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Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of May 16 2019

Compiled 16 May 12:01 am by Judy Byington

Below is a summary of information from the Internet. It would be up to the individual reader to do their own research and decide whether or not it is valid.

Judy Note: Paymasters were expecting payment Wed. May 15 and Tier 4B Internet Group (us) should receive notification for appointments Thurs. morning May 16.

Websites that would publish the 800#s:





A. May 15 2019 Coffee with Mark Z Wed. Morning:




1. After many conversations with my sources – paymasters, group leaders, those waiting for package delivery, 4A group attorneys, etc. I will be salty and cranky if I don’t see huge movement tomorrow Thurs. May 16.

2. Dinarrecaps.com would be publishing 800#s.

3. My connections with Tier 4A group today including group attorneys say today Wed. May 15 around 2-3 pm Tier 4A groups would be processed with payouts into accounts tomorrow Thurs. May 16.

4. Iraq was on high alert, along with the US.

5. My contact in Switzerland says he has an appointment for bond redemption tomorrow Thurs. May 16 morning.

6. The 800#s release would be Thurs. morning May 16.

7. Money would be in accounts tomorrow Thurs. May 16.

8. HSBC meetings yesterday Tues. May 14 went well.

9. Some paymasters have been paid. They held SKRs and would not be liquid until we were paid.

10. Paymasters that MarkZ knows personally have been told today Wed. May 15 was release day with money in accounts tomorrow Thurs. May 16. Paymasters also said that 800#s release would be tomorrow Thurs. May 16.

B. May 15 2019 12:46 am EST Intel Alert: Operation Disclosure: GCR/RV Intel Alert for May 15, 2019 https://inteldinarchronicles.blogspot.com/2019/05/operation-disclosure-gcrrv-intel-alert_15.html

(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation of the world based on intelligence received from several sources which may or may not be accurate or truthful.)

1. The US-China Trade War was being manufactured by the Alliance as part of a plan that was set in motion after the crash of 2008.

2. The purpose of the US-China Trade War was to expose the flaws of the fiat financial system and recognize the importance of gold in the global economy.

3. The US-China Trade War would conclude with implementation of a new Quantum Financial System (QFS) in a sudden flip of the global financial economy.

4. The QFS would require all nations to have a gold-standard currency.

5. President Trump – part of the Alliance’s plans before his presidency began – was well aware of this and taking the necessary measures. https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-05-13/judy-shelton-trumps-next-fed-choice-favors-gold-standard-and-free-trade

6. H.R.5404 bill – introduced back in 2017-2018 – was expected to be passed sometime after two vacancies in the Federal Reserve Board of Governors were filled.


7. The value of currencies would be reset based on each nation’s total holdings of gold.

8. With millions of tonnes of unexploited gold that lay dormant in Zimbabwe, the Zimbabwe Dollar would become the most valuable currency in the world once the QFS was implemented.

9. According to sources, special algorithms were being run on a daily basis to predict the optimal timing for the redemption of basket currencies, or RV – that would be either before or after implementation of the QFS.

10. Some sources believed the RV could begin via private appointments before the official implementation as the QFS was already active in the background.

11. Whatever the case, the world remained on the verge of major change.


C. May 15 2019 TNT Call

1.We were still on track for the RV to happen between now and Thurs. May 16.

2. New codes were received by the banks yesterday Tues. May 14.

3. The banks have been assigning individual codes to people in order to process their exchanges.

4. Yesterday Tues. May 14 the banks were phoning people telling them to get ready.

E. GCR/RV/Restored Republic Calendar:

The Stock Market’s Black Monday May 13 was triggered by the US-China Trade War and designed so that U.S. Treasury holdings would be dumped, thereby bankrupting the U.S. Corporation and eliminating the Central Banking system.

Also in the works was a removal of Cabal Deep State elements in the 209 nations participating in the GCR – including serving of over 90,000 sealed US federal indictments against political and global elites.

Any day the Comey Report and declassification (DECLAS) of FISA court abuse and misconduct were due out, both naming the FBI, CIA, Department of Justice, Democratic Party and other political elites and Deep State players in illegal and unconstitutional activities – any or all of which could prompt a need for Martial Law.

Early June: the IG Horowitz Report would be made public, implicating among other political elites, Obama and Clinton in treasonous acts.

Aug 1: New Income Tax Code announcement – no personal income tax and in it’s place, a value-added tax (VAT), or 23% tax on new items only (no tax on used items, food or medicine), with special exceptions for the poor.

The flat tax code was said to be effective on Jan. 1 2020, although the attached link mentions Jan. 1 2021: https://www.congress.gov/bill/116th-congress/house-bill/25/text?q=%7B%22search%22%3A%5B%22H.R.+25%22%5D%7D&r=1&s=3

Oct. 1: General Milley would assume the position of chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and Martial Law would be declared if the Deep State and their Democratic Party did not conform to Constitutional Law by Oct. 1.

F. Exchanging/Redeeming: It was my understanding – and I could be wrong – that:

Exchanges and redemption appointments could be set within two hours of notification.

A redemption or exchange center would be within 45 miles of your home.

As the internet Tier 4B Group we would have access to negotiated rates for nine days before the general public would start around May 24, or May 25.

You have to ask for a negotiated rate as they would not automatically give it to you.

All Zim needed to be redeemed immediately – within 5 days for international humanitarian projects and within nine days for others.

If there were problems with the time frame for redemption you would have 30 days to redeem as long as the appointment was made within the first 5 days.

If you held Zim summarize your humanitarian project in one or two pages and make several copies to hand out at your appointment.

At your appointment a Skeleton Trust Account would be set up. You would have several weeks to set up permanent trust accounts for your monies.

Have written copies of the names and addresses of your trustees and beneficiaries.

If at all possible bring to your appointment your Social Security card, Birth Certificate, something that has your address on it such as a recent utility bill and one or two picture IDs: Drivers License, Passport, Sam’s Club, Costco Card, Military ID, Student Id, etc.

Zim Redemption and Humanitarian Projects:

Any Zim Bond denomination in series 2008 AA or AB would be eligible for redemption.

If you did not have a specific humanitarian project they would give you a pre-determined rate on your Zim redemption.

If you had Zim you would need to have a figure in mind of how much you needed for your humanitarian work and how long you wanted your project to last.

All Zim would be placed on a structured payout with your choice of the number of years in that long term payout.

Your structured payout could be paid out on a yearly or quarterly basis.

Your structured payout would give you earned interest on monies left at the bank during the payout period, which could be from 2% to 7% and dependent on how much monies you had and the length of your structured payout.

If you were placed on a quarterly payout, know the amount of monies you want to have immediate access to personally and for your humanitarian project for the first 90 days before you receive your monies.

Zim holders would be given the opportunity to invest in approved Zimbabwe humanitarian projects that would give 7% tax free interest on the monies invested during a specific period. After the contract ended you would be reimbursed your monies so you could reinvest it in other humanitarian projects.

Zim holders should consider redeeming with HSBC as Tier 1 and Tier 2 banks may out of necessity, give out lower rates.

If you had 500 Trillion Zim notes or more and because of the amount of monies involved, you would be limited as to what rate you would be able to negotiate.

If you had Zim and because of the large amount of monies you had, you would need to take the front screen rate on any currency you exchanged.

The Non Disclosure Agreement:

If you did not have Zim and took the currency front screen rate at your exchange, you would not need to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA).

If you negotiated your currency rate, or redeemed Zim, the NDA that you and anyone you take to your appointment would need to sign was said to be two pages and easy to understand.

All banks including HSBC, had the same NDA.

The NDA was designed to keep you quiet about the negotiated rates you received on your currency exchange, the Zim rate you received on your redemption and/or the interest rate you earned on your Zim long term payout.

The NDA would be binding for only 90 days, though if you broke your NDA agreement during those 90 days all of your funds in all of your bank accounts would be frozen and you would likely lose your monies.

Courtesy of Dinar Chronicles