In Kaperoni

If the CBI does try to make the dinar equal to the dollar, in some type of overnight event, it be a LOP or redenomination. Meaning parliament would vote to remove the zeros off the currency and they would issue a new currency without them. Such an event would not make you any money, it would be a neutral event. In doing so, the central bank would increase the value, and reduce the money supply from trillions to billions (42 trillion to 42 billion) and your dinar would be worth that same as you paid for it or about.

I am watching parliament closely for such a vote and luckily so far that has not occured. What I am hoping for is Iraq does nothing and decides to create a market economy. Doing so they could invite foreign investors into Iraq to participate in the rebuilding and growth of the economy. If they do, there is a chance the dinar as a result could rise in value over time, That is a realistic and justified growth. That also has been discussed by the media professional organization such as the IMF.  I own dinar, and do think there is a chance for it to appreciate, just not how the gurus say. It will take years and more importantly, it will take Iraq to change there ways and get things done. But so far, Iraq talks a good story but accomplishes very little.