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Samson: Iraq Scores Poorly on “Best Countries for Business” Index    LINK

Moparman: This should be no surprise to anyone.

They are 7 months since they voted and still have no cabinet formed. They seem to put off everything that comes their way.

They keep tripping over themselves with corruption. No surprise here.

Start with turning your currency on and the investors that shown interest will finally commit and Iraq will flourish.


Samson:  Halabousi: Tomorrow’s session includes the completion of the vote on the ministerial cabin and the second reading of the draft budget

23rd December, 2018

Speaker of the House of Representatives Mohamed Halboussi said on Sunday that tomorrow’s session includes the completion of the vote on the ministerial cabin and the second reading of the draft budget. 

The correspondent of “Al-Ghad Press”, about Halbusi said, “The agenda of the meeting tomorrow will include the completion of the vote on the cabinet cabin and the second reading of the draft federal budget.”

The House of Representatives, earlier in the day, held its 22nd session of the Legislative Council under the chairmanship of Mohammed Halbusi.   LINK


Samson:  Parliamentary Finance: Oil price estimates stable and can avoid falling in this way?

23rd December, 2018

The parliamentary Finance Committee confirmed on Sunday that it is not possible to manipulate the estimated prices of a barrel of oil in the budget of 2019, noting that any drop in prices will be avoided through loans granted to Iraq

Committee member Haneen al-Qado said in a press statement that the budget put the speculative price of oil at $ 56, which is a good price that can not be reduced as rumored

He said that the Iraqi economy is very affected by international oil prices, but it is able to compensate any shortage through tax funds and others

“The government can withdraw its loans to the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund if there is a need to invest them in new projects,” he said   LINK


Samson:  Oil Minister expects prices to improve

2018/12/23 11:32

Oil Minister Thamer Ghadban said on Sunday that he expects “improved” oil prices at the beginning of next year with the start of the application of the decision to cut production by the OPEC and independent producers earlier this month.

“There is not much stock left in the market, so we are optimistic that this rapid decline will stop,” Ghadhban told a meeting of the Organization of Arab Petroleum Exporting Countries (OAPEC) in Kuwait.   LINK


Samson:  Deputy: frightening numbers of corruption files in the ministries

22nd December, 2018

MP Yousef al-Kalabi, on Saturday, the existence of frightening numbers of corruption files in the Iraqi ministries, while pointed out that the House of Representatives is determined to hold the highest corrupt in the country.  “There are terrifying figures in corruption files in all ministries, especially oil,” Al-Kalabi said in a television interview.

He added: “We will take strong and deterrent measures against the spoilers and we will host those involved in the contract in the Ministry of Oil and we will discuss the details of all contracts.”

He pointed out that “the House of Representatives current session is determined to hold the highest corrupt in the country.”

The Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi earlier, the existence of 13 thousand files corruption in the Integrity and Justice Commission.  Iraq ranks high on the list of the most corrupt countries according to global transparency.   LINK

Moparman:  If Iraq cared about its citizens, this would have been done long ago. There should be no poverty in one of the richest country’s in the world.

Samson:  In the document .. Halbusi agrees to request the hosting committee to implement Article 140 of the Constitution

23rd December, 2018

The President of the House of Representatives, Mohamed Halbusi, the request to host the Implementation Committee Article (140) of the Constitution to discuss the reasons for not completing the work that was formed for it.

On Sunday, a document signed by a member of the Chamber of Deputies, MP Muhdar Maan Al-Karawi, addressed to the Speaker of the House of Representatives said: “Please accept the approval of hosting the Committee for the implementation of Article 140 of the Constitution to discuss the reasons for not completing the reconstruction which For which the compensation file of the deportees within the province of Diyala, numbering more than (3400) people only, has not been disbursed the rest of them so far, as well as to explain the reasons for transferring the work of the Commission to the province of Diwaniyah.

The document included the signature of the President of the Chamber of Deputies, his approval of the request made by Al-Karawi, and the signing of a number of deputies.

“The Speaker of the House of Representatives approved our request to host the Implementation Committee Article (140) of the Constitution to discuss the reasons for not completing the work that was formed for it, including the file of the compensation of the deportees from Khanaqin after 2004 and The number of more than (3) thousands of people who have completed the fundamentalist procedures since 2012 and raised their names to the Commission to compensate, and has not been paid the benefits of compensation so far.”    LINK

Samson:  First Iraqi reaction on McGurk resignation

23rd December, 2018

Ex-Iraqi minister and a leader in the Kurdish Democratic Party Hoshiar Zebari describe the resignation of the special presidential envoy for the Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS Brett McGurk as “wise and in timely”.

Brett McGurk, the top US official leading a 79-nation coalition fighting ISIS, resigned from his post on Friday in protest of the president’s sudden decision to withdraw all US troops from Syria.

McGurk said in an email to staff that President Donald Trump’s decision on Syria came as a “shock,” was a “complete reversal” of US policy, and “left our coalition partners confused and our fighting partners bewildered. “I worked this week to help manage some of the fallout but — as many of you heard in my meetings and phone calls — I ultimately concluded that I could not carry out these new instructions and maintain my integrity,” he wrote.

McGurk, the special presidential envoy in the long-fought battle, was planning to retire in February, but sped up his departure as a result of the president’s controversial and unexpected decision to pull all 2,000 US troops out of the war-torn Middle Eastern nation, CBS News reported on Saturday. He wrote in the email, which was first reported by the Times, that he could not abide the dramatic change in policy, which Trump announced by tweet without consulting Congress or US allies.

McGurk’s resignation comes just one day after Secretary of Defense James Mattis announced he is quitting over Trump’s withdrawal from Syria, treatment of US allies, and the handling of American adversaries.

On Saturday, Trump called news reports concerning Syria “mostly FAKE” and insisted that the terrorist group is “largely defeated” and can be contained by neighboring countries, including Turkey, despite the fact that the group retains as many as 30.000 loyal fighters. “When I became President, ISIS was going wild. Now ISIS is largely defeated and other local countries, including Turkey, should be able to easily take care of whatever remains,”

Trump wrote. “We’re coming home!”.    LINK