Chocolatiere  Good morning .. Hope Kaperoni is right because I just came across this comment by FORBES quote ( facts and figures, noting that in 2003 the Iraqi government replaced its old currency (known as “Swiss” dinars) with a new currency and offered to convert 150 new dinars to one old dinar.

The dinar became 99.3% less valuable overnight. He also brought to light a slight problem with buy and sell economics. “There are now over 35 trillion dinars in circulation (about three times as many dinars as there are US dollars)………

Iraq has increased the amount of dinars in circulation well over a thousand-fold and, ironically, over 80% of these dinars exist outside of Iraq, where they are generally not convertible!

The implication is that most dinars are not being used for trade and commerce (the ostensible purpose of any currency), but for speculation by duped investors.” it also mentioned that if Iraq re denominate it won’t change anything …

ITS HARD TO FIGURE ALL THIS OUT .. I wonder what Kaperoni would say to this ?
chocolatiere;   sad2;

Kaperoni   I see a post above from someone named chocolatiere asking for my view so here I go…

Kaperoni   Yes, there is more than 35 trillion dinar in circulation now..speculation is its over 40 trillion. I do not see this reduced until they float the dinar allowing the CBI to collect it gradually and reduce the money supply. There is no single event that can accomplish that without causing issues with the balance in the auctions.

Kaperoni   I believe that a good majority of dinar was sold outside Iraq. I do not know the exact number, but I strongly believe it was for a purpose.

Zig   Kaperoni : Hi Kap….

Kaperoni   That purpose was to rebuild the CBI reserves with dollars as well as creating demand for the dinar worldwide once they begin open the economy.

Kaperoni   Hi Zig
Kaperoni   Saleh once stated he wanted the dinar to be held as a foreign reserve around the world for a very long time.

Kaperoni   That statement also tells me he expects Central Banks to hold the dinar which likely is where the dinar we hold will eventually end up

Kaperoni   With the acceptance of Article VIII under the IMF, the dinar will become a more convertible currency allowing the dinar to be traded and exchanged worldwide.

Kaperoni   We just have to sit tight until that happens
Kaperoni   Hope that answers her question.

John   Float on Iraq

Zig   Kaperoni : Have time to chat with some others now?

Kaperonisure I got a few    minutes
Kaperoni   dive in lol

Doug_W   howdy Pizza Man

Kaperoni   Slow friday

John   Any movement of the IQD would be nice

Kaperoni  I just wish this would start so Sam can eat his words lol

Zig   Kaperoni : LOL….that would be nice…

John   Kaperoni Sam who

Kaperoni   I send me a pizza he owes me

Kaperoni   Sam I am

John   Never heard of him LOL

Kaperoni   John we all want to forget him

blackgold   Kaperoni yo mentioned article Viii, its been 14 to 15 years, any Idea why its taking so long, they ae selling plenty of oil besides other things

Zig   Kaperoni : Sam said that you two actually agree on many things……

Kaperoni   blackgold compliance
Kaperoni   If you read the Article IV consultations the IMF had several things the CBI needed to do before they would qualify to move to VIII

Kaperoni   They were in compliance in 2012, but Shabibi was run out of town and they never got back in compliance until March 2018

Kaperoni   Zig we do…but he frustrates me also on many things that he refuses to read or accept

blackgold   Kaperoni Iraq doesn’t run or own CBI Rothchilds do

blackgold   we could be waiting forever

Kaperoni   black they still have to meet compliance with the IMF

Andredinero   blackgold no all this already happen gold / don’t stress yourself /  there’s no news today until tomorrow about Iraq /  nothing just relax today /  DONALD TRUMP reject the bill for his veto for the national EMERGENCY  / all that it’s old news / just relax and continue doing what you doing until tomorrow / stop stressing over it everybody /  now it’s relaxing until tomorrow budey

Kaperoni   And now the CBI is in compliance for about 12 months so anytime is good for me. 🙂

Andredinero   Gold let the gurus have THEIR FUN just relax buddy

Kaperoni   That being said, I had hoped for a new Article IV Consultation but until the GOI is complete that wont happen

Blackgold   Kaperoni No starting an arguement but they own all the big bank and hands in IMF, so you are saying they have to comply with themselves

blackgold   Its been 14 years

Zig   I do not lump Kaperoni in with Gurus like Tony, Ray, Bruce, Frank, etc….but I know that others do so….I classify Kap as a RESEARCHER who lives in reality….others disagree…..

Kaperoni   black Iraq is no different that any other central bank…each month different banks around the world have such consultations and have to me these same standards. Go see for yourself on their website. imf.org

Andredinero   It’s not worth it people will always have their own opinion arguing with some one that only see their opinion it’s like arguing with a brick wall long has they don’t make negative remarks that comes out passive aggressive to make your do something stupid with your dinar then just let everybody enjoy their opinion right now its a freedom of speech country now the only time you could get in trouble it’s back calling a black person ****** it’s call because it would be a disrespect to the ancestors whether then that let them enjoy their self that’s how they feel happy about giving their own opinion

blackgold   Kaperoni True but none of them do

John   Maybe I5raq needs a laxative to get movement going?

blackgold   some are even worse off than Iraaq

Zig   Andredinero : Kaperoni has been researching this for many years….he is far from negative…..he expects to profit from this some day…..

Kaperoni   If you do not think these controls by the UN/IMF are not real we have nothing to talk about. Because I follow these as reasons for what is happening.

Kaperoni   John, maybe lol

blackgold   Kaperoni I believe they are real i also believe they are all full of crap after 14 years

Kaperoni   Zig the problem is i researched this almost 10 years ago and much I have misplaced or forgotten. Getting old. lol

Andredinero   emergency in his first vetoPUBLISHED 17 MINS AGO UPDATED 7 MINS AGO

Jacob Pramuk@jacobpramuk

CNBC.COM   President Donald Trump vetoes legislation that would end the national emergency he declared at the southern U.S. border.The veto is the first of Trump’s presidency.Congress will try to override it, but it appears not to have enough votes as of now.

Andredinero   President Donald Trump speaks about border security in the Oval Office of the White House, Friday, March 15, 2019, in Washington. Trump issued the first veto of his presidency, overruling Congress to protect his emergency declaration for border wall funding.

President Donald Trump rejected a bill Friday that would end the national emergency he declared at the southern U.S. border.

The president’s veto, signed in front of reporters in the Oval Office, is his first since he entered the White House. While the Democratic-held House will likely try to override his opposition, neither chamber of Congress appears to have enough support to reach the two-thirds majority needed.

blackgold   Kaperoni thank you i’m done

Kaperoni   Black that is were we differ. What I have seen from the IMF is exactly what is happening with the CBI and Iraq. Just takes time

Zig   Kaperoni : Don’t you get frustrated with all this??…..lol

Kaperoni   Sure

Kaperoni   all the time

JoeSchmoe  Andredinero please stop copy/pasting articles,and just supply the link. Some people want to read what kap is saying, and you just disregard it

Young SC   But Kap you have not address the issue of Alak stated in 2017 that the Dinar will not float but come out at a fixed rate

Kaperoni   But what can we do? just wait it out

Andredinero   blackgold So you see gold everything is going in the right direction now so just relax be easy let things be and we all waiting and hoping to hear a great announce tomorrow and for everything to be finish after that

Young SC   Could you please address that

Kaperoni   Young, I have several times.

Young SC   Not here

Zig   Kaperoni : Wish Dave were here….said you never completely answer his question…..

Kaperoni   I stated, that you must understand before you jump to conclusions the “context” of what Alaq was saying.

Kaperoni   Was he saying he would never float? or that he would not float at this time?

JoeSchmoe   this is what Dave is asking about.

Kaperoni   I can assure you he is not saying he would never float…because that is a primary tool for any central bank

Young SC   He said no float whatsoever

JoeSchmoe   There’s Dave…….here ya go buddy

Zig   Something about taking 1000 fils to buy a coke…..Dave always brings that up…..

Kaperoni   If the auctions are going to end, the CBI needs an alternative for making money

Young SC   CBI only wants to come out at fixed rate

Kaperoni   Young they cannot have a fixed rate. It goes against all principal of the CBI to counter inflation which is expected with an influx of investment

Kaperoni   They need to float to create price discovery for the dinar

Kaperoni   and counter the inflationary presure created with billions of dollars of investment

JoeSchmoe   Kaperoni so will they change the price for goods every time they float up or down?

Dave   well…. all here except for sandyf…rumble in the jungle….

Kaperoni   Joe, does the USA do that?

Sam I Am   Kaperoni Most economists will tell you that inflation is preferable to deflation, do you agree?

Zig   Sam I Am : Hi

JoeSchmoe   Kaperoni I havent’ seen it go from .10 to $5 ever before

Young SC   Dave  smiley

Sam I Am   Yo Zig

Kaperoni   This is not something new. Over 100 countries float which means they all deal with it

Kaperoni   Hi Sam

Sam I Am   hi

Zig   Kap & Sam…..Continued……LOL

Dave   lol

JoeSchmoe   but over 100 countries weren’t valued at a tenth of a penny

Kaperoni   Joe your point? Not all countries are expecting billions of dollars in investment either

JoeSchmoe   that’s your rebut?

Sam I Am   I don’t have long but I would like to see how Kap explains the ability of the CBI to absorb the deflation that would result from the rapid appreciation in the dinar with his float theory?

Kaperoni   Iraq could become the next Dubai

Dave  Kaperoni in the yr 2525?

Young SC   Kaperoni That is why you and Sam confuse the situation. If the govenor of the CBI has come out numerous times stating that we will not float the dinar whatsoever and prefer the fix rate would you not think that people who are involved with the Dinar listen to the head person in charge of their own currency then a person of just an opinion?

Kaperoni   Sam that is not for me to figure out. I just state what is already in print from the IMF

JoeSchmoe   Dave until then?..

JoeSchmoe   or never bring out the lds

Sam I Am   Young SC I don’t believe in Kap’s float

Zig   Sam I Am : You think that they will maintain the peg, right??

Young SC   Sam I Am and i do not believe in your theory aswell

Kaperoni   Young, I can show you 10 or more articles that say they will float for every 1 article you find that says they wont.

Sam I Am   I believe that the CBI will keep the IQD at less than 1/10 of a penny until they replace it

Dave   JoeSchmoe thanx

Sam I Am   Zig correct

JoeSchmoe   Dave i thought that is what you always meant

Dave   pic worth a thousand words

Kaperoni   Sam you read the IMF doc, yet refuse to accept their own words lol

JoeSchmoe   still haven’t heard an explanation

Dave   JoeSchmoe yeppers

Sam I Am   Kaperoni I refuse to accept your interpretation

Kaperoni   Selective reading perhaps

Doug_W   JoeSchmoe “an explanation”

Kaperoni   Sam English is english

JoeSchmoe   Doug_W why you single me? lol

Sam I Am   It’s not a free float. It’s a managed float which is already the case to maintain the peg

Dave   Kaperoni cherry pickers…..

Doug_W   NOW U have heard it lol

Zig   So the difference is in the interpretation for Sam and Kap…..

JoeSchmoeo   h…smart @ss

Doug_W   JoeSchmoe so I have been told

Andredinero   https://prntscr.com/mygkwz

JoeSchmoe   you may be a smart okoli, but there are also some that are seriously dumb richards

Kaperoni   Sam whatever you want to call it. But Iraq has not moved to a liberal exchange rate regime as per the IMF in 2012.

Young SC   Kaperoni those 10 articles are irrelevant to the CBI coming out and stating a no float

Dave   would it not be simplier for andre to explain it to sam and kap?

Zig   LOL

JoeSchmoe   Young SC weren’t you saying something about the timing of the artilcles as well? Or was that to Sam>?

Kaperoni   They are still pegged and maintaining stability to meet compliance per the request of the IMF

Andredinero   I just watch our great president give a great speech and rejecting the bill for his veto for the national EMERGENCY things are going in the right direction we relaxing and wait while things are almost finish

Sam I Am   Kaperoni If they move to a liberal exchange rate regime that would more likely drive the value down. Vietnam has a more liberal exchange rate than Iraq and the dong has been losing value for years by design.

Kaperoni   So Young you also must be disregarding the IMF docs?

Zig   Interpretation…..the KEY…..IMO

JoeSchmoe   well maybe the cbi and the imf can’t get on the same page?

Sam I Am   Zig I have to go. Could you get Kap to respond to “deflation”?

Kaperoni   Sam again, your stating the solution which is not what the IMF predicts or suggests

Tebow   See all the losers are here! :laugh

Young SC   JoeSchmoe sam does not like new relevant articles he prefers old irrelvant news from 10 yea

Kaperon   iBye Sam

JoeSchmoe   Young SC so it was sam and not kap

Young SC   10 years ago*

Zig   Tebow : I beg your pardon….lol

JoeSchmoe   Young SC are kaps articles present or past

Kaperoni   I have to go outside also so I have to go
Kaperoni   Have a great day.

Young SC   JoeSchmoePast

Kaperoni   Bye Zig

JoeSchmoe   how far past

JoeSchmoe   like sam’s?

Zig   Kaperoni : Bye