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US newspaper: Abadi is weak leader and America wants to win the election

The Washington Post reported on Monday that there was an American desire for the victory of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi in the upcoming parliamentary elections, pointing out that Abbadi was once considered a weak and insignificant leader.

“Ebadi’s electoral power and his list in Mosul, Iraq’s second largest city, confirm his popularity throughout the country and bode well for his reelection, which US officials have repeatedly indicated they want to see,” the report said.

“Abadi, once considered a weak and unpopular leader, rose to power in the midst of raids that have invaded almost a third of Iraq and are campaigning for a national unity message in the hope of breaking the sectarian fighting that has characterized Iraqi politics since the overthrow of the United States. Saddam Hussein in 2003 “.

“One thing we see consistently is that Prime Minister Abbadi enjoys a more balanced degree of support in all regions and across all ethnic and sectarian groups,” the newspaper quoted a senior US official as saying. “His position is that he will be more successful with a larger group of Electoral districts compared to many of his opponents.” Source