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Office Masoum reveals the proceedings of the meeting that was with the masses rejecting the amendment of the election law

The office of President Fuad Masum revealed on Saturday the course of the meeting that was held with the opposition blocs to amend the election law.

The office said in a statement that “President Fuad Masoum held, today, at the Peace Palace in Baghdad, a meeting that included a number of leaders of blocs and political parties and the presence of Speaker of the House of Representatives Salim al-Jubouri and Vice-President of the Council.”

He added that “there were frank discussions on the circumstances and results of the recent legislative elections, and the legal amendments made by the House of Representatives and the subsequent procedures.”

The statement pointed out that “most of the attendees stressed the importance of acting responsibly and vigorously in order to contain any repercussions and maintain political and security stability, respect for the votes of voters, adherence to the Constitution and laws in force and strengthening the principle of separation of powers and the prevention of any constitutional vacuum.”

The Parliamentary Legal Committee revealed on Saturday the reasons for not convening the meeting today and postponing it to another notice, in reference to the existence of political understandings between the blocs rejecting the amendment with the Presidency of the Republic. Source