Don961: Parliamentary intention to pass the law «oil and gas»

Thursday, December 27,
Baghdad / Shaima Rashid

A member of the oil and energy parliamentary committee on the reform and reconstruction movement, Ali Aboudi, the determination of his committee to approve the law of oil and gas, during the current parliamentary session.

Aboudi said in a statement to «morning»: The adoption of the law of oil and gas will be a priority in the work of the Committee, especially since there is a sincere intention within the Committee to be the priority of the laws of interest to the people ».

“This law is very important and there will be some revenue that can be passed by law,” he said, calling on political forces to have a consistent and unified vision on the law.

He added that there are many laws within the Committee of Oil and Gas Committee started to prepare them for approval within the parliament, stressing the need to be seeking to pass laws that concern the people and join the process of distribution of wealth And oil.   link


JJonesMX:  Thursday, December 27, 2018

Hectic controversy on Trumps’s sudden visit to Iraq

Baghdad/ Iraq TradeLink: The sudden and unexpected visit of the US President Donald Trump to US

forces in al-Assad air base stirred greater controversy and viewpoints inside the Iraqi political scene.

Parliamentary Reform and Reconstruction Bloc issued a statement denouncing the visit as “avowed violation for Iraqi sovereignty, as if Iraq is a US state”.

The bloc called for holding an emergency session for the parliament to discuss this “violation”.

“Trump should know his limits and must know that the US occupation of the country should end”, the statement added.

The withdrawal from Syria does not give the United States the justification to keep the US forces in Iraq as a base in the Middle East”, the statement pointed out.

Shiite Asa’ib Ahl al-Haq organization described the visit as “negligence to the pride of the Iraqi state”.

The organization stressed and called to“quickly expel the foreign forces” from the country, which matter we have achieved by armed struggle”.

Al-Nujabaa’ Movement pointed that the US forces should be expelled from the country because “their presence affects the sovereignty of Iraq”.

MP Falih al-Khaz’ali pointed that Iraqi is not a US state and Premier Mehdi should bear his responsibility according to Iraqi constitution.

“This visit proved that the US forces are not for consultancy reasons or training, which matter we will not accept”, he stressed.

 “The previous Iraqi parliamentary round called for scheduling the withdrawal of foreign troups, but nothing happened due to corruption”, Mp Khaz’ali elaborated.

Earlier, the White House announced the reasons for not holding meetings with the Iraqi Premier Adel Abdul Mehdi during President Trump’s sudden trip.

The statement said that the Iraqi side was informed through a short notice and the necessity for arrangements for the safety of the president.

President Trump and Mehdi held a phone call, where an invitation to Mehdi was proposed to visit Washington.

On the other hand, the statement of Mehdi’s office on the visit stirred the astonishment of Iraqi political scene.

According to the statement, an official ceremony was supposed to be held but the differences in viewpoints replaced the meeting with a phone call.


Militias affiliated with Iran threaten to respond to Trump’s visit
Last Updated: Thursday , 27 December 2018 KSA 07:35 – GMT 04:35

Iggy:  i do not think the US troops and the commander visiting his troops was not well planned…the uproar may just be part of it…imo

Don961:  The first official statement from the office of “Abdul Mahdi” on Trump’s visit to Iraq

2018 – 12 – 27

The US authorities have informed the Iraqi authorities of US President Donald Trump’s visit to Iraq, the office of Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi said, adding that Trump had invited Abdul Mahdi to visit Washington.

“The US authorities have informed the Iraqi authorities of the desire of US President Donald Trump to visit Iraq on the evening of December 26 to congratulate the new Iraqi government and to visit the US military within the coalition forces in support of Iraq in the fight against a da’ash,” the office said in a statement today. Welcomed the request. ”

“There was supposed to be an official reception and a meeting between Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi and the US president, but there was a divergence of views to organize the meeting, which was replaced by a telephone conversation on developments in the situation, especially after the US president’s decision to withdraw from Syria, And to provide security and stability for the peoples and countries of the region. ”

“The prime minister welcomed the US president and invited him to visit Baghdad. The US president also called on the prime minister to visit Washington,” the office said, adding that “the two sides agreed to continue to strengthen the joint relations between the two countries.”

“The visit of the US president and the first lady included congratulating the American military at the Iraqi base of Ain al-Assad in Anbar on the occasion of Christmas,” the office said.

The White House announced Wednesday that President Trump had arrived in Iraq and that Trump denied any plans to withdraw his troops from Iraq.   link


Doodlebug:  Boy oh boy, not sure how the citizens are going to react to 5% tax on all goods from Malls, sounds like there might be some protests in the near future. Well, unless they change their purchasing power, sooM. I don’t know, just my opinion
Samson:  The budget of 2019 obligates shopping centers and barbershops to activate the electronic cashier

26th December, 2018

The 2019 budget, malls, shopping malls and barbershops required the acquisition and operation of the electronic cashier, according to the text of the bill, which was read by Nass.

Article 19ter A of the text of the draft law published earlier by NAS states that “a sales tax of 5% is levied on all goods sold in malls and shopping centers, services provided in men’s and women’s barbershops, and all parties referred to Electronic device”.

The political forces in parliament have not been able to achieve the necessary consensus on the draft budget, amid objections from a number of provinces.

It is expected that the budget law, at the top of the list of priorities of the Parliament, after the end of his vacation on the eighth of next month.   LINK

Don961:  After Trump’s surprise visit to Iraq .. Pompeo will go to Baghdad next month to meet with Abdul Mahdi

27.12.2018 |  04:41 GMT |

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo will meet with Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi in Baghdad on Jan. 11, White House spokeswoman Sara Sanders said.

The White House reveals why Trump did not meet with the Iraqi prime minister

“President (Donald) Trump invited the Iraqi prime minister to visit the White House and the latter agreed,” the journalists said after talking to Sanders in Germany, which President Donald Trump arrived at to visit the US military there.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo will meet the Iraqi prime minister in Baghdad on Jan. 11, Sanders said.

Source: Novosti    link


Samson:  PM @AdilAbdAlmahdi held a phone call with the U.S. President @POTUS prior to his visit to Iraq and discussed security developments in the region, the fight against Daesh, and strengthening bilateral relations between both countries. pic.twitter.com/gvt0K0B8ZX

— Government of Iraq – (@IraqiGovt) December 27, 2018


Samson:  After visiting Iraq … Trump visits the American base of Ramstein in Germany
27th December, 2018

Arrived US President Donald Trump and his wife Melania, to the US Ramstein Air Base in Germany, according to Bloomberg News, after a surprise visit to Iraq.

US President Donald Trump made a surprise visit to US troops in Iraq on Wednesday for Christmas, his first visit to a conflict zone after almost two years of his presidency and days after the announcement of the withdrawal of US troops from Syria.

The US presidential plane landed at al-Assad airbase west of Baghdad after a night flight from Washington, accompanied by First Lady Melania Trump, a small group of aides, presidential security officials and a number of journalists. The visit lasted for just over three hours. Earlier, the US ambassador to Germany, Richard Grenell, announced that by 2020, the United States would deploy an additional unit of about 1,500 troops in Germany.

The Ramstein Air Base is the stronghold of the US Air Force in Germany and the headquarters of the US Air Force in Europe.    LINK