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Expert: Iraq is heading towards an oil revolution that revives its economy and stops the import of derivatives

Aguetsad said oil expert Hamza jeweler, said Thursday that Iraq is heading toward an oil revolution revive its economy and provide him with a lot of money and stop the import of oil derivatives, adding that Iraq will feel it soon may become a source country of petroleum products.

“There are several refineries operating in most provinces, which in turn will supply the country with various oil derivatives of gasoline, white oil and gas, in addition to other non-essential materials,” Jawahri said in a statement   to local media .

“The opening of the new refineries leads Iraq to self-sufficiency of oil derivatives, some may be exported abroad, but the global oil market is full of supply of oil,” adding that “the country will soon see a major oil revolution provides billions of dinars contribute to the delegation Balance the money and thus the advancement of the Iraqi economy. ”

The member of the Committee on oil and energy parliamentary MP Ibrahim Bahr al-Ulum earlier confirmed to the information that Iraq has reduced the import of oil derivatives by 25% after the opening of new refineries and near the completion of other refineries in Nineveh and southern provinces, which will revive the Iraqi economy and stop the import process. Source