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I actually have been waiting for a market crash, as the signal that our moment has come, so I have been overlooking the any-day-now intel.

I expected the market to crash before the RV, because that would be a strong enough motivation for PTBs to let it happen, because their reputations are at stake or their wealth level would ratchet down somewhat, and the rest of the struggling middle class would make life less comfortable for them.

You see there is no more tricks they can pull out of the bag in a new market crash. Interest rates are at the bottom, so the Fed can’t help. How can the administration go into further debt that we are already without tanking the economy further adding to a bigger crash?
We are their only final trump card.

So, bring on the crash. If they want to help a recovery, they would need to lower our taxes as a further stimulus. There aren’t too many other options.

Now, the crash could also happen after the RV, because the market can’t handle a shock to the system. When they finally figure out the implications that sudden consumer spending means that the Fed will have to finally increase the long awaited interest rate hike, the market will sell off on the news.

This scenario won’t be as bad as the first, because eventually the market will stabilize on the longer term news that economic activity is improving.

Of course no one knows how much stimulus we will be supplying and how much interest rates have to go up, and so that is the unknown that the market will have to confront immediately. Uncertainty always favors selling.

No matter which scenario happens, I think that delaying can only make matters worse, because other unknown calamities can happen or economic slowdowns.

All of these things are out of our hands, but in the hands of God. Perhaps naysayers are the reason why God delays. They think they know more than Him.