In KTFA 


27-May 1196 ……1193
28-May 1197 ……1193

29-May 1197…… 1195
30-May 1197…… 1193

CJVM:  Thank you, Delta!  The bank can’t make much profit with that spread.

Sunkissed:  It appears that they are manually manipulating the rate at 1193 following the slight rise in the USD in order to keep the IQD and USD in parity with one another: 1 to 1. IMO

GEM: So Delta in your opinion how long can Iraq continue the auction with only making pennies to zero cents of the sale of the dollar?



Frank26:   THE PARITY ……………. HOLDS.

DELTA: YES …(big grin)

Iobey777:  well, only 1 more day in May, then June 1! I’m praying that June 1 is the date they have set to show the RI to the world! Close the books and start the new month with a new rate! It could happen!! (smile)

Rs4Christ:  yes tomorrow (Thursday) is their payday… It would be nice to see tomorrow!!!!
McDan:  Thanks Delta this will be interest to see if the IMF Holding Rate stay the same for IRAQ at the end of May 31.  The IMF Holding  Rate for Iraq has stayed on a yearly basis in the past 15 years.

The IMF report of the Iraq SDR Holding Rate could show if the Iraq Dinar is on a float IMO .  The report will show as of the May 31. 2018 IMF Holding  Rate for the Iraq Dinar .


Samson:  Total disruption of Internet in Iraq

2018/5/31 9:48

Iraq has seen since the dawn of Thursday, a complete interruption of the Internet service.

The service returned gradually and somewhat after 9 am Baghdad time.

There has not yet been any clarification from the Ministry of Communications about the reason for the interruption, which confirmed earlier not to discontinue service in conjunction with the final exams for the third stage of the medium, which began days ago, which makes this interruption mysterious until now.    LINK


Samson:  The Central Bank announces that all banks will be required to replace the damaged currency and threaten the violators

2018-05-31 at 14:10 (Baghdad time)

The Central Bank of Iraq, on Thursday, the need to commit all banks to replace the damaged currency without commissions.

The bank said in a statement received by Mawazine News that “the banks approved all compliance obligation issued by the Department of Issuance and Safes in 2017, which includes replacing the damaged currency without the payment of commissions in return for that.”

He added that “non-compliance will be borne by the bank violating all the legal consequences in accordance with Article 63 of the Central Bank Law No. 56 of 2004 amending.”
He called on the banks to “provide him with the disclosure of the damaged amounts replaced by them and received from the public until 31 May,” stressing that the answer “must be received within 3 days of the date of writing.”   LINK


Samson:  A demonstration for employees of the Ministry of Housing in central Baghdad to protest the delay in the payment of salaries

30th May, 2018

Dozens of employees of the Ministry of Construction and Housing, on Wednesday, in front of the headquarters of the ministry to protest the delay in the payment of salaries.

A reporter for Alsumaria News, said dozens of employees demonstrated in front of the headquarters of the Ministry of Construction and Housing in the area of ​​Alawi in central Baghdad.

The correspondent added that the demonstration comes in protest against the delay in the payment of salaries of these employees, where they confirmed that they are supposed to receive their salaries since the 18th of this month.

Of their children, some of the employees denounced the demonstrators by granting them “compulsory leave” by the ministry.   LINK

Samson: Iran declares its readiness to establish a border economic market with Iraq

31st May, 2018


The head of Iranian customs, Farud Askari, confirmed on Thursday his country’s readiness to establish a border economic market with Iraq, while revealing that Iraq is currently the third export destination for Iranian goods.

“Iran and Iraq have always had an active trade exchange,” Askari said at a joint border meeting between the Iranian provinces of Ilam and Wasit in the western Iranian city of Ilam.

He added that “the borders of Mehran is one of the most important borders of the country to develop commercial activities and transit of goods and the transit of passengers,” pointing out that “despite the availability of all energies and security settled, we have witnessed a sharp decline in exports of goods through the port of Mehran to Iraq, a billion dollars last year.

He explained that “the most important need within the borders of Mehran is the opening of the transit gate and of course we aim to implement the comprehensive project to the borders of Mehran and to expand the customs area by allocating the necessary budget for that,” stressing that “the need to allow the entry and exit trucks in the borders of Mehran and Zurbatiya to the territories of the two countries.”

“One of the measures that will lead to the development of exports within the borders of the two countries is to access the information of goods entering and out, including, for example, that officials of the borders of the two countries accept the images taken by the X-ray system of goods and trucks.”

He pointed out that “the approval was made on 50 export items in terms of standard specifications and requires the approval of Iraqi officials to do so,” asserting “the readiness of Iranian customs to establish a border (Jnkula) border.”

“This is necessary because the trucks did not cross from the Mehran border during the 40th visit period,” he said.   LINK