Don961: Parliamentary Planning: Determined to recover state property and open the Green Zone

BAGHDAD – The Parliamentary Planning Committee revealed on Saturday the intention of the House of Representatives to lift the concrete blocks and restore state property.

“Efforts are under way to open the presidential compound in the Jadiriya area in the center of the capital Baghdad and to lift all excesses and recover private property acquired by the political parties.

The state is determined to vacate the governmental role that is exploited by senior officials in previous governments As they need the property to be occupied by the new government and new officials, as well as the opening of the Jadiriya area fully in front of traffic, which will contribute to the dismantling of traffic jams during official working hours, “noting that” the return of those properties represent the imposition of prestige To the state that the recovery of the government role is part of the government program on the opening of all closed areas, “as he claimed   link


Don961:  Saturday، 12 January 2019 03:46 PM

Poll: Iraqis fed up with militias, welcome US troops on Iraqi soil

The Huge interaction on the post by The Baghdad Post was significant to many observers, who believed that Iraqis’ faith in Washington’s ability to put an end to Iran and its militias is increasing day by day, as they welcomed rising the numbers of US soldiers in Iraq.

“Al-Za’im al-Nasseri” account welcomed the post saying “Welcome, Americans. It’s true,” as dozens of other activists supported him welcoming the Americans as friends and liberators.
Mohamed al-Samera’i’s account said “That’s true.” While Mounir Lou’ay “We want the war to ignite among ISIS and the Iranian militias. Thousands of likes supported the post.

Hesham al-Hasnawi said “Oh Allah! Oh Allah”. While others said yes thousand times to the US forces presence in Iraq, adding that the fight against Iran is a battle for existence, while the fight against US is for interests that can be compromised.

Over the past few days, more reactions came out. Activists welcomed the re-deployment of US forces in Sunni provinces and readiness to establish new military bases in Salahuddin and Kirkuk, saying the step is crucial to protect the Sunni from the sectarian militias, who implement the Iranian scheme in Iraq.

Hundreds of others urged people at the Sunni provinces to stand on the side of the US forces against ISIS and confront the Shia militias.

They said that Iraqis now have no one to resort to except the US forces, which will return Iraq back to its stance among its gulf neighbors away from the Persian dominance. They also stressed that US forces that are being re-deployed protect the Sunni regions from ISIS, Iran-backed militias, unlike what the Iranian media alleges.

The users also urged necessity of keeping the US troops in Iraq, especially in Sunni regions.  link

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Catherine Austin Fitts – Federal Government Running Secret Open Bailout

Greg Hunter:  Published on Jan 12, 2019

$21 trillion in “missing money” at the DOD and HUD that was discovered by Dr. Mark Skidmore and Catherine Austin Fitts in 2017 has now become a national security issue. The federal government is not talking or answering questions, even though the DOD recently failed its first ever audit.

Fitts says, “This is basically an open running bailout. Under this structure, you can transfer assets out of the federal government into private ownership, and nobody will know and nobody can stop it. There is no oversight whatsoever. You can’t even know who is doing it. I’m telling you they just took the United States government, they just changed the governance model by accounting policy to a fascist government.

If you are an investor, you don’t know who owns those assets, and there is no evidence that you do. . . . If the law says you have to produce audited financial statements and you refuse to do so for 20 years, and then when somebody calls you on it, you proceed to change the accounting laws that say you can now run secret books for all the agencies and over 100 related entities.”