Popeye7: We have this meeting, concrete barriers being lifted around the CBI, and the voting of the remaining 3 ministries on Saturday within parliament… This after the “surprise visit” of Secretary of State Pompeo on the 9th of January to Iraq… Lest we forget the 90 day contracts beginning on Sunday January 13th.. My OH MY if this does not get your excitement level up… Even just a little.. Lets see what transpires over the weekend…

MilitiaMan: Good Job Popeye7!!   Now don’t forget we learned that Contracts were paid around Dec 30. Therefore, if they were 30 day contracts they would have been for Nov.. Therefore, one could deduce the BIS has been aware of the on goings, as they paid in Dinar. And we also now that the Iraq Trade Banks has been working with JPMC and Citigroup and have finished up high level training and will continue to do so.. So yes we are on the same wave.. ~ MM

https://tbi.com.iq/?page_id=1362       See item #3

Popeye7:  Hey MM… Thank you kind sir… And thanks for the very important addition to my post… What you added was important in that it shows they have been paying contracts on a 2nd set of books in dinar, and could very well release the dinar on an international level at any time… Behind the scenes article 8 dealings going on in other words…  IMHO.

MilitiaMan:  https://cbi.iq/news/view/962      This shows Contractors Receivables for 12/30/2018.. Interesting too that MCC spoke of 12/30/2018 contracts getting paid.. Public information.. ~ lol Imo ~ MM

Popeye7: I agree… Why bring it out now… They are getting ready to make a move that will make us dinar holders some happy campers… IMO.


Samson: Article:   “Impact of trade exchange (Iraqi-Iranian)”   LINK

CSHessman:  WOW!  Watch for more on this… imo

MilitiaMan:  C$Hessman, I’ll bet this is actually going to be a key factor in the support of the IQD, as the volume of trade with Iran is in close to $8-10 billion a year in trade deals…The say there will be more on this matter in the coming days.. Notice the auctions 2Cents talked about? They for Sunday coming were Way low,,, Way low.,,,  imo~ MM

Chicano98:  I guess I don’t really understand this whole lop like I thought i did.

So does that mean the 500,000 Rial is now 50 Rial?  What does that do for all the prices in Iran?

Would they reflect the 500,000 prices or the 50?

One Dr. Pepper = 500,00 or 50

Popeye7: Hey Chicano98.. I will take a stab at it… Regardless of the lop, the rial currency still has no value… The Iranians are trying their best to curb inflation… But in the end they do not have final say as to whether or not their currency has any value… Yet, as Frank, and the teams, have pointed out, the Iraq’s have deleted the zero’s, and are one to one on a 2nd set of books…

If Iraq were to go international at their current program rate, well that would be considered a lop because no value would have been added to it… Thus not increasing their buying power…  We await for them to announce publically they are article 8 compliant, and I believe value will be allowed to be added on an international level…

But as Frank pointed out, we will not see 1 to 1 when it is cut loose so to speak… Hope that helps…

Samson:  An international summit next month on Middle East security

2019/1/11 14:52

The United States is planning to hold an international summit on the Middle East, especially on Iran next month in Poland, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said.

In an interview with Fox News on Friday, Pompeo said the international meeting would be held on February 13 and 14 in Poland and “will focus on stability in the Middle East and the issues of peace, freedom and security in this region and will also address the issue of ensuring that Iran does not have Any destabilizing effect”.    LINK


Doc.K:  Citing wall fight, Trump scraps Davos trip

The president won’t rub elbows with world’s elites during fight over the border wall and government shutdown.



Don961:  :  Friday, January 11, 2019 4:47 pm

France: Macaron will not attend Davos Economic Forum this year

– Macron will not attend the World Economic Forum in Davos this year due to his busy schedule, including discussions that began in response to the “yellow jackets” protests, an official in the office of French President Emmanuel Macaron said Friday.

Macron will also hold the second edition of a forum with businessmen at the Versailles Palace on January 21 under the title “Choose France”, the official at the Elysee Palace said.
Earlier this week, US President Donald Trump canceled his visit to the Davos forum in Switzerland, as political opponents struggled to close down the federal government.   link

Samson:  Vietnam : 2018 a banner year for local equity market

11th January, 2019

Foreign investors net bought US$2.8 billion in 2018, 2.3 times the figure in 2017. It was also a new record high for the Vietnamese equity market since 2008

The net value of foreign capital flowing into Việt Nam’s equity market in 2018 hit US$2.8 billion, according to State Securities Commission vice chairman Phạm Hồng Sơn.

That figure was almost 2.3 times the figure of $1.23 billion in 2017 and set up a new record high of net foreign purchases since 2008, Sơn said at a meeting on Wednesday, adding foreign capital had started to leave other Southeast Asia markets.

The total value of foreign investment in Việt Nam as of the end of 2018 was estimated at $32.8 billion.

In 2018, the global economy saw strong growth amid worries about uncertain geo-political conditions, the US Fed’s rate hikes and trade tensions between the biggest economies.

Those worries were reflected in the volatility of global markets, including in Việt Nam, with many ups and downs, the SSC vice chairman said. “Thanks to the strong growth of the domestic economy and management of both Government and the finance ministry, the Vietnamese equity market saw increases in size and liquidity,” Sơn said.

The value of the stock market at the end of 2018 hit VNĐ3.9 quadrillion ($167.8 billion), up 12.7 per cent year on year and equal to 71.6 per cent of the country’s total gross domestic product (GDP). The figure even beat the target set at 70 per cent of the country’s total GDP for 2020.

Average trading value in each session of 2018 was estimated at VNĐ6.5 trillion ($279.6 million), up 29 per cent year on year.

Total value of the bond market was VNĐ1.12 quadrillion, up 10.5 per cent year on year and equal to 20.3 per cent of 2018 GDP, and daily average trading value of the bond market reached VNĐ8.83 trillion.

The derivative market also saw strong liquidity growth after its first year of operation, with more than 21,600 contracts traded.

At the end of 2018, total corporate earnings rose 20.5 per cent in revenue and 24.9 per cent in profit year on year. Securities companies saw their post-tax profits rise 40 per cent year on year.   LINK