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Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Dec. 7, 2019

Compiled 7 Dec. 2019 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington

The below was a summary of information from the Internet. It would be up to the individual reader to do their own research and decide whether or not it was valid.

Divide They Try, Fail They Will, for WWG1WGA to Support POTUS, Follow Q & Trust Plan

WARNING There were continuous reports of some who were promising to give people sovereign rates and/or to be part of a humanitarian project if they put their currency or bond monies into an Irrevocable Trust, give them numbers off their currency or bonds, allow them to exchange for them and/or not call the 800#s but instead, put personal information onto a certain website.

There was no reason to be in such a group whose goal was to control your redemption monies. These were signs you were dealing with a scam artist. In the recent past some so-called group leaders have been arrested for doing the same thing.

By calling the 800#s and obtaining your own appointment anyone could get the sovereign rates just by asking for them and anyone could redeem bonds without having a humanitarian project.

Judy Note: As intel was pretty much non-existent please do not expect another report until the 800#s came out, or if they didn’t, until Mon. 9 Dec.

While no one knew the exact release date, some felt 800#s were coming out Fri. evening 6 Dec., others upon Iraqi Gazzette publishing of the new Dinar rates on Sat. morning 7 Dec. EST, while still more felt it would happen with release of the FISA Report on Mon. 9 Dec.

Within the next few days before Christmas and according to Trump, the FISA, Huber and World Court Reports would expose Cabal pedophile political elites for their Crimes Against Humanity, Treason and Sedition.

MarkZ: A number of different Paymasters claimed the reset was coming late Fri. 6 Dec. Iraq claimed that the new Dinar Rate would be published in their Gazette on Sat. 7 Dec.

Bruce: The 27 event triggers needed for the GCR to be released have been completed – with the sole exception of 800#s release. On Thurs. 5 Dec. Tier 3 SKRs were in the process of being paid out and new rates for the Tier 4 Internet Group were solid on bank screens.

Field McConnell: The Day of Awakening would be here this week. The information bomb (FISA Report) was scheduled to explode Dec. 9, though could come out at any moment. By Dec. 11 there would be a lot of prominent people facing pedophilia and treason charges.

Evidently upon RV release, the Quantum Computer was programmed to automatically send out emails to currency/bond buyers worldwide that contained 800#s and instructions on how to exchange and redeem. When that happened Redemption Centers would be working 24/7 for about two weeks.

After that the higher contract rates would no longer be available, though foreign currencies could be exchanged at banks at international rates appearing on the Forex at the time of transaction. Because Zim Bonds were backing the GCR, there was a push to redeem them within a few days of RV release.

A Global Currency Reset was badly needed as the US economy was set to collapse without an immediate return to gold/asset-backed currency. Since 2011 several countries have been repatriating their gold and ditching the fiat US Dollar.

According to Simon Black, “Over the last 12 months, gold has handily outperformed everything from the US S&P 500 index, to stock markets in China, Europe and Canada, plus bonds, real estate and even major commodities like oil. Gold has even outpaced the stock prices of many of the world’s most popular tech investments like Netflix, Tesla and Amazon.”

With release of the FISA Report on Mon. 9 Dec. and Congressional Hearings held on it Wed. 11 Dec., an information bombshell would explode on several political elites facing Pedophilia and Treason Charges. Over 144,000 sealed indictments against political elites and their minions had been filed in federal courts across the nation since Trump took office – the majority of which contained charges of Pedophilia – that for centuries had been used to blackmail those in power to do the Cabal’s bidding.

The Trump Train had announced that this calm we have been living in before a very well planned storm, was over. They were ready to fight for Traitors’ Justice.

On Fri. 22 Nov. President Trump was on Fox and Friends saying, “In the next few weeks we would see release of the IG FISA Report, John Huber’s Report and from the World Court, the names of those found guilty of committing Crimes Against Humanity, Treason and Sedition.”

A Must Watch – A Traitor’s Justice Episode 10 Conclusion: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gz7uerZ9nNM&feature=youtu.be

Dec. 1 2019 U.S Army Tweet: The Calm Before the Storm – The Calm is Over #ReadytoFight: https://twitter.com/USArmy/status/1201366645765218305


A. Fri. Dec. 6 2019 Morning Chat with MarkZ: https://www.twitch.tv/theoriginalmarkz

1. A number of different Paymasters claimed the reset was coming late today Fri. 6 Dec.

2. Two contacts in Iraq claimed that the new Dinar Rate would be published in tomorrow’s Gazette Sat. 7 Dec.

3. A number of paymasters who were frustrated and left Zurich, Hong Kong and Reno were called to come back in. They started arriving back late Wed. Night – early Thurs. 5 Dec. Some Paymasters in Zurich went home last night Thurs. 5 Dec., while two decided to stay.

4. Redemption Centers were on call for the weekend, though personnel didn’t know if they would be called in.

5. Some Zim holders were told that they would be paid today Fri. 6 Dec.

6. Deutsche Bank imploding was a barometer reading that the system has to have a reset.

7. Mike Cottrell:

Mass Arrests and the GCR would have to go at the same time so the criminals couldn’t cash in.

This thing was ready to drop. You needed to do your own due diligence in investigating the background of who was holding your money so it wouldn’t go down the toilet. Fraudsters would never go away.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Interpol and the Chinese families didn’t release a lot of this information until after the reset.

The Quantum Financial System has been running since 2013. They tried to implement this system in 2008, 2009, 10, 11 and 12 but the banks kept their old computers online and would not establish the new gold-backed dollar system so they had to strip out all those computers in the banks and that took a couple of years. I think that the QFS was running now but wouldn’t be in complete control until they completely changed to the new gold/asset backed system.

President Trump has signed off on the reset and turned it over to the military and Chinese Elders.

Announcement of NESARA has to be broadcast from Washington DC.

After the reset the rollover for the transition would take 30 days or less, while NESARA protocols required 180 days for debt forgiveness to take effect. They have been working on it for over two years.

It was advised to keep your debts current and pay them off after everything was settled with NESARA.

The IRS has already gone away and was taken over by the new US Treasury in Reno.

On investing your monies: Obtain a Resume of the person and institution where you send your monies, know their advisory services, what their fees are, what they are going to make off your monies, whether they have background in humanitarian funds and have a registration for an investment advisor.


B. Dec. 3 2019 21:49:36 Q Post: https://qntmpkts.keybase.pub/

Q on a Donald J. Trump Re-tweet – the Trump Train: “Now that Russia Collusion is a proven lie, when do the trials for Treason begin? (A picture depicts prominent political elites behind bars including Obama, Clintons, Holder and Podesta).” “It’s Going to be Biblical,” Law Abiding Citizen: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YJnQnD9EXnw


C. Dec. 5 2019 8:13 pm EDT Impeached for Doing His Job, Anna Von Reitz: Impeached for Doing his Job — Anna Von Reitz

Every “US Citizen,” regardless of political party, should be offended by the abuse that President Trump was taking. Biden and his son received more than a billion – billion with a “b” – in payola skimmed off the governments of Ukraine and China.

They were felons, international criminals, influence peddlers, racketeers and extortionists – men who sought and received payola Big Time. They should be in jail, not on the campaign trail.


D. Dec. 4 2019 Countries Repatriating Gold, Ditching Dollar, Atlantis Report: The Atlantis Report: More Countries Repatriating Gold and Ditching the Dollar

1. Hungary’s Gold Repatriation adds to growing protest against US Dollar hegemony. Hungarian National Bank is set to repatriate 100,000 ounces gold from England.

2. In recent years we have seen the likes of Germany, Austria, Belgium, Venezuela, and the Netherlands each repatriate their gold from various locations. Venezuela decided to repatriate its 180 tonnes of gold in 2011. Over the past few months, 100 tons, or some 8,000 gold bars, were secretly transported from the Bank of England’s vaults in London to Poland. Slovakia considers repatriating gold from the UK, later joined by Serbia.

3. Countries across the globe are trying to shake off their dependence on the dollar by buying up the yellow metal. It’s a plot to disintegrate the US dollar.

Courtesy pf Dinar Chronicles