Judy Byington

Restored Republic via a GCR as of April 16 2019

Compiled 16 April 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington

Below is a summary of information from the Internet. It would be up to the individual reader to do their own research and decide whether or not it is valid. A Special Thank You to Martha for her untiring research, to Dale who keeps me in line and Ken who uncovers almost unlimited intel on pedophilia to help us Save the Children.

Judy Note: Be prepared for major geopolitical events and a possible Stock Market implosion in tandem with the Global Currency Reset expected this week.

Sat. night April 13 there was a problem with the RV having to do with Germany – the resolution of which was said to put everything off for two days.

As of early Tues. am April 16 notification for appointments could come at any moment in a shotgun approach. Keep your phones and computers on, charged and glued to your email, texts (for Zim holders) and websites that said they would advertise the 800#s.


A. April 15 2019 Coffee with MarkZ Mon. Morning: “Coffee with MarkZ” Monday Morning Q&A for 4-15-19



MarkZ Disclaimer: Please consider everything on this call as my opinion. People who take notes do not catch everything and its best to watch the video so that you get everything in context. Be sure to consult a professional for any financial decisions

1. We were told that very late Sat. night April 13 that there were hiccups out of Germany. As of this am Mon. April 15 we went back to an any minute scenario. I hope to have more news late this afternoon.

2. nflemingjr: The same as Mark. I don’t know what happened in Germany as of yet. The last thing that I heard on Sun. April 14 was they were ready to enter the release code

3. Keep in mind that the Obama administration and the Bush administration fought this thing tooth and nail. They did not want it in any way.

4. Banks and my contacts are still saying that the RV would be this week. I do not think we have to wait for the weekend.

5. Dinar Street Rate: $4.50. Dong $2.25.

6. In Reno the SKR’s were positioned for the shotgun start.

7. nflemingjr: Nothing has changed on the SKRs. The funds are there, but the codes have not been entered for release.

8. I was told that the rates could be locked in for 10 days, so there was about 7 days left. I’m looking for movement damn quick.

9. nflemingjr: The locked in rates were not on the screens yet, but as soon as the release codes were entered the rate would show up.

10. The Paymasters are a fiduciary responsible for the pay outs at the completion of a transaction. They are specially certified.

11. I absolutely think we are past the point of no return and that we will have an implosion if they don’t get it out the door. The question is – will they get it out before the big “crash?”

12. Member Update Reno Connection: I just got independent confirmation that the attorney has been called in by the buyer in Reno!!! It is happening! Just received the info from my lawyer friend in NYC connected to US Treasury. There have been quite a number of very positive developments in the last day toward final closure on the much discussed “RV”:

a. All 122 paymaster accounts have been fully prepared and made liquid.

b. The major attorney for 47 of the world’s largest ZWD (Zim) redeemers is heading out to Reno today to sign off on his contracts and opening the door for completion of all the remaining SKR’d accounts to be paid out in liquid new dollars.

c. All fines and penalties packages, like CMKX packages and Prosperity Packages arranged 30 years ago will all be ready for distribution by 6pm EST.

d. There is qualified rumor that release of liquidity to SKR’d accounts like Tiers 1, 2, 3 and 4-A will begin tonight or tomorrow!

e. With all these things done, it is most likely that toll-free numbers will come out to set appointments for redemption/exchange and complete this chapter with universal liquidity by early Monday morning, if not before!

13. “Zimbabwe bond notes are no longer legal tender and must now be redeemed and disposed of as per international law” means you are getting ready to redeem your notes. They need them redeemed, destroyed and off the street. They need to get on with their asset backed currency. I take this as a very good sign.

14. Still hearing it will happen at any time, but anything is possible. We hear that all will roll out at the same time.

15. My guess is that we will see the 800 numbers by Tues. April 16.

16. I think a week after this has gone the Gold (asset) Standard will be announced.

B. April 15 2019 TNT Call

1. We received notice from the banks that they were ready to move.

2. The funds should be at the banks Mon. April 15, with exchanges by Tues. April 16.

3. Tony received a Zim rate of $.33.

4. The banks were saying they were going to redeem Zim, while Tony’s committee member said that there was no way the banks were going to redeem Zim.


C. Dave Hodges Common Sense Show interviews Paul Martin on possible invasion of the US: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZcH1WRBlUTQ&feature=youtu.be

1. There was a recent meeting in Chicago with leaders of countries south of the US Border where they discussed tactics, weapons and an invasion of the US.

2. Other meetings have been held in Chicago, Texas and California with a group infiltrated by MS13 and ISIS.

3. There is a massive stockpiling of weapons in Cuba.

4. Illegal aliens are invading the US with exotic diseases.

5. An EMP attack is possible. All software in the Grid is Chinese.

6. They are building Detention Centers near major cities in Texas – Houston, Fort Worth, Dallas.

E. The Global Currency Reset Past, Present, Future:

Sun. March 24: The Mueller Report exonerated President Trump and officially turned on the RV process at the new US Treasury offices in Reno, Atlanta and Chicago, where personnel were told to keep it quiet.

Mon. March 25: European sources indicated that the RV had been released, Paymasters hydrated, the military activated, Fines and Penalties handled, some SKRs made liquid. In 27 states a limited number of exchanges at low teaser rates done on the Dinar and Dong.

Fri. March 29: At this end of the banking business quarter the banks of 209 countries participating in the Global Currency Reset were made Basel IV compliant, Gold became a world currency and Central Banks recognized gold holdings as cash reserves. The new USTN became tradable Fri. night March 29.

Sat. March 30 at 6 pm EST: The City of London Bank was eliminated per British Law – Brexit, Russia and China came online with their Quantum Financial System alternative to the SWIFT System that worked with the CIPS system.

Mon. April 1: Banks across the globe participating in the Global Currency Reset were declared Basil 3 or Basil 4 compliant, were now sovereign and owned by the countries they represented. The Central Banks of the Cabal system that since the 1800s had been under control of the privately owned US Inc, City of London and Vatican Bank, made the transition to a gold/asset-backed Quantum Financial System under control of the different sovereign countries. Iraq announced in mosques that they were International and open for business. SKRS could now be made liquid, exchange/ redemption accounts fully accessible, structured payouts would begin earning interest and a new US Taxpayer plan was in the works.

Mon. April 1 at 7:35 pm EST international banking wires were halted for transactions and then reopened Tues. April 2 at 7:35 pm EST. Also on Mon. April 1 at 9:30 pm EST Fedwire® Funds Services were closed for transactions and then reopened Tues. April 2 at 11:30 pm EST. The Cabal system was defunct as the Quantum Financial System (QFS) took over. The QFS started up in full mode in Hong Kong and some in the US began receiving RV packages.

Thurs. April 4: Funds were released April 4 at 3 pm Hong Kong time for payment of ongoing operations at the global level of coins and Dinars according to sources of Asian Royalty. The new Dinar was international and became tradable on April 4 at 9 pm EST.

Fri. April 5 at 9 am funds were in Master Paymaster accounts.

Sat. April 6: On Sat. April 6 a bill was made public that replaced the IRS/Federal Reserve system, imposing a national sales tax at a rate of 23% on the use or consumption of taxable property (not food or medicine) in lieu of the current income taxes, payroll taxes, estate and gift taxes. https://www.congress.gov/bill/116th-congress/house-bill/25/

Tues. April 9: The SKR’s processed in Reno late Mon. April 8 into Tues. April 9. Late night Tues. April 9 banks were being connected to the 800 number reservation system.

Thurs. April 11: The ten year legal tender term limit for Zimbabwe’s bond notes (2008 and 2009 trillion series) was reached April 11, 2019. All Zimbabwe 2008/2009 bond notes must be redeemed and destroyed as per international law.

Fri. night Midnight April 12: 2008-09 Zimbabwe bank notes were officially gold-backed Historic Bond Notes and had to be redeemed immediately, our funding was in place, the new currency rates were locked into bank screens, the Brexit Exit and as by international law the BIS having recognized gold as money, the deadline for gold backed digital credits, including the US dollar, to come on line in Central Banks.

Sat. April 13: CMKX and Prosperity Packages were being delivered and the banks were pinging each other (a sign they were about to begin exchanges).

Mon. April 15: The new Zimbabwe Central Bank rate, or sovereign rate, took effect as Zimbabwe Bank Notes had turned into official gold-backed Historic Bond Notes and had to be redeemed immediately. The funding for the GCR was in place and the new currency rates were locked into bank screens. By this April 15 the count was expected to reach 90,000 sealed indictments filed against global elites in federal courts across the nation.

At Any Time: Zim redemption and currency exchanges were expected to begin in a shotgun approach – everything at once.

Thurs. August 1: GESARA expected to be implemented, Cabal contained and a formal announcement of the Gold/asset-backed standard.


Courtesy of Dinar Chronicles