In Kaperoni

Frank26 thinks some big RV/RI is going to happen and people are going to exchange their dinar at banks. It could take years for banks to ever include the dinar in their currency exchange portfolio because of its volatility. Most banks by nature are very conservative so I wouldn’t expect banks to jump in right away and add the dinar to their portfolio of exchangeable currencies. But even so, that is assuming there was some significant overnight event to raise the value of the dinar. Which won’t happen…There is no overnight event call it whatever you want. Most of the same reasons still apply…there is over 42 trillion dinar in circulation and Iraq never could afford any significant RV. Plus, if they ever did it would throw the whole economic system in Iraq into total chaos. Just not how economies and monetary policy work. The whole idea of an overnight significant RV is a fallacy. If the dinar is ever going to go up in value it’s going to go up gradually over time via a float.