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Don961: With the participation of Iraq .. An important meeting of the International Alliance in Washington

2019 – 01 – 30

Washington – The foreign ministers of the International Coalition against Da’sh will meet in the US capital on February 6 to discuss the organization’s efforts to stamp out the terrorist.

The 79-member coalition, with the participation of Iraq, will meet for in-depth discussions on the defeats suffered by Dahesh, the result of four years of efforts to eradicate it and its terrorist activities.

The ministers, along with US Secretary of State Pompeo, are discussing the next phase of the campaign against terrorism in Iraq and Syria, which will focus on ensuring a resurgent return to stability through security and stability in Iraq and Syria.

The ministers will also discuss the next important steps in the deterioration of the networks of Da’ash and its subsidiaries outside of Iraq and Syria.

The US State Department said in a statement: “The United States is determined to prevent a resurgent return from appearing in Syria and Iraq after the withdrawal of US troops from Syria, and will remain committed to working with the international coalition to continue to destroy the remnants of the call and frustrate his global.

“With a daunting defeat on the battlefield, the coalition will continue its stabilization efforts to facilitate the safe and voluntary return home to those who have been displaced by violence,” the statement said.

Acting US Defense Secretary Patrick Chanahan said the restoration of all the territory he had seized in Syria would take place within two weeks.

The International Rescue Committee (IRC) has announced that more than 10,000 people, mostly women and children, have fled the last enclave under Syrian control in eastern Syria since last Friday, while Syria’s democratic forces are besieging the enclave of five to six square kilometers on the Euphrates. link