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Aggiedad77:  Family, pay attention to what the news media is wanting to share with you these days…..I suddenly get a sense of a great change…..

Change from cover ups and deeply hidden masks of what was going on with the former government, the obvious graft and corruption that was so rampant and the very government that was taking all the money also controlled the media to a large extent and that which they didn’t control they kept at bay with evil threats…..

Today though we witness I think a new awakening…..things like this article that speaks to real economic development….speaks to the growth of the private sector in terms of reality, not just words but actions that are taking place right in front of us…
They are describing a new Iraqi culture that is truly working to make a better life for all Iraqis…..sure it will be a slow process, but moving ahead is now the new reality…..

Watch as they make plans, implement reforms, and bring people back to the forefront of importance all across Iraq…..

This article has truly triggered that sense within me….if you can’t see this…trust me on this….a new awakening is occurring…..

Just as the Investment Law may come into play tomorrow with a positive vote in Parliament….one day at a time, one step at a time, one person at a time, they are working on improvements…..

That MR that flows like lava that can’t be stopped and along with it at the right time the blessing to benefit all.

Aloha    Randy


Walkingstick:  The development of the banking system supports a balanced development

10/18/2015 0:00

BAGHDAD – the joy of pumice

suffering banking sector in Iraq, among other challenges hindering progress, despite the central bank aims to support the development and revitalization of the work of banks, but the claims rising day after day to put modern mechanisms for the development of the banking system to become a role player in support of the Iraqi economy.

Many concerned recommendations emerged in this area, which is the establishment of a bank for economic development and a greater role for the private sector, as well as to facilitate the issue of guarantees and review the map of the spread of the banks in

the provinces. Facts and Figures says economist Tawfiq Ali Hassoun in a statement »Sabah»: The « the economy is a facts and figures, supports the balanced economic development, and exploitation of optimal physical and human resources through the development of the banking sector to become a role player in the implementation of financial policies ».

The expert added that Iraq up to the present time« lacks the establishment of a bank for economic development, although the budget law 2006 approved the establishment of such banks in all provinces to cover the investment services and infrastructure reconstruction ».

and calls for observers and specialists in the banking regard to the advancement of» the private banking sector »in Iraq, through legislation laws that would contribute to the development of his work, arguing the importance of establish a specialized bank to invest, to facilitate the entry of foreign capital into Iraq.

Local investment and saw Hassoun that the current role of the banking sector is effective, efficient and closer to neutrality, noting that private sector banks are few in number the stock market, and most of the heads of a family of their money, along with the fear citizen from investing his money in an undefined institutions or declared for services and facilities provided by the community,

Like the rest of the companies listed on the Iraq Stock Exchange, where indicators shows weakness Alastosmaralamhali. He stressed that the contribution of the citizen his money chunky in those banks and companies lead to increased rates of investment, thus increasing economic activities, it returned to investors that a significant role in increasing liquidity and reducing the inflation rate to the fact that their contribution to the project will reduce the presence of money’s value will rise due to lack of supply.