Don961: An Iranian account for an Iraqi bank

November 7, 2018

BAGHDAD, November 7 (Xinhua) – The Deputy Chairman of the Investment Committee of the Iranian Chamber of Commerce, Mehdi Ali Bor, announced the opening of an Iranian account at a private Iraqi government bank to deposit Iranian export funds in euros and dinars.

Ali Bor told Iranian news agencies that ” And a committee at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed that they will transfer funds in Iraqi dinars, after Iran’s request, pointing out that this account will also be used to secure the amount of Iraqi imports to Iran and stressed that the requirement of the United States to exclude Iraq from US sanctions was non-commercial exchange Lahr can be used while the dinar and the euro is said that Iraq did not receive an exemption from US sanctions on Iran, which was limited to eight countries, not including Iraq    link

Don961:  DELTA DELTA … does this need clarifying using your expert translation skills .. what does “Lahr” mean … thank you brother

MilitiaMan:  Non commercial exchange (Lahr / Lava) flows.. imo.. So non commercial exchanges can flow while the may not be in Dinar or Euro, let alone USD.. My best assessment. fwiw. ~ MM


McDan:  Click on Holding rate

Boxman:  Good to see the old holding rate of $ 3.24 on the imf report..Thanks