In Dinar Guru Updates, Kaperoni 

Today…an article…was very clear that the plan is to float the Iraqi dinar when conditions are appropriate. The article goes on to say that now is not the time. Why is it not the time to float the dinar?? It is stated that floatation needs stable conditions as well as diversification of the economy and dependence on resources other than oil. For the last few months various economists have weighed in on floating and most, if not all, have said under the current economic conditions the dinar would devalue. Iraq needs to create the conditions for the country to prosper. When they do so the dinar can float and appreciate in value. Those conditions include but are not limited to…new government, parliament passing laws, stability and the currency within 2% per IMF guidelines. Accepting IMF Article VIII and as said before this will send a message to investors that Iraq is open for business.