Judy Byington

Special Restored Republic via a GCR Report as of March 25, 2020

Compiled by Judy Byington

Judy Note: According to Fleming on Wed. March 25 at 1:43 pm EDT: My Military Intel contact said that the RV was being released right now under an Executive Order signed by President Trump. The Pelosi and House foot dragging was not going to work. The Senate vote was what counted for a cover story for redemptions. He said to watch for notifications after the Senate vote today Wed. March 25.

Late last night Tues. 24 March our military Intel contact said that agreement has been reached on the Senate Stimulus Bill at 2 am EDT. CDC inspectors would finish inspecting Redemption Centers and Banks on Wed. 25 March. It was expected that they would be ready to start us (the Internet Group) some time Wed. 25 March.

Today Wed. 25 March three Republican senators were warning that they would oppose the major Corona Virus Response Package unless a “massive drafting error” in the legislation, that they say would create an incentive for employers to lay off employees, was fixed.

The Sovereign groups were paid Tues. 24 March.

A deadline of Tues. 31 March has been set by the World Court to finish the RV.

President Trump called for a re-opening of the economy by Easter Weekend 10 April – which not by coincidence, was just after the Tier4b (Internet) Group finished redemption (Tues. 31 March), plus the General Public had begun exchanging at the new Forex Rates (Wed. 1 April).

Q’s Ten Days of Darkness might occur 1 April when the public was expected to begin exchanging at the new international rates (upon announcement of the Gold Treaty?) and extend to 10 April (Easter Weekend). No one knew what that Ten Days of Darkness meant, except perhaps that Mass Arrests in the US would take place during that time.

All procedures for the Global Currency Reset have begun.

The new currency rates have been locked into bank screens.

Over last weekend the Stock Market upgraded to Quantum Financial System digital trading and now there was no way to cheat on buy and sell orders.

Over last weekend Banks and their branches converted over to the new Gold Standard system.

It was rumored that the US Government had taken over and was now running the previously privately owned Federal Reserve.

The privately owned IRS has also been taken over by the US Government and was now located at the new US Treasury on an Indian Reservation near Reno Nevada.

President Trump has signed off on NESARA and it was expected to begin at the same time as the Global Currency Reset.

Q: indicated that there would be Ten Days of Darkness needed for a cultural, economic and political reset to take place within the country and globe. That darkness was believed to have begun on Sun. 22 March when all procedures for the Global Currency Reset had started, and would extend to Wed. 1 April when the general public could begin exchanging at the new international currency rates. What that Ten Days of Darkness entailed was anyone’s guess.

Bruce: The Sovereign Groups were to be paid out Tues. 24 March. The Center for Disease Control put out 25,000+ to do final inspections Wed. morning 25 March. There was a possibility of going tomorrow Wed. 25 March, but more of a possibility of getting notified and setting appointments for Thurs. 26 March.

Fleming: Our military Intel contact just confirmed the Reno guy’s Intel that the banks and their branches have been converted over to the new gold standard system over the weekend, and all was ready to go. He also confirmed Okie’s Intel that “landing permission” start of our T4B redemption start was now Wed 25 March. Some of the delay was Senate and House Democrats blocking the $2 trillion stimulus package, which was tied in some way to the release. Trump said he would use an Executive Order signed behind the scenes under the Stafford Act to push things through. They wanted at least 8-10 days of 800#s out for exchange-redemption appointments by the end of the month Tues. 31 March for needed liquidity in the economy and markets. The World Court and Interpol were exerting the Chinese lawsuit ruling pressure for sooner than later.

Snake Update 23 March: https://dinaresgurus.blogspot.com/2020/03/snake-update-23-march.html The news I received today from my banker was that everything has started as far as the procedures were concerned, the banking holiday was being used to connect all banks worldwide to the QFS system and the possibility existed that we may receive the elusive 800 numbers tomorrow Tues. 24 March with that Tuesday being the earliest we could go and exchange. Again everything was fluid.

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