Militia: Quote: Frank26: “Delta sends his regards and love.  He sends his patience.  He studies the CBI website for us … reads every article … interrupts them.  He pays attention to the spreadsheet … shows key numbers … projected rates … but some fields are blank.  Projected rates show 14 to 15 cents … but the 2016 is blank.  Now, some are no longer variables … they are now derivatives.  So many things … and all before November.

We believe the Abadi and Saleh are sending confirmations/documentations to the IMF within the 10 days that we talked about — which are coming to a close … all BEFORE November.  IMO — all an indication of their financial reform.” Frank 26

Quote Frank26:  “Overall they are talking about the Monetary Reform everywhere … and Delta found 3 sources now … and that’s why we tell you it is legit.

The rate of the IQD must go up … and the Lower Denoms must be introduced.

Delta said that the article when he translated said that this “DID HAPPEN” (past tense) the value of the IQD – the word “yurfaw” (sp) translated means that it did happen.   Street value?  We’re not sure.” Frank 26

Militia:  Yes, indeed I am looking forward to the call this evening, trick or treat.. lol Delta will be there so we hear. Let’s look forward to intel and cheer!