Judy Byington Restored Republic via a GCR 12 May

  In Judy Byington 

Restored Republic via a GCR as of May 12, 2022


  • Worldwide Cyber Attack Imminent.
  • Global Stock Market Crash expected on Black Friday 13 May 2022.
  • The Trigger has been Pulled on the Global Currency Reset, Codes Entered, Some paid out. We Are a Gooooooooooooo!!!
  • According to Nick Fleming on Wed. morning 11 May 2022:
  • Sun. evening 8 May the Launch Schedule for Tier 4 began in earnest after all 209 Central Banks were pinged including every Tier 1, 2, and Tier 3 Federally licensed bank.
  • The ping was accepted and returned, except for a few Tier 1 holdouts, who could now expect a visit that ensured the ping was answered with codes entered manually, and arrests to follow.
  • Sometime on Tues. 10 May the Chinese Yuan was established as the Gold Standard for world currencies, while the fiat US Dollar de-pegged as the basis for international trade.
  • The Department of Defense has mandated that allBanks across the globe fully integrate the Security Codes by Thurs. morning 12 May.
  • At that time all Reno subgroups were expected to have 100% access to new ISO 20022 USN accounts for immediate payout, while the Wells Fargo Group (formerly General 64) invitations, along with Abbott Downing private invitations, would start, along with Tier4B notification and appointment scheduling at 7,000 Redemption Centers.
  • On either Wed. 11 May, or Thurs. 12 May Midnight Central Daylight Time China planned to announce it’s gold holdings.

Wed. 11 May Fleming: The LAUNCH SCHEDULE has Begun

  • The launch schedule for Tier 4 began in earnest after all 209 Central Banks pinged back late Sunday Night.
  • This ping echoed through the System including every Tier 1, 2, and Tier 3 banks, through the Fed-licensed banks. The ping was accepted and returned except for Tier 1 holdouts. These recalcitrant holdouts can expect a visit that ensures the ping is answered, with codes entered manually and arrests to follow.
  • The lead Redemption Bank, Wells Fargo, is complying as required to provide the Republic of the United States accessibility to new, ISO 20022 USN funds.
  • Benchmarks to expect include press releases throughout China announcing:
  • 1) Its new ISO 20022 asset-backed digital RMB.
  • 2) China’s Total Gold Holdings, establishing China as one of the wealthiest nation states in the world.
  • 3) China’s participation in the IMF’s basket of currencies, supporting the world’s SDR digital currencies.
  • 4) The end of the domination of the USD and the new SDR, supporting global fair trade. The global de-peg of the US Dollar and the establishment of China’s YUAN as the leading currency of the world.
  • The world expects China to announce its gold holdings in Beijing, Midday, tomorrow (Thurs. 12 May) midnight Central Daylight Time.
  • This is established formally as the “Gold Standard” under the “UN Paris Agreement.”  China is fully compliant with the Paris Agreement.
  • The United States is not, although Biden Administration has capitulated, versus Trump’s withdrawal. The principal reason being our Constitution. The Right to Keep and Bear Arms, being another one. The Paris Agreement requires that participating member nation states be peaceful. Any nation with nationals holding weapons is considered a breach. Could this be ratified simultaneously? Perhaps the DoD will comment?
  • Final disclosure protocols, final release of the Global Currency Reset, along with Tier 4 notifications will demonstrate that there is a redefinition and a ratification of the Paris Agreement, in keeping with the Republic of the United States, according to the 1776 Constitution.
  • By tomorrow morning Thurs. 12 May, following the steps underway, all Reno subgroups are expected to have 100% access to new ISO 20022 USN accounts for immediate payout. This includes the 10,000’s of down-line recipients in “Admiral Groups,” where 10,000’s will be paid in due course.
  • Thurs. 12 May the Wells Fargo Group, (formerly General 64) invitations will start along with Abbott Downing private invitations.
  • Thurs. 12 May Wells Fargo will inform that they are waiting and prepared to start appointments and invitations for 7,000 Redemption Centers, with their Privately Negotiated Exchanges (PNE).
  • The Privately Negotiated Exchange negotiations will be predicated on projects and project participation, supporting the Global Redevelopment Initiative.
  • Zim rates are as high as expected. Zim holders can expect to support global project initiatives.
  • The bottom line here, and the benchmark of all benchmarks is that the DOD has mandated that all of the recalcitrant-holdout bank’s Security Codes will be completed this Thursday. That’s a short day and a half, for both including notifications/invitations to start Tier 4 B Global Launch.
  • The trigger has started.

On Zim Redemption:

  • 50% of monies is taken from Mother Lode Account and put in your Primary Account.
  • Interest is earned on monies in your Primary Account.
  • That interest is what is used for your Humanitarian Projects.
  • You will have 5-8 min. to do your Humanitarian Project (s) presentation.

You’re Inside The Fog of War, White Hats Intel:

  • The Real Storm was just beginning. It’s going to get darker, darker and darker
  • Uncensored Posts from office of Donald Trump: OPEN LETTER TO USA MILITARY – Donald Trump (Official) Uncensored posts from the Office of Donald J. Trump (rumormillnews.com)
  • The Alliance was able to stop several incidents:
  • A Tsunami Wave meant to kill everyone in Seattle Washington.
  • The Deep State had tectonic weapons centered on the Yellow Stone National Park underground volcano that was stopped from exploding.
  • Since 2015 several Nuclear War Heads and Nuclear subs have been recovered from DUMBS in or near Washington DC, Florida (Disney World), Five Fingers Lakes, Los Angeles.
  • This was just a small fraction of what’s happening behind the scenes. The Fog of War was into: Human trafficking; World Wars; had a tyrannical Slave System that steals your money and puts you in debt to your death; release of Bio-weapons, SARS 1&2, frozen Bio-weapon Spike proteins sprayed through EU, U.S. and other cities around the world; release of Bio-weapon vaccines; created world lockdowns where hundreds of millions lost their jobs; business debt; had the highest suicide rate in history and the highest domestic violence rate in  history; spread HIV and Cancer through vaccines; created sickness among the healthy from Spike Proteins shedding of the vaccinated; created a world economic collapse, supply chain collapse, world food shortages and Civil Unrest.
  • The Storm was just the beginning. The Upcoming Crises: Cyber Attack of the Century where ATMs wouldn’t work, lights out, riots, fear mongering and panic in a Near Death Civilization Event.
  • Putin’s Ukraine war creates a new Russian System connected to China’s gold/backed System, with the Middle East and India following.
  • Central Banks and the American Deep State fiat dollar collapse, (but the new US Treasury note has been gold/asset-backed).
  • As the Western World Banking System collapses, magically Elon Musk makes a move on Twitter.(Stock Holders knew the Market Crash was imminent so were already seeling their shares before Musk came into the picture.
  • CNN and Hollywood were next.
  • Buckle up: Taiwan, Middle East, Serbia, Russia, North Korea, Africa, South America…ain’t done yet.
  • Africa, South America, Middle East would be the first to have mass riots.
  • In the end it’s all going Military – that’s when you see all overt operations in progress.

2020 Election Fraud: 2,000 Mules: Election Fraud 2020 – What Happened? | Opinion – Conservative | Before It’s News (beforeitsnews.com)

  • Where’s the Investigation? Bad Actors in Just 3 Key States Is Enough to Sway an Election [2000 MULES] https://t.me/officlaltruthsocial
  • Atlanta, GA – 242 Mules, 24 drop boxes each
  • Phoenix, AZ – 200+ Mules
  • Milwaukee, WI – 100 Mules, 28 drop box visits each
  • Michigan – 500+ Mules
  • Philadelphia, PA – 1,100+ Mules, nearly 50 drop box visits each

Global Financial Crisis:

Global Market Crash, Great Awakening World, Q+ Trump

  • Black Swan Event Global Reset is happening NOW! We’ve warned you every day for months. Looks like this Friday 13th will be remembered as Black Friday.
  • The game always been rigged. Most people invest their money/savings in the stock market with financial institutions who offers investments packages to BUY in the market. MOST people can’t SHORT/SELL the market. So when it drops and we’re in a down trend 95% of normal people are losing it all as they can’t SHORT/Sell the market. Banks are scamming everyone as they know the BIG short at the end. They also use people’s money to short/sell the market and make money against The People. It’s a complete scam.
  • The best investments in times of war and recession are physical Metals Gold and Silver. People will turn over metals and will skyrockets the prices. Banks won’t be able to hold their short at one point on them so The People will short squeeze them and banks will fall bankrupt, insurance companies too.
  • Crypto drops like crazy too. So it is a good opportunity to buy the dip and accumulate more cryptos. We suggest the ISO20022 regulated cryptos like XRP, XLM, XDC, ALGO, IOTA that will be used for the new QFS Quantum Financial System coming as they will 100X at least. We do NOT suggest Bitcoin or Ethereum as they won’t be used for the QFS and got corrupt by the Globalist using Tether stable coin. They are the old tech like Napster or Myspace that couldn’t survive. Too slow, too expansive in fees, too bad for environment. Not good for our future.
  • Free crypto course here: https://futurmoney.com
  • Stop losing in the corrupt stock market, get out of there and reinvest into metals and cryptos that will make way more gains in the near future. 95% of corporations in wallstreet are corrupt and followed the Globalist Agenda so are accused of crimes against humanity. Most will NOT go back up. Wallstreet is OVER. Injuctions will be released for these companies and will be stopped or transformed, their assets will be seized and give back to We The People under GESARA NESARA.
  • We are in the Global Reset. People need to see the “bad Great Reset” to believe it, but we’ll reset into GESARA not Globalist NWO New World Order. This will crash the Matrix controlled corporations, Blackrock, Vanguard, Banks, etc. We don’t need them anymore. Everybody investing in wallstreet encourage and fund these corrupt criminal companies that are killing people and that have a Genocide evil globalist agenda. They will all go down and most will never come back up.
  • Watch everything about the Global Reset here: https://greatawakening.world/reset1

Covid/Vax Crisis:

  • Moderna CFO OUT at his new post after only ONE DAY on the job.
  • Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine is being tested on younger children in the United States. Atrium Health has announced the start of clinical trials of a new Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine for healthy children aged six months to five years at Levin Children’s Hospital in Charlotte. According to the press release, the same vaccine that was approved for children aged five years and older, adjusted for a lower dose, will be used for the study. The third dose will also be tested in this age group. https://atriumhealth.org/about-us/newsroom/news/2022/05/Levine-Childrens-Launches-COVID-19-Vaccine-Clinical-Trial-for-Children-ages-6-months-to-5-years?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=organic_social
  • Military Intel suggests COVID virus was lab-engineered. Army Lt. Gen. Scott Berrier, director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, revealed in prepared Senate testimony this week that some U.S. intelligence agencies — not identified by name — believe the virus behind the COVID-19 pandemic may have been genetically modified in a laboratory and not transmitted naturally from an animal host in China, where it was first identified.
  • COVID-19 Vaccine Producer Hid Evidence of Problems: https://resistthemainstream.org/covid-19-vaccine-producer-hid-evidence-of-problems-report
  • Pfizer Documents: Over 1,200 People Died During Pfizer Vaccine Trials: “Following the release of the Pfizer documents, it’s now confirmed that 1,223 people died within the first 28 days after being inoculated with the BioNTech Pfizer vaccine during trials — and it was still approved for use: https://phmpt.org/pfizers-documents/
  • Increase in Mysterious Hepatitis Cases in Children After Vaccine Jab: https://resistthemainstream.org/what-parents-need-to-know-about-the-increase-in-mysterious-hepatitis-cases-in-children/?utm_source=telegram
  • From new Pfizer data: “270 pregnant women have been tested, 238 jumped off for unknown reasons. Of the 32 remaining, only 1 baby was born alive. Others are various cases of spontaneous abortion and fetal death.” https://phmpt.org/pfizers-documents/
  • Proof That Rothschilds Patented Covid-19 Biometric Tests in 2015 and 2017. Both were filed and updated years ago, but they were scheduled to be made public in September 2020. This is sufficient evidence that they knew in 2015 what’s going to happen in September 2020! Proof That Rothschilds Patented Covid-19 Biometric Tests in 2015 and 2017. First Registration: Netherlands, Oct. 13, 2015

Global Food, Fuel and Goods Shortages:

  • Operators of electric companies across the United States are warning of impending energy shortages and blackouts.”From California to Texas and Indiana, electric grid operators are warning that generating capacity is struggling to keep up with demand, which could lead to outages during heatwaves or other peak periods as early as this year.” https://www.wsj.com/articles/electricity-shortage-warnings-grow-across-u-s-11652002380
  • Los Angeles introduces new water restrictions due to the drought and asks residents to reduce the shower time by four minutes. Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti and LADWP have announced new water restrictions amid an intensifying drought. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cz9rRuUeNtE


The Real News for Wed. 11 May 2022:

Real News That Should Have Been In, But Never Made the Headlines:

You can Restore Your Immunity, Get Rid of Damaged Cells, Nobel Prize in Medicine, Cell Biologist and major White Hat Yoshinori Ohsumi

  • Major White Hat Yoshinori Ohsumi (Cell biologist) won the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 2016 for his research on how cells renew their content, a process called Autophagy.
  • Dr. Robert Malone revealed all the secrets to Yoshinori about the mRNA, and they created a cell renewal natural solution that forces the Autophagy!!!
  • This means that you can renew your cells post Covid, post Chemo, post Covid vaccination. You can restore your immunity and get rid of damaged cells.
  • Covid is not the end. There will be more, remember the labs.
  • Get the natural cure: https://cutt.ly/NHu4b5k

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