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Special Restored Republic via a GCR as of April 13, 2020’

Compiled by Judy Byington

Judy Note: April 13 2020 12:27 am EDT Fleming Report: Our Military Intel Contact said that “It’s coming right now.” There was no need to say it may not come. Those who talked like that were not paying attention to the fact that this has been a war with the Deep State.

They needed to stop complaining and realize that in the past weeks child victims have been rescued and Marines have DIED in order to WIN this war so the RV could be released.

 He said to read past Intel he has sent. As expected, the Global Collateral Accounts started moving as of 9 pm EDT last night Sun 12 April.

Yesterday Sun. 12 April the Departments of Defense and Justice Green-lighted the RV/GCR after the St. Germaine Trust and other Global Collateral Accounts were released.

Paymasters of about 356 groups have been told to return to their positions. There might be a 48 hour hold from Mon. to Wed. before the Tier 4b Internet Group would receive notification to set appointments.

The banks were ready to send out 508,000+ notification emails any time between Mon. to Wed. and no later than Fri. 17 April.

Tier 4b release would be at the same time as the $2 trillion Stimulus Bill checks and direct deposit payments were released – believed to be part of activation of NESARA/ GESARA.

 Canadians reported to be in their second month of Stimulus checks. On Sun. 12 April US citizens from different areas of the country began reporting receiving their Stimulus money by direct deposit, some pending in the bank to be liquid on Wed. 15 April.

On Sat. 11 April President Trump made the first time ever Disaster Declaration for all 50 states – which was actually a legal staging for the RV/GCR funds release this week. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/coronavirus-trump-has-declared-major-disaster-in-all-50-states-at-once-first-time-in-history/ar-BB12uxQO?ocid=spartanntp

By Sunday 12 April at 2:14 pm EDT the Departments of Defense and Justice set the RV/GCR free by green-lighting the US Treasury for rollout this week according to Fleming’s Military Intel Contact. The St Germaine Trust funds and other global collateral accounts were released for activation on Mon. 13 April.

Mon.-Tues. 13-14 April and no later than Wed. 15 April: The Hong Kong Monetary Authority in collaboration with 27 top Chinese Elders, President Trump, the US Treasury and Alliance would move funds from the Global Collateral Accounts. The US Treasury was expected to make a formal declaration of value day based on RV rates for final payouts to start Tier 4b redemptions.

Tues. 14 April: Prosperity Package deliveries CMKX, Farm Claims, adjudicated accounts, PPs, etc (the intermediates) were expected to move forward.

There would be audits and a release algorithm to finalize everything. They were expecting Super Petchili bonds, historic bonds to begin paying out Tues. 14 April onward, the same timing as PP deliveries were expected to go

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