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US support for a second term for Abadi after agreeing to make Iraq under international tutelage

The US administration removed the dress of the International Alliance after the absence of the need through the elimination of criminal gangs in the majority of areas occupied after June 2014, and wore a dress (NATO) to legitimize its stay in Iraq for as long as possible, after the Iraqi government paved this to stay through NATO gave the green light to stay, by written request.

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg revealed the presence of NATO forces in Iraq after receiving a written request from Prime Minister Abadi on the pretext of training Iraqi forces and providing the necessary support.

Legal experts described Abbadi’s approval as a “major violation” of the constitution and the sovereignty of the country because it is within the competence and powers of parliament as the representative of the people,  while the Islamic Resistance factions renewed their firm position rejecting the survival of any foreign soldier occupier in Iraq and his resistance by word and weapon.

A member of the Political Bureau of the movement of Asaib Ahl al-Haq Laith al-Athari assured the Iraqi observer that the position of the forces opposing the survival of the foreign and American forces occupied is constant and will not change. He pointed out that the government’s request of NATO to stay in Iraq after declaring victory over terrorism clearly demonstrates that this is no more than For being a justification and a pretext to legitimize the survival of US forces occupied because of the lack of legal justification for the survival of these forces and therefore return through NATO and gain legitimacy in this regard.