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The Iraqi Interior Ministry granted work permits to Israeli security companies

The newspaper “New Arab”, the presence of 100 private foreign security companies operating in Iraq officially after obtaining licenses from the Ministry of the Interior, noting that among those companies about 10 Israeli companies.

“The foreign security companies currently operating in Iraq number about 100 companies and are working officially after obtaining a work permit from the ministry,” the newspaper quoted a police officer as saying, quoting an officer who said he was “close to Interior Minister Qassem al-Araji.”

The officer added that “the existing companies do not resemble Blackwater, and the promoter of this matter is more important, its functions do not exceed the protection of some of the facilities and banks and the transfer of important personalities and accompanying the precious goods and the support of some government figures.”

The law stipulates that companies should not use hand grenades and only medium-sized portable weapons, such as PKC, and prohibit the use of anti-tank weapons.

According to the report, the Israeli newspaper “Maariv” published a report, noting that “more than 10 Israeli security companies, private and government, has intensified in recent years its work in several Arab and Islamic countries, including Iraq, and some of these countries do not have official relations with Tel Aviv, And these companies provide private escorts for political figures, businessmen and others in them.“ Source