Don961: Abdul-Mahdi pleaded with Washington’s ambassador not to stop Iran’s energy supplies. You have to meet Trump

Tuesday, 13 November 2018

Baghdad – Writings

For nearly 60 minutes, Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi explained to US Ambassador to Iraq Douglas Suleiman that Iraq could not give up importing electricity and gas from Iran.

Which was revealed by the Gulf media, Tuesday, November 13, 2018, which talked about the ambassador’s advice to Abdul Mahdi, the rush to request a meeting with US President Donald Trump before the end of the 45-day deadline set by the latter to Baghdad to stop dealing with Iran in implementation of US sanctions imposed On Tehran.

According to the leaks, Abdul Mahdi told the American ambassador that Iraq will not tolerate the interruption of electricity supply from electricity and gas from Iran, otherwise the basic services of citizens will be interrupted, especially with the onset of winter, and it takes longer to find the alternative that provides his country with those resources.

The ambassador replied that it was neither his own nor that of the Secretary of State, but that he had to go directly to meet Trump as soon as possible to try to convince him that there was no alternative to Iran in Iraq’s energy supplies.   link


Samson:  Simeem: Sanctions should push Iraq to promote independence in energy sources

14th November, 2018

The deadline for Iraq to stop importing electricity from Iran and abide by sanctions is seen as an opportunity, according to peace expert Salam Samisem, on Wednesday, November 14, 2018.

In order to find Iraq alternative solutions, describing it as a “shock”, while Iraqi President Barham Salih on Sunday urged the United States to take into account the political and economic status of his country as the two countries negotiate to exempt Iraq from the sanctions imposed by Washington on Iran.

“In this period, Iraq can deal seriously with the gas file first through the Ministry of Oil, or it can deal with US companies or other nationalities so that it can develop the gas sector to benefit from it in the field of energy, Even if only temporarily.

The United States said on Friday that Iraq could import natural gas and energy supplies from Iran for 45 days as long as Iraq did not pay Iran the price of those imports in US dollars. The sanctions on Iran’s oil sector took effect on November 5.

“The time limit granted to Iraq, which is 45 days, is an opportunity to turn the field of work of the Iraqi sectors, both in the field of electricity or gas and improve investment, noting that this deadline is an opportunity for Iraq to be aware of economic dependence, and the ministries concerned to reconsider their contracts and find Realistic solutions.

Iraqi central bank officials said in August that their country’s economy was closely linked to Iran, which is engaged in many proxy wars with Saudi Arabia in the region.

“In the years that have passed, Iraq was burning gas, and it could be invested in gas power plants to generate electricity,” she said. “We hope that this is the time to repair the economic situation in Iraq. This is the last chance for the Iraqi economy to improve its energy situation.    LINK


Samson:  Washington: Anyone who deals with Iran contributes to the financing of terrorism

14th November, 2018

Said Natan Sils coordinator of Washington to combat terrorism, Iran is one of the main countries funded terrorism, as it spent on supporting terrorist organizations and groups in the Middle East , about one billion dollars annually.

“Let me give some figures, although it’s hard to believe, but Iran only gives Hezbollah $ 700 million and $ 100 million to various factions and terrorist groups,” Nathan Cels said at the Washington Institute for Middle East Affairs. Tehran in this area, will total about $ 1 billion a year. ”

Nathan Seals said that Washington, aimed at curbing Iran’s policy, last week imposed sanctions on Tehran again.  “We must make greater efforts to force the Iranian regime to abandon its plans and stop supporting terrorism, we know that the United States can not achieve this alone, so we insist that our international partners address terrorism supported by Iran. Play a responsible role in these efforts, I will say frankly, anyone who deals with Iran, contributes to the financing of terrorism.”    LINK

Samson:  Stock Market: Launch of the circulation of national bonds issued by the Central Bank of Iraq

14th November, 2018

Iraq’s market for securities, announced on Wednesday, the launch of the circulation of national bonds issued by the Central Bank of Iraq category of five million dinars.

“The deposit of the second national bonds issued by the Central Bank of Iraq in April 2017 with a category of five million dinars, which is due in April 2019 has been achieved and there will be trading,” said Taha Ahmed Abdul Salam, the executive director of the market. Within the market.”

These bonds will be launched on Sunday, November 18, 2018, for the first time in the Iraqi market for securities,” Abdul Salam said.


Samson:  Uncircumcised

14th November, 2018

The CBI is directing financial institutions to scrutinize the selection of companies and offices that are applying for services, including services related to information technology and security.


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Some offices, companies and entities offer offers to your banks on the provision of financial, banking, finance, training and other areas.

We hope that you will be able to find out exactly what these offers are and what they are offering, as we have noticed that some of them are not credible and may cause risks.

The Central Bank also welcomes cooperation and giving advice in the investigation of these entities before entering into transactions or agreements with us in order to protect the banking sector from fraud, waste of money and time with non-qualified parties
with respect

Samson:  Iraq plans to replace food with Iranian gas and seeks US approval

14th November, 2018

Said two Iraqis were two government officials, on Wednesday, Iraq agreed with Iran to swap Iraqi food products supply gas and Iranian energy. According to Reuters  and added that “Baghdad is currently seeking approval from the United States to allow them to import Iranian gas used in power stations in the country, and it needs more time to find an alternative source. The sources of two government officials senior and two members of the Committee for the Iraqi ministerial energy.”

Washington gave Iraq an exemption from importing Iranian gas and energy supplies and food products when US sanctions on Iran’s oil sector resumed last week. But the United States says the exemption is only 45 days.   LINK


Samson:  A parliamentary delegation headed by Haddad heads to Canada to participate in the annual NATO meetings

14th November, 2018

A parliamentary delegation headed by Deputy Speaker Bashir Haddad on Wednesday headed to Canada to attend NATO’s annual meetings.

“An official delegation from the Iraqi parliament, led by Deputy Speaker Bashir Haddad, went to the State of Canada to participate in the meetings and activities of the 64th session of the Parliamentary Assembly of the members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) ), Which will launch exceptionally from 16 to 19 November 2018 in the city of Halle Fax-Canada.”

“The importance of the participation of the Iraqi delegation in this international forum, which is dedicated to holding open dialogue sessions for senior leaders and officials elected by the NATO Parliamentary Assembly and the Middle East Group with delegations from the Mediterranean, focusing on discussing common challenges.”

He added that the Iraqi delegation will discuss with all allied countries and friends the overall events and the developments in the situation in the region and review its future vision, especially what Iraq has achieved great victories in its war against terrorism and extremism and discuss ways to develop mechanisms of cooperation between Iraq and friendly countries and exchange views on the common issues and challenges facing Our countries at the security, political and economic levels.”   LINK