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A few highlights from Mon Night CC: 1-7-19

There are two banks within Iraq that have mirrored US banking capabilities regarding the transfer of funds and now are able to do a conversion from country to country

The importance of the 2 banks in country  of Iraq adopting our US banking techniques is that now the  contractors who are conducting business in country and being paid in IQD are now depositing their IQD in American banking institutions.

And now our banks are able to convert these deposits from IQD to USN in our country

We know of one US contractor has in over 200+ contracts for construction within country and will be paid in IQD on a 1 to 1 basis with US currency values and because of the mirrored banking techniques his in country bank will now make this conversion.


Monday Night KTFA CC 1-7-19

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Dan: DAVOS   January 22-25  World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2019

(IMO) we will be waiting until after Davos & Feb 10,19 meetings to finish.

Some of the 30 day contracts will be completed.

The 30 day contracts that begin on Jan. 13,19 will be nearing completion
by Feb. 13,19

The 60 & 90 day contracts will go until end of  February and March.

The rate will be driven up as this continues to unfold.

It is $1.38 on the 1- 90 day contract Frank mentioned

Are we waiting for these contacts to be completed?

Or does Iraq want to have some incentive to offer investors when
they arrive for February meetings?

Will it be in 1st quarter at the beginning of the year?

OH the suspense the drama. Watch it unfold with baited breath:)

Enjoy the ride or…. be miserable….Choose!

Someday this will end and we will step over to other side
of brand new challenges…( Cheers )


Samson:  The stock market trades more than 419 million shares

2019/1/8 14:44

The circulation of the Iraqi market for securities, on Tuesday more than 419 million shares.
A statement of the market received by the agency {Euphrates News} copy of the day that “the number of shares traded 419,923,511 shares, while the value of shares was 267,004,497 dinars.”  “The index closed the price of ISX 60 in today’s session at (509.97) point, up 0.27 from the closing of the previous session of {508.62} points

The shares of 27 companies out of 104 companies listed on the market, and the number of companies suspended by the decision of the Commission Securities of non-compliance with financial disclosure instructions {30} company”.

He explained that” the number of shares purchased from non-Iraqi investors 320 thousand shares worth KD 1,116 million through the implementation of a deal on the shares of one company “He noted that” the number of shares sold from investors Non-Iraqis reached 2,400 million shares valued at 8.   LINK


Samson:  Source of the Euphrates: the removal of the governor of Karbala because of files corruption

2019/1/8 13:21

The voice of the Karbala provincial council, on Tuesday, to remove the governor Aqil Turaihi, from office.

The source told the agency {Euphrates News}, “The Karbala provincial council voted to dismiss the governor Turaihi, by a simple majority,” noting that “14 members voted to return to resolution {305} and not to be satisfied with the governor’s answers during a previous meeting of the Council.”  He explained that the same members voted to remove the governor from his post as governor of Karbala ”

The source said that” the reason for the dismissal is the existence of 3 files of corruption against the governor, “noting that” corruption files existed 3 years ago.”   LINK

Samson:  Justice: Preventing financial waste in Nineveh worth two billion and 475 million dinars

2019/1/8 14:03

The Inspector General of the Ministry of Justice Karim al-Ghazi, a committee of the Office of the prevention of financial waste, by canceling a fictitious record of a property owned by the Ministry of Finance in the province of Nineveh has been tampered with the priorities of his order. “The office received information from the Office of the Inspector-General of the Ministry of Finance regarding the manipulation of the bag of a real estate in the province of Nineveh, an area exceeded {55} dunums and an estimated value of two billion and {475} million dinars” .

The Inspector-General said that “the Commission conducted an investigation of the priorities of the real estate file, and made statements by a number of employees, to find out the occurrence of manipulation by assigning the property in violation of the law to the citizens of two, and the issuance of a title on their behalf.”

“The committee formed by the Office of the Inspector-General recommended canceling this restriction, removing the impact and re-registering it in the name of the Ministry of Finance, in addition to referring the missing employees to the Integrity Commission to take the necessary action on them,” Ghazi said.   LINK


Samson:  Ministry of Commerce .. Managers are extorting the corrupt to cover up their files and the guard becomes a general manager

8th January,2019

Officials in a letter to the “citizen of the press” in Masalla, the Ministry of Commerce, are calling for the exclusion of corrupt public officials who run former corruption mafia from their posts.

It is time to exclude the corrupt and shed public money from their positions in the Ministry of Commerce, especially as they began to actively hide their corruption files after the disappearance of the body that protects them and cooperates with them and cover their corruption.

The ministry is controlled by the old-time corruption whales, and their files must be opened as quickly as possible. These managers occupy their positions by proxy and are remnants of the previous era, and some of them until recently, were staff sixth degree and one of them assistant to the Director General, who was appointed in 2007 as a guard.

Director General of the Department of Trade and Financial Control Agency, passed the corruption of the higher authorities in the ministry, in addition to the corruption of general managers in both the grain trade and the processing of grain and food in particular, and is extorting the owners of corruption to take its share and then cover that corruption.

It also directs the managers of branches of control in the provinces to avoid collisions and not to raise corruption issues and tell them not to send books in this regard, not to mention the offers of illegal milling of the province’s mills to the province of Nineveh, which continues from 2017 until today under the auspices of the director of the branch of grain production and the Director General of the Department of Trade and Finance.   LINK

Samson:  APICORP expects oil to reach $ 60-70 by mid-2019

8th January, 2019

The Arab Petroleum Investment Company (APICORP) said on Tuesday that oil prices are likely to be between $ 60 and $ 70 a barrel by mid-2019

APICORP is based in Saudi Arabia and is specialized in financing petroleum projects  LINK


Samson:  The oil economy is shaken by two countries

8th January, 2019

The price of a barrel of crude oil, Brent, rose by 2.7 percent – to 58.85 dollars – amid news of trade negotiations between the United States and China

London Stock Exchange (ICE) data showed that the price of Brent crude for delivery in February was $ 58.43

The price of a barrel of the US brand WTI rose 2.6 per cent. During trading, it was valued at $ 49.46, and with the publication of this information a slight decline, to $ 49.19

Earlier, Monday, Jan. 7, the United States and China began negotiations in Beijing on a comprehensive trade agreement, which is expected to put an end to the trade war between the two countries

It is expected to last two days, and is being held under the agreements of US President Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping, reached at the G20 summit in December in Buenos Aires. Trump then froze the imposition of new tariffs on Chinese goods until March to give the parties an opportunity to conclude an agreement

In December 2018, the price of oil fell due to concerns of market participants about the extremely high fuel reserves in the United States   LINK