Zionist House of Saud, Fulford: “Fall of the Zionist House of Saud” – Fulford Report – 10.15.18

1. The Rothschilds may have tried to overthrow Putin as a result of the dire situation facing their slave colony Israel. Here, Satan-worshiping Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is under attack on multiple fronts. His wife, Sara Netanyahu, began her criminal trial on charges of fraud on Sunday. Benyamin Netanyahu has been questioned by police twelve times related to various fraud investigations and is expected to be arrested soon, Mossad sources say. https://www.reuters.com/article/U.S.-israel-netanyahu-wife/wife-of-israeli-prime-minister-goes-on-trial-for-fraud-idUSKCN1MH0IJ?utm_source=reddit.com

2. “U.S. Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley resigned because of the corruption charges that she herself will be charged with for her part in Benjamin and Sara Netanyahu’s fraud cases,” CIA sources say. “It seems that she will be charged very soon with corruption for diverting $20 million of U.S. Aid funds that were earmarked for helping the Palestinian people. We both know that U.S. Aid is a CIA front organization,” they say.

3. This is how Pentagon sources summed up the situation: “The purge begins with Israeli stooge Nikki Haley being booted off the UN, whose departure is long overdue, while her preferred replacement globalist Goldmanite Dina Powell is rejected.”

4. The Russian troops using electronic warfare in Syria have also shut down all Israeli Air Force activities, as reported by the Mossad-linked site Debka. https://www.debka.com/no-israeli-air-strikes-during-past-month-iran-replenishes-destroyed-arms-stocks/

5. This may have something to do with the grounding of the entire U.S. fleet of F-35 fighters worldwide. https://www.militarytimes.com/news/your-military/2018/10/11/dod-announces-global-grounding-of-all-f-35s/

6. This may be also why the reported coup attempt was engineered against Russia in a last-ditch effort to save the Satanic government of Israel. However, this last-gasp attempt by the Zionist/Satanists to start World War 3 will not be allowed to succeed, Russian, U.S., and Chinese military sources all say.

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