Popeye7: The news we receive is helpful in our discerning of where we are at in this process… But there are areas of this, and things going on behind the scenes that we do not know about… For example, why all of a sudden is this situation about the 7 billion dinar being damaged is now being brought up?..

Believe in the award or not, Alak did receive one for his work as CBI governor by his peers… There is something obviously going on with this huge uproar about the 7 billion now… Why now?…

IMHO, there is something coming that some are trying to stop from occurring… But it will not work this time… IMHO Popeye7

Walkingstick:  Popeye, much behind Alak, claim of damaged notes… and, the..why now… reality, not in print.


Samson:   Central Bank: sinking of 7 billion dinars occurred in 2013 and not now

14th November, 2018

The Central Bank of Iraq announced on Wednesday that the sinking of 7 billion dinars occurred during the time of the former central bank governor, Abdul Basit Turki, not during the current governor Ali al-Alaq, calling on the media to be careful and careful in the transfer of news concerning the Central Bank because it affects stability Financial and price

The Central Bank said in a press statement received by “Economy News”, “in light of what avenge the current issue of sinking the amount of 7 billion dinars, the incident occurred in Rafidain Bank in 2013 at the time of Dr. Abdul Basit Turki his role as governor of the Central Bank,” adding that Turki in addition To the fact that he was the head of the Financial Control Bureau in that period has taken what must be taken in accordance with the law and instructions of the Central Bank and the supervisory bodies of the State

He pointed out that one of the functions of the Central Bank according to its law is the replacement of damaged and invalid papers, and this is done continuously to maintain the sustainability of dealing in local currency and stability

He added that “the cost of replacing the banknotes is the cost of printing, which is different from the value of the currency much, not loss of 7 billion dinars, as promoted by some,” adding that “the currency that was sinking would have been replaced even if it did not sink because its life is over

He stressed that “the Central Bank expresses its deep surprise to raise this issue after five years and at this particular time, noting that the subject is settled procedurally and legally in its history

The Central Bank called on the media to be careful and careful in the transmission of data and deal with it because of its impact on the state of financial and price stability achieved by the Central Bank of great efforts and recognition of international organizations during the past years    LINK

Rich4hyip:  it appears to be good news for Alak, now he’s innocent and proved to be honest, maybe they should have further investigation of the former administration when Maliki was in office.

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