Kee keeps pace with the best electronic payment systems


Kee keeps pace with the best electronic payment systems Kee
continues to develop electronic payment mechanisms in line with products offered worldwide.
The company’s media advisor, Ghazi Al-Kanani, told All Iraq, “[KI] is working on adopting the best smart systems around the world and benefiting from them to provide sophisticated products that are easy to provide financial dues. This is the first national company to provide services at a world level. Witnessed by the field of electronic payment international “.

Kanani pointed out that “the company teams are working diligently to monitor the reality of the development of payments around the world and to benefit from them locally, as the company recognizes that the volume of work in Iraq needs advanced payment systems contribute to the provision of modern payment requirements.”
“International companies such as Visa, in its 2020 plan, are seeking to make the financial movements on its network biometric, making the Ki system a national pride in terms of design and performance.”
Kee’s family includes more than 7 million beneficiaries across Iraq.